Pet Travel Updates

Whether your pet is travelling interstate or overseas, the team at Jetpets knows that it can be an exciting yet anxious time being separated from your fur-baby. We try our very best to make your pet travel experience completely stress-free by providing you with updates along the way, keeping you in the loop with where your pet is during their travel journey and how they are doing.

pet travel updates

Progress updates on your pet

Jetpets sends out a variety of pet updates, dependent on if it’s a domestic or international trip and whether they’ll be travelling via our transit lounges located Australia-wide, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Your dedicated pet travel consultant will let you know what type of update/s you can expect to receive, depending on your customised pet travel itinerary.

The types of updates you can expect is dependent on your pet’s personalised travel itinerary, and may be sent via SMS and/or email.

These updates may include*:

  • Check-in at the airport
  • Collection from the airport
  • Drop-off at pet accommodation
  • How your pet was during their comfort stop
  • Confirmation of health clearance for international travellers
  • Collection from Australian quarantine facility for flight check-in
  • Delivery at residence

*Pet travel updates are applicable when the pet is travelling via a Jetpets transit lounge location, and where the itinerary is for a transit lounge or door-to-door service.

And before you know it, your beloved pet will be back for lots of cuddles and kisses, in your arms again, ready to start their new adventure with you wherever you may be!

Feedback from Jetpets Happy Travellers

Brisbane to London, United Kingdom
Hi Dipkesh We were so excited to see Roxy today. We have been so happy with everything. From the moment I rang for a quote to the moment of picking her up when landed. She travelled well, enjoyed the updates from your team during travel and has settled nicely. Bit colder here so she has a new jacket and bed which she loves. Thank you for all your amazing effort in making Roxy's travel a pleasant experience and the peace of mind you gave our family through the transition of moving her to our new home overseas. Kind regards Simone
Bert & Kuda
Brisbane to Denver, United States
I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Jetpets in Brisbane! We have just relocated to the USA and they have made the entire process for both our doggies a breeze. They made it safe and sound, great communication throughout the process from start to finish. I would highly recommend Danielle, Mike and Aleesha @ Jetpets. Thank-you all so much! Bert and Kuda say woof! Thanks for the love and pats from all the staff!
Auckland to Launceston, Australia
Hi Steph Thank you so much to all the team for being so kind to Ripley. She arrived safe, happy and healthy this afternoon. The updates, especially pictures, helped so much with stress and worry on my end. Thanks for the quick and detailed communication during booking and helping out wherever possible (especially with the crate and public holiday logistics) I'm so grateful to have my girl here, safe. I've attached some photos 😛 Jess.
Melbourne to Nadi, Fiji
My dog arrived from Melbourne to Fiji after spending five nights at a five star boarding in Melbourne, just like I had dropped him off. I can’t thank the Jetpets team enough for their outstanding customer service and professionalism. Special thanks to Dipkesh and Dr. Kess. I hardly had any questions as they are so efficient. Everything about their team, extremely friendly and professional staffs, the communication, timings, vet work, the vet, pick up and drop off, the booking portal, the ease of payment, just so easy and such a peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands! We had such an amazing experience with them all. We will be recommending Jetpet highly to all our friends. Very happy customers here and they all definitely deserve a 5 star review!
Melbourne Quarantine to Sydney, Australia
Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for excellent and efficient service! Maggie arrived today after 17,000km from Hungary! The Jetpets driver was so caring and ringing me with updates. I always recommend you to ship our pups! Best Wishes Sue
Townsville to Adelaide, Australia
Hi Mickayla,   I wasn't exactly sure who to write to because so many people at JetPets helped Baylor get to me safely! I was really anxious about him flying to me so young--on the very day he turned 8 weeks! But you were all so amazing. I was so glad that you checked the weather and kept an eye on that for him, and then rearranged the flights to make it a more comfortable journey. And I was surprised myself at the relief I felt when I got the report card from his stopover in Brisbane! It was such a relief to know that he was happy and content--as well as friendly! When I picked him up in Adelaide, he was so chilled and happy--he obviously enjoyed his flight! He licked me all over and knew I was his mum straight away. He's settled into his new home so quickly, and is so delightful. Sorry to be going on so much, but I'm totally in love with him, and I'm so grateful to all of you for looking after him so he could come home!   All best wishes, Lesa
Wattle & Scooter
Perth to Auckland, New Zealand
Hi Simone, Thank you SO much for all your whole team did to safely and efficiently relocate Wattle and Scooter. I can’t rate high enough, the process, the communication, the customer service skills and friendliness of every member of staff that l interacted with over the last 2 months, from my initial phone call with the ladies in Australia (Kaye and Stephanie) to the guy in Auckland who handed them over (Kevin). Just an outstandingly commendable service, you guys rock! Thank you SO SO much. Here are some photos of my husband with Scooter and Wattle in the Jetpets office in Auckland. Merry Christmas too. Cheers, Andrea x
Dubbo to Melbourne, Australia
Thank you all for your loving care of our sweet girl. She was so well looked after, we couldn’t have asked for a better service! From tracking her flight to seeing her arriving safely and laying eyes on her for the first time, you guys made it all possible! Thank you.
Brisbane to Auckland, New Zealand
My mini Schnauzer, Tiki arrived safely in New Zealand from Australia yesterday. Throughout the process I found the Jetpet staff very professional. I received regular text messages and emails, a pre flight photo and report card. Tiki was happy and well when I picked him up, showing no signs of anxiety. I would fully recommend using Jetpets' services.
Jax & Penelope
Sydney to Montreal, Canada
Hi Simone, I wanted to extend a huge thank you to yourself and your team for the amazing service and support both us and our cats, Jax and Penelope received. From the initial planning to pre flight, you and your team were very easy to liaise with and always happy to answer any questions or concerns we had. You made this process very easy for us which was a huge weight off our shoulders.   The gentleman who came to collect our two cats was very reassuring and made light of a stressful situation which is just what we needed!   The updates we received after the cats were collected were great and helped settle our nerves - and knowing the cats were doing well during the stopover (thanks to the photos) melted our hearts!!   When Jax and Penelope were both delivered they were in great spirits and ready for cuddles (even though poor Penelope wet herself at some point so we had to hold cuddles off till she got a lovely shower).   Overall I am happy to say the experience and service we received was exceptional and would highly recommend Jetpets to everyone!   Thank you again for you amazing service and support - it did not go unnoticed and is highly appreciated!!   Please feel free to share this feedback with your team and online should you wish. I have also attached a couple of photos of the happy kittens   Thanks again for everything!!   Kat and John
Perth to Manchester, United Kingdom
Hi Biljana Thanks so much to Jetpets for relocating Callie! The updates made me feel much more at ease and you all made it such an easy process. We hadn’t seen each other in 9 months so I’ve attached the video of when I saw her for the first time and some pictures from her first week in Manchester. Thanks again.
Melbourne to Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Hey Justin, We are very happy to have Meekah back with us. Everything went so smoothly! Thank you for sending us the picture and report card before she took off too, it put our minds at ease a little bit. She was so happy to see us and is in good spirits, we can tell she was well looked after on her journey. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone travelling with pets! All the best, From a pair of very grateful dog parents.
Misty & Rueben
Sydney to Miami, United States
Hi Kate, Sandii and Jerry It will be a week tomorrow that Misty and Rueben had arrived from Sydney into Miami. They arrived in great condition and spirit much to my surprise and great relief. The regular updates and photos certainly put me at ease.. not that I did not think they would have been taken care of, but more so due to this having been one of their longest journeys that had ever taken outside of home in their 14 years of life. They are transitioning well to their new home .. baby steps being taken in introducing them to my brother and sister-in-law’s cat Bugsy .. but good signs are ahead. I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness and professionalism during Misty and Rueben’s trip. Kind regards Trudie Smith
Patch and Waffle
Brisbane to Berlin, Germany
Hi Justin, Thank you so much for all the care and attention JetPets showed to Patch and Waffle on their journey. We were so relieved to pick them up safe in Berlin. The updates during their travels was great, and are so grateful that they got here just fine. Thanks again for everything. Best wishes, Rachel
Harry and Riley
Sydney to New York, United States
Harry and Riley are happily snoozing after their big trip from Sydney to New York. You guys were so amazing and I could not have been happier with the way you looked after my dogs and let me know what was happening every step of the way. Thank you so much.
Han Solo
Sydney to Christchurch, New Zealand
I was very happy with the service Jetpets provided for our cat Han Solo to travel from Sydney to New Zealand. Justin was more than happy to answer my thousands of questions which made for stressless travel. I was sent a photo of him having a snuggle with one of the staff before departing from Sydney which was a cute gesture. The collection process was super easy and Han Solo cage had been cleaned and refreshed before we collected him. Han Solo is now living his best life in New Zealand with us.
George and Smokey
Sydney to Baltimore, United States
I just wanted to say I highly recommend Jetpets for any of your pets travel needs. I was extremely nervous about the entire process, as we have a highly strung rescue dog and a bunny that we needed to move from rural NSW Australia to Virginia USA. Justin from Jetpets was professional, courteous and very reassuring throughout the whole process and I had a lot of questions and concerns, he totally put my mind at ease. Both my pets arrived safe and sound, I was sent text messages, emails with photos and phone calls every step of the way so I knew how they were doing and where they were. They really care about the animals and are very experienced in this whole process. Sandii in LA was as friendly as she could be and I knew they were in great hands from start to finish.
to , New Zealand
Thank you to everyone at Jetpets for your assistance in getting Gino safely from Australia to NZ. All the little pictures and updates were most appreciated and erased any concerns I had while he was travelling. Although there was one minor hiccup with a changed flight this was communicated clearly and in a timely manner. As I have no children Gino is very precious to me so I want to let you know I am very grateful for your assistance to helping me to reunite with him.

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