SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast welcomes its first penguins!

Six little penguins have arrived safely at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast (formerly Underwater World) in preparation for the opening of an immersive new exhibit on 13 December 2019.

Sealife sunshine coast little blue penguins

Jonah, Stefan, Hilda, Sapphire, Aqua and Buruu made the journey from Sea World on the Gold Coast to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast this week where they were greeted by an enthusiastic team of bird keepers! The penguins will remain in the aquarium’s quarantine area for the next week before entering the new Little Blue Penguins exhibit, which has been designed to closely resemble their natural habitat.

Over the next two months, nine more little penguins will be transported to the Sunshine Coast from Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra ahead of the opening of Little Blue Penguins in December.

Jetpets are proud to be trusted with the transportation of the penguins to their new home.

When arranging the penguins’ transportation, many factors had to be considered to ensure they were comfortable and safe throughout the journey. This included mapping out the logistics to ensure the penguins travelled the most direct route possible, arranging suitable travel crates for each penguin and ensuring the temperature in our animal travel vehicle was set so the penguins were comfortable in their environment. The transportation of the penguins was successful and we hope they are settling into their new home nicely!” said company spokesperson Jenna Matheson.


Watch the video below to see them waddling into their new home.

Little Blue Penguins opens at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast on 13 December 2019. It will be a permanent exhibit that is included in the admission price. For further information, visit: