Pet Accommodation

If you need your pets to be taken care of while you settle into your new home, Jetpets can arrange for them to stay in 5 star pet accommodation facilities, located anywhere in Australia or around the world…

  • The Jetpets pet accommodation facilities are modern, hygienic and very comfortable
  • Our pet accommodation partners are state of the art, offering plenty of different services for your pet, including extra play times and pet pics!
  • Jetpets can cater for any special dietary requirements that your pet may have and any other peculiarities that may arise
  • If you have multiple pets and you wish for them to stay together this should be fine
  • Owners are welcome to visit their pets at any time during their stay.
  • Pets that are going into pet accommodation must be up to date with their vaccinations – C5 for dogs and F3 for cats.
  • Vaccinations must take place at least two weeks prior to boarding. Our Jetpets Resident Vets can help with this