Pet Travel Crate Size Calculator

It is critical for your pet’s well-being to be professionally fitted for an appropriately sized┬átravel crate.

The biggest cost in pet transport is the airfare which is based on the travel crate size. Don’t be misled by pricing which may not be based on the most suitable crate for your pet’s comfort and safety.

Use our travel crate calculator below as a guide to identifying the most appropriate size for your pet.

For their utmost safety and comfort during travel, there are some important factors your pet travel consultant will consider when allocating a particular crate size to your pet.

For your interest, you can use the pet travel crate calculator below to estimate minimum size crate your pet needs.

Simply measure your pet in cm with reference to the image guide.

Is your pet a snubbed nosed cat or dog?
Which Travel service you are requiring the crate for?