Trusted Defence Member Pet Travel Across Australia and Around the World

For over 30 years the team at Jetpets has been the trusted Pet Transport company helping Defence Family Pets reunite with their Defence Family Members. Whether it’s a new posting to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory or to any remote location in Australia or Overseas, our team is here to assist with your Interstate and International pet transport needs. As pet lovers ourselves we understand that a new home doesn’t feel like home without our pet companion safely reunited with us.

VIP Tailored Pet Travel Services For Military & Defence Families

Every Defence Family Pet entrusted in our care is special and treated as such. At Jetpets, we recognise that your family needs a little bit of extra assistance which is why we provide a VIP tailored service for Defence Families on the move. As experts in Defence Family Relocations, our VIP services include a special Defence discount and itemised receipts to support your PACMAN claims.

Defence Members VIP Pet Travel Service Guarantee

We have a dedicated team of Defence Pet Travel Consultants who specialise in Defence Family relocations. The team will create a personalised Defence relocation itinerary specific to your pet factoring in their breed, size, age and of course as close as possible to your own flight arrangements.

As part of our VIP service to Defence Members, we will ensure the following:-

  • Animal Welfare will always be our number 1 priority
  • Booking your pet on the most direct flight with one of our trusted airline partners
  • Help you to decide on the best size travel crate for your pet
  • Arrange a stay-dry fleece mat for your pets crate to keep them comfy and dry during their travels
  • Arrange a comfort stop along the way if there are connecting flights, delays or flight cancellations
  • Where possible organise a door-to-door interstate pet transport service
  • Arrange short or long term boarding
  • Invoices will be completed at time of booking for you to lodge your claim with TOLL
  • Availability to talk to our experts 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Jetpets Transit Lounges

Our Transit Lounges facilitate our travelling pets where they can safely and securely stretch and relax out of their crate before and after their flight. If your pet requires connecting flights with time in between, the Transit Lounge is an ideal place for your pet away from the hustle and bustle of the airports.

Jetpets Resident Vets & Experienced Pet Handlers

To ensure your pet is healthy and fit before and during their relocation journey, we have dedicated Jetpets Veterinarians at each state based Jetpets Transit Lounge. The Jetpets Pet Handlers are renowned for their expertise, care and understanding when handling all Jetpets animals. Our trusted Jetpets Pet Handlers team will check your pet in for their flight at the airport, ensuring they have been to the toilet, have plenty of water available for a comfortable flight and provide pet travel updates to keep you informed for complete peace of mind.

Defence Pet Boarding / Accommodation

We understand that when moving with the Defence Force you sometimes will not be able to move into your residence straight away. Our team will work with you to discuss your travel plans and newly posted housing arrangements to create a travel itinerary that best suits you.

Not only can we arrange transport for your family pet around your travel dates, we can also arrange for any Pet Boarding requirements you may need.  If you need a little bit more time to prepare to move or settle into your new home, we are here to help!   Your Defence Member Pet Travel Consultant can arrange to have your pet well looked after in a trusted Pet Boarding facility anywhere in Australia. Please note that your pets’ vaccinations must be current to facilitate Pet Boarding.  If you have not vaccinated your pet it must be done at least 14 days before entry.

Summer Season Boarding

It is extremely important to identify your travel dates as soon as practical as many boarding facilities will become booked out in advance, especially during December and January at the peak of Defence Force moves.

Not only will Jetpets assist you with booking your pet travel but we will also assist with booking your pet into one of our trusted boarding facilities. We can also assist in suggesting suitable facilities that are based on the needs of your pet’s individual requirements and appropriate to your location. Our consultants are experts when it comes to Pet Boarding for The Army, Navy and Airforce members.

Defence Member Boarding Process

As part of our Defence Member VIP program your travel consultant will ensure you are well prepare in advance when moving into boarding facilities across Australia.

Our team will ensure:

  • We will take the time to understand not just your travel plans, but your pet’s personality and specific requirements
  • The most suitable pet accommodation option will be selected
  • Our long-serving pet accommodation partners have been carefully hand-picked, they all love pets
  • If you have sibling pets and would prefer for them to stay together, we will do our best to accommodate
  • Many pet accommodation partners offer state-of-the-art facilities, with the option of extra play times and pet photos
  • Our resident vets can assist (local dependent) if your pets require their updated C5 for dogs and F3 for cats, vaccine. Your pet must be up to date with their vaccinations at least two weeks prior to their stay
  • If your pet is enjoying a longer stay there may be an opportunity to visit them
  • Our experienced Pet Handlers will transport your pet in comfort to and from their pet accommodation

PACMAN Claims For Defence Pet Travel

At Jetpets we know as an Australian Defence Force (ADF) Member you are eligible to claim your Pet Transport Relocation costs. In order to keep it super easy and as stress free as possible we will provide an itemised tax invoice at time of booking so you can immediately complete your claim for reimbursement.

Pet Travel Provider Criteria To Facilitate Defence Member Moves

In order to claim pet travel expenses with PACMAN, it is important that you choose a trusted pet transport provider like Jetpets.

PACMAN will only accept claims when using pet transport providers that have and meet the following criteria:

  1. Australian Business Number.
  2. Conduct a business for profit in transporting or boarding household pets.
  3. Are registered to carry out the business under the relevant State or Territory law.

Types Of Benefits That Can Be Claimed Under PACMAN In Australia

As part of the relocation process, the CDF will consider a number of criteria and factors to determine the eligibility of costs covered for pet travel.

This includes circumstances of posting, number of pets relocated, arrangements for transport and boarding, discounted transport rates, time taken to travel between the former and new location, and whether or not your pet is used for commercial or economic purposes.

To support your claim, the Jetpets team will work closely with you to ensure that transport between your old and new locations are as timely as possible, and accommodate your pet’s specific requirements.

For more information on the types of pet transport services you can claim, please refer to the PACMAN website.

Assistance With Benefit Claims

In order to help facilitate claims and make the pet transport process as stress free as possible, our team of Defence Member Pet Travel Consultants can arrange any supporting documentation as required.

From quotes, to early invoices, to itemised receipts and additional justification, our team are here to assist in any way we can. For more information on how to make your claim, please refer to the PACMAN website.

Experience Working With Military & Defence Pets

For over 30 years Jetpets have been working with Military & Defence Families across Australia and reuniting them with their furbabies to all locations across Australia and worldwide. Our team are experienced with overseas, domestic and regional pet relocations across Australia. We have the resources, knowledge and expertise to ensure the safety of your precious pets during their travel.

Jetpets are proud of our award-winning services in receiving Best Pet Transport Services in 2023 and 2024 from Product Review. This is a testament to our dedication to excellence in pet welfare and customer service excellence for our clients. We welcome you to read our reviews in either of the below review sites.


Trusted By The International Industry’s Best

Jetpets Melbourne has become the first pet transport company in the Asia Pacific Region to be awarded The Centre of Excellence for Live Animals Logistics (CEIV) Certification. “Jetpets customers can be confident that their precious animals are traveling in safe and healthy conditions” – Glyn Hughes, IATA Global Head of Cargo


Hear More From Pet Owners

JUNE 2024
Sydney to Darwin, Australia
Thank you for your help getting our new addition to our family safely to Darwin!
APRIL 2024
Darwin to Tasmania, Australia
Jetpets were great to deal with and very understanding when organising my pets travel arrangements. They kept me updated on his travel and accommodation and was delivered safely as planned.
MARCH 2024
Melbourne to Darwin, Australia
Excellent care for a beloved pet!  Jetpets were amazing. They were on time, friendly and caring, and consistently gave updates on our dog who was traveling interstate via two flights. Highly recommend this company to transport your dog!
Perth to Brisbane, Australia
The Jetpets team were very friendly with receiving our dog before the long flight from Perth to Brisbane, and made our dog comfortable for the journey; they even played with her to settle her in. She arrived safely in Brisbane.
Townsville to Melbourne, Australia
Excellent service. Maintained contact with me at all times regarding my pets condition and status.  Could not have asked for better service for her. Very happy with Jetpets.
Perth to Adelaide, Australia
The whole experience was easy and very professional. We are so happy with the service, and could tell the handlers truly cared about Tash and her experience.
Lily & Ruby
Darwin to Perth, Australia
Very good service! Pets arrived from Darwin to Perth in excellent condition and very happy to see us.
Canberra to Alice Springs, Australia
Jetpets were great throughout the entire process of moving my cat from Canberra to Alice.  I loved the reports I received and I felt at ease while he was travelling. Thank you so much!
Rooster & Rosie
Groote to Brisbane, Australia
Thank you so much for the super incredible outstanding service I have experienced with Jetpets.  I will definitely recommend Jet Pets to everyone I know!
JULY 2023
Archie & Bonnie
Perth to Canberra, Australia
Archie and Bonnie thoroughly loved by the ladies at Jetpet Perth.  They arrived safely and are now settling into their holiday home with my son and daughter in law in Canberra.  Thank you so much for the great service and support, I will be using you again in September for their return.
JULY 2023
George & Fonzi
Cairns to Melbourne, Australia
Customer service is excellent.  Kerryn has been unbelievable, so kind and understanding of my worries of transporting my fur babies. Jetpets went above and beyond to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost for Defence Members to transport their pets?

Each pet move is different and pricing will be dependant on the size, weight and logistics required for each Defence Members Pet relocation. Our team will customise a quotation based on your exact needs that includes crate hire, ground and airline transport and boarding if required.

We also offer Defence Members a discount as part of our VIP Defence Member program and close working affiliation with Toll.

Q: How does the process work for Defence Members?

Jetpets make the process very easy for you. Our team will assist you in the entire process from crate size selection, booking flights and collection and delivery wherever you are posted around Australia or the world. Our team can also assist you with booking Pet Boarding and guide you on what is required for vaccinations required and the documentation to be completed when travelling overseas.

Q: Do You Provide Itemised Receipts?

Yes. Defence members that book through Jetpets will be provided with an itemised receipt to ensure you are reimbursed promptly. With our close working relationship with Toll, we also offer a Defence discount to help you with your budget.

Q: Can You Accommodate Defence Pet Moves At Short Notice?

Yes we can. Our specialist team of pet travel consultants will work with you to arrange the best suited travel arrangements for your pet to best suit your moving needs. If you need some extra time to get things setup, we can also arrange pet accommodation.

Q: Is It Safe To Fly My Pets In Cargo?

The pets’ cabin is dimly lit, with the temperature set to approximately 18 degrees for comfort. The captain of the aircraft is also aware that your furbaby is on board their flight. Your pet will experience very similar conditions to what we feel and hear in the passenger cabin.

Q: Is It Possible To Transport Multiple Pets On The Same Flight?

Our Defence team can co-ordinate all your pets moving requirements and with advanced notice can normally get all of your furbabies on the same flight (depending on the destination and aircraft type). Speak with our team and they will be able to advise you on flight schedules and availability.

Q: What Health Requirements Are Required For Defence Members?

Depending on your destination there are various requirements that need to be in place, especially when travelling Overseas. Each country has their own rules and regulations which our International Defence team will be able to advise you as part of our quotation process.

Where pets are entering boarding they will require to be vaccinated including F3 for Cats and C5 for Dogs. These vaccinations must be done at least 14 days prior to entering into boarding facilities. It also important that your pet has a microchip.

Where pets are over 12 years of age they will need a “fit to fly” certificate from a Veterinarian to be eligible to fly by the airlines. Our Defence team can step you through the process.

Q: Do Defence Members Need To Obtain 2 Pet Transportation Quotes?

No. The Defence relocation guide stipulates that in order to claim pet travel expenses with PACMAN, it is important that you choose a trusted pet transport provider.

PACMAN will only accept claims when using pet transport providers that have and meet the following criteria:

– Australian Business Number.
– Conduct a business for profit in transporting or boarding household pets.
– Are registered to carry out the business under the relevant State or Territory law.

For specific information on the relocation policy please refer to the below Website:

Q: What Pet Travel Expenses Are Covered For Australian Defence Force Members?

In general, Defence members are entitled to claim reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred in the relocation of pets. This includes periods that you are in transit, excluding periods of leave, and whilst you may be temporary accommodation.

It is important that you refer to Toll Transitions for the exact entitlements and policy guidelines as they are best to answer any specific questions in relations to exact entitlements and reimbursements. Toll also have a complete Defence Relocation Guide available for Defence Members.