Selecting The Right Sized Travel Crate

In order for your pet to be as comfortable as possible, it’s important to select the correct size travel crate. Your Pet Travel Consultant will professionally select the correct size travel crate for your pet. You may also like to check out our online Travel Crate Size Calculator to get a rough estimation of the minimum sized crate you would require for your pet.

Choosing the right travel crate for your pet

At Jetpets, we have crates to fit every animal, from puppies and kittens to 90kg dogs. Our crates are airline-approved, which means that your pet will be as comfortable and safe as they can be during their travel. Your pet should be able to easily walk into the crate, stand up, lie down and turnaround. We can also place a stay-dry fleece mat at the bottom of the crate to keep your pet comfy and dry throughout their travels.

Our expert pet travel consultants can help you choose the perfect sized crate for your beloved pet.