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rspca corporate supporterZoos Victoria

Working in partnership with many different associations, Jetpets is passionate about assisting where possible with transporting rescue pets to their new home or foster homes.

Giving back to the community

Recognising that a rescue animal’s compatible foster home or family is often located interstate, Jetpets assists with reuniting pets to new homes across Australia.  To find out more, please call a Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant on 1300 668 309 (Australia-wide).

rspca corporate supporter

An independent, non-government community-based charity providing animal care and protection services, the RSPCA’s mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. The RSPCA also operates animal care and adoption facilities, and seeks to raise community awareness regarding the humane treatment of animals. Additionally, the RSPCA works with government and industry to establish standards for animal care. RSPCA Victoria | RSPCA NSW

“Jetpets has assisted RSPCA Victoria with transporting dogs and cats for several years now. The welfare, safety and care of our animals is of paramount importance to us and we trust Jetpets when our animals need to be rehomed interstate. RSPCA Victoria is grateful for the support of Jetpets in helping us to end cruelty to all animals.”Dr. Liz Walker, CEO of RSPCA Victoria

Zoos Victoria

Zoos Victoria is a world-leading zoo-based conservation organisation, dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction. Inspiring animal lovers of all ages and by strengthening the connection between people and wildlife, Zoos Victoria hopes to protect the future of animals and their homes.

“Jetpets has been helping Zoos Victoria with the safe transport of wildlife for over 10 years. We have great trust in their team of expert animal handlers to work closely with us and capably manage the shipping of wildlife of varying shapes, sizes and special requirements between our Zoos and also across the globe.”Dr. Jenny Gray, CEO of Zoos Victoria


Jetpets are proud to support Pet Rescue – We believe in Pet Rescue’s vision to create a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved.