6 Hong Kong Pet-Friendly Neighbourhoods

Moving to a new suburb can be daunting, let alone moving to an entire new country. Whether you’re considering a relocation to Hong Kong for work or play, make sure you bring your precious furbaby along – see how Jetpets can assist you with your pet’s transport to Hong Kong. Not only will they be the perfect companion as you settle in to your new environment, they’ll also help you meet fellow furbaby lovers at the local dog park or your next outing.

While Hong Kong is a pet-friendly destination, it’s helpful to know where the most dog-friendly neighbourhoods are.

The most dog-friendly neighbourhoods in Hong Kong

These areas are popular for their thriving pet-loving communities, but make sure you double check with your future landlord before signing any papers.

1. Pok Fu Lam

Image: Hong Kong Homes

Home to the dog-friendly and beautiful Cyberport Waterfront Park, Pokfulam is a prime location that is close enough to the city for work while maintaining its secluded residential feel. With a good mix of pet-friendly accommodation on offer, there’s also pet-friendly restaurants in the area including Irish pub Delaney’s Pokfulam and El Charro Mexican Cantina.

2. Sai Kung

wan po road pet garden hong kong

Image: Hellotravel

If you’re after a laid-back atmosphere, Sai Kung is a great pet-friendly neighbourhood option and also home to Hong Kong’s largest dog park – Wan Po Road Pet Garden. Featuring mostly village houses and waterfront promenades, there’s lots of dog-friendly outdoor activities you can do with your four-legged BFF, as well as a myriad of groomers, pet supply stores, vet clinics and more in the vicinity.

3. Ap Lei Chau (Aberdeen Island)

ap lei chau dog friendly hong kong

Image: Hong Kong Living

A largely residential island connected by a bridge to the south of Hong Kong, Ap Lei Chau is a wonderful dog-friendly option that’s also an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Offering breathtaking sea views and a pleasant atmosphere with plenty of wet markets, supermarkets, eateries and shopping options, you’ll also find there’s a 24/7 dog park inside the Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade, with different sections for small and large dogs.

4. Ho Man Tin

Image: List Sotheby’s International Realty

If you’re moving to Hong Kong with school age children and fur kids in tow, Ho Man Tin is the perfect family and pet-friendly neighbourhood to consider in Kowloon. With its great selection of kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and even a university, to choose from and close proximity to MTR stations, Ho Man Tin is a traditionally upscale area that also offers plenty of vet clinics, pet shops and groomers for your four-legged friend.

5. Lamma Island

lamma island hong kong dog friendly

Image: Coconuts Hong Kong

Just a ferry ride away from the mainland, Lamma Island is home to many dog-friendly accommodation options and provides bountiful dog-friendly activities with its many beaches and hiking trails. One of the most dog-friendly parts of Hong Kong, Lamma Island is a slice of paradise hidden away from the city lifestyle.

6. Sai Ying Pun

sai ying pun hong kong dog friendly

Image: Open Skies Magazine

An up and coming trendy neighbourhood with plenty of old school charm, Sai Ying Pun is another popular option for dog owners, with it’s array of pet shops, dog groomers and dog-friendly eateries spread throughout. Plus if you have a pre-schooler, you could consider enrolling them at Malvern College Pre-School Island West campus, which follows the British International schooling system, located in Sai Ying Pun.

3 Purrr-fect Singapore Cat Cafes

Are you a kitty lover that’s just moved to Singapore or planning a trip there? If you’re experiencing some separation anxiety from your furbaby, you should consider spending some time at a local cat cafe in Singapore to get your cuddle fix. Great for both kids and adults, these cat cafes are sure to get you in a paw-sitive mood with some cat therapy.

Haven’t planned your relocation to Singapore yet? Check out our pet transport to Singapore offering.

A-meow-zing Cat Cafes in Singapore

1. Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa – Boat Quay

neko no niwa cat cafe singapore

Image: @nekononiwa

Singapore’s very first cat cafe, Neko no Niwa is the perfect spot to kick off the list. Owned by cat lovers with over 15 years’ of cat care experience behind them, Sam and Sue’s cat cafe only adopt cats for their cafe, rather than the usual pedigreed cats. These rescue cats adore human attention, love to play and come with many different personalities. With adorable names like Little Miss Muffet and Kai Kai, there are 13 cats for you to get to know up close and personal at Neko no Niwa.

Cuddle charges start from S$12 per person at Neko no Niwa. For more information, visit their website here.

2. Meomi Cat Cafe – North Bridge Road

Image: @meomicatcafe

Get your coffee drinking and cat petting multi-tasking skills on at Meomi Cat Cafe in Singapore. With seven furry residents, you can order pastries and beverages while making friends with the feline of your choice. A hidden oasis amongst North Bridge Road’s restaurants and cafes, this spacious space aims to “spread the beauty of cats”.

Prices start at S$13 for adults at Meomi Cat Cafe. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

3. The Cat Cafe – Victoria Street

the cat cafe singapore

Image: @sgcatcafe

If you love stalking cats on instagram or have a camera roll filled with all sorts of feline beauty, The Cat Cafe in Singapore is sure to satisfy your cat obsession. Enjoy coffee, tea and pastries while petting a furry friend and live out your cat lover’s dreams. All of the cats at The Cat Cafe are adopted or re-homed strays, so they deserve all the love and attention you’ve got to give.

Entry price is S$16 and this includes a complimentary soft drink. For more information, visit their website.



2019 Jetpets Happy Traveller Highlights

As 2019 wraps up and we welcome in the new decade that 2020 brings, Jetpets would like to take this opportunity to celebrate some of this year’s happy traveller highlights. Whether we helped you to welcome a new furbaby home, reunited you with a pet, made a pet-friendly holiday possible or helped you rescue a pet, thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. We look forward to looking after many more furry jetsetters, big and small, in the new year.

Have a wonderful new year with your furry companion of choice and may your house be filled with cuddles and kisses all around.

Linguine, the Dachshund

✈️Melbourne to New York, United States

linguine testimonial

Patch & Waffle, the Domestic Short Hairs

✈️Brisbane to Berlin, Germany

rachel testimonial

Nitro, the Rescue

✈️Sydney to Perth, Australia (via Pet Rescue & Canine Welfare Australia)

Clove & Cassia, the Tasmanian Devils

✈️Tasmania to Wellington Zoo, New Zealand

Coco, the Puppy French Bulldog

✈️Sydney to Melbourne, Australia

coco testimonial

Jay, the Australian Kelpie

✈️Sydney to Tokyo, Japan

japan testimonial

Smokey, the Rabbit

✈️Sydney to Baltimore, United States

liz testimonial

Bonny, the Collie

✈️Melbourne to Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Loki, the Siberian Husky

✈️Melbourne to Geneve, Switzerland

loki testimonial

Tenzing, the Red Panda

✈️Hamilton Zoo to Tasmania Zoo

Lulu & Wilbur, the Japanese Spitzs

✈️Brisbane to Vancouver, Canada

Whitey, the Domestic Short Hair

✈️Adelaide to Damman, Saudi Arabia

whitey testimonial

Hercules, the British Bulldog

✈️Brisbane to Singapore

Mysha, the Shiba Inu

✈️Sydney to Macau

mysha testimonial

Han Solo, the Domestic Medium Hair

✈️Sydney to Christchurch, New Zealand

han solo testimonial

Marilyn, the Rescue

✈️Melbourne to Townsville, Australia (via Pet Rescue & Hear No Evil Deaf Dog Rescue)

Lulu & Benji, the Pugs

✈️Sydney to La Paz, Bolivia

benji testimonial

7 Dog-Friendly Cafes & Restaurants in London, UK

At Jetpets, we’re a team of pet travel experts who are first and foremost, animal lovers. As fur parents ourselves, we know how real separation anxiety can be when you’re forced to look into your pooch’s big, doleful puppy eyes as you say your final goodbyes before leaving the house. But never fear, we’ve got you covered – if you’re planning on moving to or just moved to the land of Big Ben with your furry BFF, there’s plenty of dog-friendly eateries in London, UK.

London’s Best Dog-Friendly Cafes & Restaurants

We’ve done a little bit of research and have compiled a list of some of the most popular dog-friendly cafes and restaurants in London. Once you and your furbaby have settled into your new home, why not try out the local fare with your four-legged BFF in tow?

1. The Book Club – Shoreditch

the book club pet friendly cafe london

Image: @bandanabale

The perfect spot to get your creative juices flowing while sipping on freshly ground volcano coffee, The Book Club is a dog-friendly London cafe that serves up a delicious menu from early morning till late. There’s even a ping pong table if you’re up for a challenge!

Learn more about The Book Club’s pet-friendly cafe here.

2. Savage Garden – City of London

savage garden pet friendly brunch london

Image: @lecorgi

With jaw-dropping views of the London skyline including Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral, Savage Garden holds a bi-monthly dog brunch for co-dependent fur parents. Your pup will be treated to a Savage pupcake and you can even throw in a pawsecco for your BFF if you’re feeling fancy (…or don’t want to drink alone). What more could you or your pup ask for?

Find out when Savage Garden’s bi-monthly dog brunch in London is on next here.

3. Bluebird Cafe – Chelsea

bluebird cafe london dog friendly cafe

Image: @beccadelaroque

Located right on the King’s Road, Bluebird dishes up delectable European food and cocktails, alongside being one London’s most famous and Instagrammable dining settings. With a dog-friendly outdoors seating area, you might as well try boost your doggo’s Instagram following with a few pretty snaps.

For more information on Bluebird Cafe or to scope out the menu, click here.

4. The Edgerton House Hotel – Knightbridge

edgerton house hotel dog friendly cafe london

Image: @edgerton_house

What’s more British than a traditional afternoon tea? From delicate finger sandwiches to freshly baked scones, enjoy this classic treat of an experience with your pooch by your side. You’ll be pleased to know that you won’t be dining on your lonesome because they’ve also created a custom dog afternoon tea menu – complete with chicken and beef meatloaf, doggy ice cream and even pawsecco, for a touch of tail-waggin’ class.

See what The Edgerton House Hotel has to offer for a dog-friendly afternoon tea in London here.

5. The Harwood Arms  – Fulham

harwood arms pet friendly restaurant london

Image: The Dog Vine

Want to experience award-winning food and wine with your furry mate? Look no further than the Harwood Arms, the only Michelin-starred pub in London where you can fine dine with Fido and friends. With a set-priced lunch and dinner menu, treat yourself the the very best of British culinary fare that focuses on game and wild produce.

Be sure to check out The Harwood Arms with your doggo, more information on this pet-friendly London restaurant here.

6. Sloane Place – Chelsea

dog friendly restaurant london

Image: Country and Townhouse UK

A boutique hotel, restaurant and bar, Sloane Place serves up the best in seasonal European dishes. Open from breakfast through to late night cocktails, tuck into some delicious human food while your buddy chows down on dog treats.

Earn yourself some serious pooch points with a date to this dog-friendly restaurant and bar in London, visit Sloane Place’s website.

7. The Duck and Rice – Soho

duck and rice pet friendly chinese restaurant london

Image: @excusemypom

Have a hankering for some Chinese cuisine? One of the very few pet-friendly Chinese restaurants in London that you’ll come across, The Duck and Rice offers mouth-watering comfort Chinese food alongside unpasteurised pilsner beers in copper tanks. Fido will also get to enjoy a generous portion of dog-friendly treats, a bowl of water and most importantly, lots of pats and attention.

Tuck into some dim sum in an eclectic Soho pub, for more information on The Duck and Rice click here.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick breakfast fix, traditional high tea or a hearty meal, be sure to check out some of these dog-friendly eateries in London. Planning a trip or relocating to the UK? Don’t leave your furry best friend behind. Talk to us about our UK pet transport options today.


9 Dog-Friendly Activities in Los Angeles, USA

From the iconic Hollywood to acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants, endless cultural and scenic attractions and more, Los Angeles (a.k.a LA) has truly earned its name as one of the most vibrant entertainment capitals of the world. With so much to see and do, we don’t blame you if your bucket list of activities is getting a little overwhelming. Whether you’ve just moved to or are planning to relocate to LA, we have no doubt that you’re in for a ride, pun intended.

A ruff guide: Pet-friendly things to do with your dog in LA

A pet-friendly hub, what better way to explore LA than with your trusty four-legged mate? From dog-friendly restaurants to hikes and beaches, we’ve compiled a few of the must-do LA pet-friendly activities for you and Sir Barks-a-lot/ Madam Gimme-Treats for an easy kick start.

Dog-friendly outdoor activities LA 

1. Runyon Canyon Park

runyon canyon dog friendly

Image: @runyoncanyon

Located near Hollywood, this park features a 90-acre off-leash dog park with lots of hiking trails for you and your pup to explore. The perfect escape from the bustling LA city life, the dog-friendly Runyon Canyon Park boasts majestic views of Los Angeles from up hire.

For more information on Runyon Canyon Park, click here.

2. The Boneyard Dog Park

boneyard dog park

Image: Bring Fido

Nestled in the middle of Culver City Park, the Boneyard is a sweet off-leash spot for your pooch to meet and play with new four-legged pals. With both a small and large dog area, this 1-acre dog park features benches, trees and water fountains for your pup to play to their heart’s content.

For more information on The Boneyard Dog Park, click here.

3. Rosie’s Dog Beach

rosies dog beach la

Image: @rememberforever.gsds

The only legal off-leash dog beach in LA County, Rosie’s Dog Beach is a paradise for pooches that love the sun, sand and sea. Located along Long Beach between Granada Avenue and Roycroft Avenue, bring your furry mate along for some fun in the sun between 6am to 8pm daily.

For more information on Rosie’s Dog Beach, please click here.

Dog-friendly restaurants LA 

1. In-N-Out Burger

in n out burger dog-friendly la

Image: Bring Fido

Arguably one of America’s most beloved fast food chains with over 350 locations, In-N-Out boasts a cult following with celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain, amongst its fans.  ‘Hidden Menu’ hot tip: Order the ‘pup patty’ to treat your doggo to a plain, salt-free burger patty (without bread and toppings) while you dig into your own delicious meal.

For more information on In-N-Out Burger, click here.

2. Muddy Paw Coffee

muddy paw la dog friendly cafe

Image: @muddypawla

With a slogan “Have a Cup, Save a Pup”, Muddy Paw is just one of LA’s many dog-friendly cafes. Serving organic, fair trade coffee, delicious nibbles and yummy dog treats, their mission is to raise money for local animal rescue centres. Started off on Sunset Boulevard and now a second location on Eagle Rock Boulevard, Muddy Paw is sure to get a tail wag from your pup.

For more information on Muddy Paw, please click here.

3. The Fat Dog

the fat dog pet-friendly pub la

Image: @minniemaxpugs

Home to a mouthwatering mix of pub grub alongside a delightful selection of craft beer, North Hollywood’s The Fat Dog is a dog-themed restaurant with a pooch-friendly outdoor patio. Kick back and relax with your four-legged BFF by your side.

For more information on The Fat Dog, please click here.

Dog-friendly bars & breweries LA 

1. The Lincoln

the lincoln venice dog friendly bar

Image: Girls on Food

Featuring a gorgeous outdoor setting, The Lincoln one of the most popular dog-friendly bars in Venice, LA. The perfect spot to get your drink on with your furry BFF, this industrial chic bar also hosts rescue events from time to time.

For more information on The Lincoln, please click here.

2. Golden Road Brewing

golden road brewing dog friendly brewery la

Image: Golden Road Brewing

Boasting a massive patio that’s perfect for pooches with clingy pawrents, the Golden Road Brewing is widely known as the most dog-friendly brewery in LA. With a slew of craft beers on tap and a large outdoor space complete with fake grass, shaded doggie deck and plenty of water bowls for your four-legged companion of choice, lounge in style at this brewpub.

For more information on Golden Road Brewing, please click here.

3. Blue Dog Beer Tavern

blue dog beer tavern dog friendly pub la

Image: @alissa.branham

Serving up classic pub favourites and an array of artisanal beers, the Blue Dog Beer Tavern has something for everyone. Situated in Sherman Oaks, this sports bar has endless framed dog photos lining their walls, as well as an outdoor patio that offers plenty of shade and iced water for your doggy if you don’t want to drink alone. Plus you can order burger patties for your pooch pal for some major brownie points!

For more information on Blue Dog Beer Tavern, please click here.

We hope our list dog-friendly activities for Los Angeles sparks some inspiration for you to line up a couple of pawsome dates with your favourite pooch pal. Thinking of moving to LA but haven’t quite decided? Bite the bullet and see how Jetpets can help you with your pet’s transport to USA.

Best Dog Parks in Auckland, New Zealand

Have you and your pooch pal just moved to New Zealand or planning a relocation in the near future? Moving is an exciting and fun time, and we want to make sure your dog gets to experience all the best new sights, sounds and smells that Auckland has to offer. Let your four-legged furry companion meet and play new doggo mates while you soak in the fresh views.

Top 5 Dog parks in Auckland

1. Meola Dog Park, Western Springs

meola dog park auckland

Image: nzherald.co.nz

Meola Reef Park is the only fully fenced, year-round off-leash dog in central Auckland. Featuring lush green terrains and bush area, this park is a popular spot for dog owners. Plenty of parking is available and your dog will have a good old time romping around with other furry visitors. For more information on Meola Reef Park, click here.

2. Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manurewa

auckland botanic gardens dog friendly

Image: Your Life with Dogs

One of Auckland’s most beautiful gardens, the Auckland Botanic Gardens is a botany fan’s paradise with duck ponds and boardwalks. There is an off-leash area at the northern area of the Gardens where your dog will be permitted to roam free and frolic to their heart’s desire. For more information on Auckland Botanic Gardens, click here.

3. Craigavon Park, Green Bay

dog friendly craigavon park auckland

Image: Bark Bag

A diverse landscape that’s wonderful for doggos and their human parents alike, Craigavon Park features tons of large grassy areas for romping around and even a small stream for fans of the water. Challenge your pup with the dedicated agility course, which is sure to tire them out at the end of the day. For more information, click here.

4. Bomb Point, Hobsonville

bomb point hobsonville dog friendly auckland

Image: Bark Bag

Boasting a rich military and aviation history, Te Onekiritea Point (Bomb Point) now has a fully fenced off area for pooches to run around freely, off leash. For more information, click here.

5. Onehunga Bay Reserve

onehunga bay reserve dog friendly auckland

Image: Auckland Unleashed

A terrific place to take your pup for a run and a swim, the Onehunga Bay Reserve features a lagoon that’s separated from the sea, keeping the water calm for first-time swimmers. Bordered by large grassy area and accessible via a gentle walkway, this is a fantastic off-leash option for dog owners. For more information, click here.

Clove and Cassia Join Dash at Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo supports Save the Tasmanian Devil Program to help save Tasmanian devils from extinction in the wild due to the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). DFTD is a contagious and fatal cancer in Tasmanian devils which is characterised by the appearance of tumours in and around their mouth, face, and neck. Since DFTD was first recorded in 1996, there have been local population declines of up to 80%.

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Ambassador Program was designed with the aim of placing suitable Tasmanian devils into world-class zoos as ambassadors for their species. Through this program, Wellington Zoo cares for three Tasmanian devils- Dash, Clove and Cassia.

Clove – Image: Wellington Zoo

Jetpets was fortunate enough to look after Clove and Cassia’s move from Tasmania to their new home at Wellington Zoo and will continue to assist with their future transport needs.

On their way to Wellington – Image: Wellington Zoo

Making new friends

When Clove and Cassia arrived at Wellington Zoo from Tasmania, they had to undergo a brief period of time in Quarantine. Once they were cleared from Quarantine, introductions to Dash who was already at the Zoo began. Thankfully, they hit it off and Dash, Clove, and Cassia now all live in the same habitat together.

Cassia – Image: Wellington Zoo

Clove – Image: Wellington Zoo

While Clove is much more confident and adventurous, Cassia is shyer and more reserved and despite this, they have formed a close bond and will always sleep in the same den next to each other. Dash who has been at the Zoo longer, remains the most independent of the three devils, often challenging Clove for their favourite food which includes wallaby and a variety of different meats.

However, the three of them have been spotted sleeping next to each other in the same den on a few occasions, which is very positive!

We look forward to transporting more Tasmanian Devils in the future

“Jetpets were an absolute pleasure to deal with and made the whole process of transporting Clove and Cassia from Tasmania to Wellington a straightforward and smooth process. They took great care of both the Tasmanian devils and Wellington Zoo staff travelling with the devils to ensure Clove and Cassia arrived safely at their new home at Wellington Zoo.” – Wellington Zoo

We Transported the Stefanovic’s Furbaby Chance

Chance travels to Brisbane to spend Christmas with his favourite nan

It’s that time of year when many of our furry travellers are fortunate enough to be off on holidays with their parents… One of those lucky pups is Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic’s dog Chance, who recently travelled from Sydney to Brisbane to spend Christmas with their 93 year old nan.

Image: @karlstefanovic_

The Stefanovics are a power couple, with Karl being one of Australia’s most loved TV presenters on Channel 9’s 60 minutes and Jasmine being a co-founder and designer at Mara & Mine, a women’s footwear designer label.

Image: @jasyarby

One excited furry traveller, we’ve taken the opportunity to help Chance steal a bit of the limelight (with the help of his fur mum Jasmine) with a few questions below.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your handsome boy Chance?

We were given Chance by Karl’s brother as a wedding gift and right from the start we fell in love with his floppy ear.

We love going for walks with him. And taking him to the beach. He was frightened by the waves at first but now loves it. The funniest thing in the world to see is Chance eating an ice cream.

Image: @karlstefanovic_

2. How much is Chance a part of your family?

Chance is a family member. We are sure he thinks he’s human. We involve him in all our family holidays and we aren’t sure what we’d do without him. He’s such a lovable protective and loyal dog.

Image: @jasyarby

3. Why have you decided to take him on holidays with you?

We always take Chance on holidays but this time it’s extra special. We are having Christmas in Brisbane with our 93 year old nan. She just loves Chance and Christmas with him this year will be incredible.

Image: @jasyarby

4. How was your experience with Jetpets?

Our experience with Jetpets has been a revelation. Right from the start their friendly staff made us feel incredibly comfortable. But more importantly took the stress out of the journey for Chance, who gets quite anxious. He’s never travelled so well.

We couldn’t recommend the service highly enough.

Chance is one of the hundreds of furbabies to be travelling with his family this holiday season. If you like the idea of your pet joining you on an interstate trip, make sure you contact one of our pet travel consultants who would be more than happy to help make this dream come true!

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Holiday Accommodation Ideas

With summer just round the corner, it’s time to plan a trip with your pooch 🐶✈️🌴🌊

The holiday season is fast approaching and there’s no better time or way to spoil your best furry mate than taking them on an Australian adventure. With so many pet-friendly accommodation options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! But never fear, we’ve done all the legwork for you and here’s our top 10 recommendations, with a little help from our friends at Holidays with Dogs.

We’ve even shortlisted them by state, so it’s just a fun road trip or quick plane ride away! Want to travel interstate? Let the friendly team at Jetpets look after your interstate pet travel needs, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to take your pets on holiday with you and there won’t be any looking back. You can thank us later, now let’s get a move on.

Discover by state:




From the Great Ocean Road to lush National Parks, there’s no shortage of beautiful sights to see and smells to explore for you and your puppa. 

Howards Hill, Mornington Peninsula

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

An intimate retreat for you and Mr Barks-A-Lot, this gorgeous pet-friendly property is nestled among Manna Gums and surrounded by 30 acres of blissful bush. The perfect base to explore the Mornington Peninsula surrounds, you’ll have everything you need for some quality R&R time with your dogs and human companions. Get those limbs working with a bush walk, play a spot of table tennis or check out the local beaches with a short drive.


Tyntynder Garden Cottage 2, High Country

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

If the view of two gorgeous blondes isn’t enough to lure you in just yet, let us tell you about this tranquil retreat. Nestled in the high country of Bright, located just 100 metres from the Ovens River, take a leisurely stroll with your doggos to town. Play a few (ok, as many times as it takes for your four-legged mates to tire out) of fetch in the fully-enclosed backyard and win some serious brownie points as “best dog parent of the year”.

Flying Duck Orchid, Great Ocean Road

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

If the thought of being close to both the beach and bush tickles your fancy, then this newly renovated property is sure to impress. Inspired by the eclectic vibes of the 50s and 60s, this Flying Duck is located right on the fringe of a wildlife corridor that stretches from Anglesea to Cape Otway. Explore the beautiful region with your fur child, walk amid the blooms or lounge on the sand while the waves roll in.


New South Wales

From coastal cities to rugged mountains, we’ll give you something worth singing an opera about. 

Chill-out Beach House @ Forster, North Coast

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

Set amongst a tropical backyard, this laid back three bedroom beach house is just a stone’s throw away from the dog-friendly One Mile Beach. Smell the salt and enjoy the sound of lulling waves as you stroll to the surf or explore the rainforest boardwalk with your furbaby. Enjoy a few snags on the outdoor barbie before settling in for a Netflix and chill night with your best mate on the couch.


South Coast Retreat – Waterfront Three Bedroom House, South Coast

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

Situated right on the stunning waterfront, this award-winning property offers unforgettable water views at every angle from the living area. Languorously walk along the water with your best pal while sinking your toes into the warm sand, and reminisce your favourite memories so far in 2019 while planning the adventures to come in 2020.



The beach haven of our beautiful country, the Great Barrier Reef and tropical rainforests await. 

Sunny Coast Shack, Sunshine Coast

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

Looking for a private oasis that backs onto a off-leash dog-friendly parkland and just minutes walk from the quiet Marcoola Beach? Look no further, my friend, this perfect pet-friendly beach holiday accommodation awaits. With your very own private pool complete with a lazy hammock, pool table, table tennis, Foxtel and more, this retro city chic holiday house awaits you and your fur children.


Angie’s Garden Poolside, Fraser Coast

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

If your idea of the perfect getaway with your pooch fam involves a holiday house with a pool that ALSO gives back to homeless dogs in need, then you’re in luck! The wonderful team at Angie’s Garden are behind Project Shelter, where every night you stay at this idyllic retreat, a homeless dog gets food, shelter and care. There’s ample space for everyone, this place gets a big paws up!


South Australia

Home to beautiful wine regions, cultural sights and dramatic outback scenery.

Seagrass Villa 1 at Normanville, Fleurieu Peninsula 

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

An up-market experience that will have your furry child’s tail wagging, this purpose-built property is a stroll away from the pristine Normanville Beach where you can soak in the views from a variety of cafes and restaurants situated on the foreshore. Alternatively, catch up on some quiet time and spend a relaxing night in the ‘Reading Room’, equipped with an array of books and magazines. PSA: Ample breakfast provisions and enjoy a complimentary bottle of South Australian wine or two craft beers.



Tick this isolated island state off your list and take a meander through the Salamanca markets. 

Stanley View Beach House, North Tasmania

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

With the beach only 10 metres from your bedroom window, this 1950s beach front cottage offers serenity and comfort on a platter. Sleeping a total of 10 people, and more importantly, two lucky doggos, this fully-equipped property dishes up views of the historic port of Stanley across Sawyer Bay and the modern port of Port Lotta. With a cosy wood fireplace for long winter nights and beautiful sunset views on romantic summer nights, this beach house is awaiting your arrival.


Western Australia

Discover the hidden treasure of sightseeing and spectacular landscapes that Western Australia has to offer. 

EcoValley Retreat, Esperance

Image: Holidaying with Dogs

Set upon seven acres of bushland, this sustainable retreat is just moments away from Esperance’s gorgeous beaches and CBD, wonderfully ideal for a couple’s getaway. Escape the hustle and bustle of life, relax in nature and discover the wonders of organic farming with four of your furry best friends.


For more pet-friendly holiday and accommodation ideas, please visit Holidaying with Dogs.