International Pet Transport to England

Complete door-to-door pet transport service to the United Kingdom

With an experienced in-house team of pet travel consultants, resident vets and pet handlers, Jetpets is the pet transport company you can trust to have your fur baby transported safely from Australia to the UK. We can provide a complete door-to-door pet transport service to the UK with destinations including but not limited to London, Manchester and Glasgow. You can rest assured that your pet’s comfort, safety and welfare is our number one priority. For the best overseas pet travel to the United Kingdom, make sure you choose the friendly team at Jetpets.

International Pet Transport to England

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Customer Feedback:

JUNE 2021
Brisbane to London, United Kingdom
Bruno has been settling in quite well as you can see by the pics. Once again, thank you for making this big transition so smooth, we really appreciate it! Kind regards, Toni
MARCH 2020
Melbourne to London, United Kingdom
Hi Rachael, Thank you so much to you and the Jetpets team for making sure my boy got safely to the UK - he is doing really well. Still adjusting to new surroundings but is bright and happy, especially when going for walks. Thank you again, Lizzie
Melbourne to London, United Kingdom
Jetpets looked after the move of elderly chocolate Labrador ‘Taylor’ from the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne to Swindon, UK. As he is over 16, we were very concerned about his welfare, but received great advice and support initially from Paige who managed the whole move, and from all of the pet handlers and staff who clearly are great at their work but also love the animals. Jetpets ensured we had the correct vet advice, a journey for Taylor with appropriate rest breaks given his age, and sure enough he arrived safe and very well on schedule. So a big thanks to all of the Jetpets team, we loved the constant updates, the photos of Taylor along the way which kept us updates and gave us real peace of mind. Well done to the whole organisation, and congratulations on delivering such great service.
Brisbane to London, United Kingdom
Hi Dipkesh We were so excited to see Roxy today. We have been so happy with everything. From the moment I rang for a quote to the moment of picking her up when landed. She travelled well, enjoyed the updates from your team during travel and has settled nicely. Bit colder here so she has a new jacket and bed which she loves. Thank you for all your amazing effort in making Roxy's travel a pleasant experience and the peace of mind you gave our family through the transition of moving her to our new home overseas. Kind regards Simone
Perth to London, United Kingdom
Bandit is with my husband in London. But first, I can’t be more happier and thankful to know that he’s healthy and alive. He was full of energy and so happy to see my husband yesterday at Heathrow, he cried with happiness that he was reunited with family again. He’s so happy and running around our London home. He get jet lagged later in the evening and crawled under the blanket as usual. Lol. I can’t wait to see him later today. I was so worried about the worse, considering he has never been out of my sight before, thank you so much Jetpets. Thanks for returning my hope. Jeremie
Ginger, Salem & Motley
Sydney to Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Thank you Jetpets for helping us board the cats to keep them safe from the bushfires and sending them safely to the UK. This is the second time we have used you for pet travel. Both times the cats have arrived with care and ease. Thank you to all who helped us.
Sydney to London, United Kingdom
Dear Stephanie,   Just a quick note to thank you, Josh, and all the Jetpetters who helped get Peri to us safe and sound. It all went seamlessly and we’re very happy in our new home. Elliott
Sydney to London, United Kingdom
Hi Paige Thanks so much for checking in. Poppy is doing well and settling in to life in the UK! I have attached a photo for you to see just how well. Thanks too for taking such good care of her, I expected her to be rattled and not quite herself but obviously you did everything you could so this was not the case. Kind regards Clare
Perth to Manchester, United Kingdom
Hi Biljana, Thank you so so sooooooo much for all your work with Wally. He landed safe and sound and was very please to see us this end. He’s absolutely loving the UK and is finding all the wildlife and countryside quite interesting and cold!! He has got jet lag though, which is quite entertaining!! Photos attached. Thank you so so much again. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with you. You made it all so easy and smooth. Thank you! Kindest regards, Hannah
Perth to London, United Kingdom
Hi Bilijana   Just to let you know that honey is here and safe and settled in very well. She seems to have taken all the upheaval in her stride.   Thank you so much for all your help and for putting up with constant changes to itinerary.   You did an awesome job  and our family is very  very happy and complete again.   Take care Anne
Perth to Manchester, United Kingdom
Hi Biljana Thanks so much to Jetpets for relocating Callie! The updates made me feel much more at ease and you all made it such an easy process. We hadn’t seen each other in 9 months so I’ve attached the video of when I saw her for the first time and some pictures from her first week in Manchester. Thanks again.
Melbourne to Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Hey Justin, We are very happy to have Meekah back with us. Everything went so smoothly! Thank you for sending us the picture and report card before she took off too, it put our minds at ease a little bit. She was so happy to see us and is in good spirits, we can tell she was well looked after on her journey. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone travelling with pets! All the best, From a pair of very grateful dog parents.
Abby & Max
Melbourne to London, United Kingdom
Hi Justin Everything went according to plan, thank you for all your help and supporting me through the nerves. Regards Kathryn
Brisbane to London , United Kingdom
Hi Emily My sincere thanks to you for coordinating Billy’s travel from Australia to the UK.  I am pleased to report that we are very happily reunited and Billy is enjoying his new home. Needless to say, he is not letting us out of his sight!!! After such a long flight and a long time in the travel crate, I can only imagine how soiled Billy was on arrival. When the handlers at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre brought him out to us, he had been bathed and was really fresh and clean. I was so reassured that they had taken such good care of him. I am so happy with the service provided by yourself and the Jetpets team and would definitely use your company again in the future. Thank you so much Emily. Kind regards, Kerrin
Buddy and Rosco
Melbourne to London, United Kingdom
Hi Biljana,   I’m happy to report that Buddy and Rosco have soon settled into their new home and they are loving exploring the English countryside!   Thank you   Kind regards Elaine
Melbourne to London, United Kingdom
Hi Thanks for all your support. It’s a fabulous service you provide and we’re very appreciative of the amazing support your team provided along the way. Here’s a pic - he took the whole trip completely in his stride! Kind regards Lisa and Paul
Perth to London, United Kingdom
Hunter has arrived safely in Oxford thanks to Jetpets. They have been super flexible and efficient even though we had to change flight plans last minute. They have kindly responded to every questions and concerns, we would be using Jetpets again in the future to go back to Australia.
Sydney to London, United Kingdom
Hey Justin, thank you so so much for getting Frankfurt to London so safely. We were so worried about it all and because of you he landed safely, is happy and is loving London. I really appreciate it all. Here’s a pic of us at Buckingham palace and him enjoying a pub in London! Many thanks, Deneice, Ben & Frankfurt
JULY 2019
Alice Springs to London, United Kingdom
Hi Rachael! Thanks for all of your help! Gizmo arrived super wiggly and happy yesterday! We are very appreciative of all your and Jetpets’ work! Thanks and take care, Amelie

Mark & Mya’s Jetpets Experience


Let us organise your UK pet travel needs – you won’t have to lift a finger!

Our Pet Travel Consultants:

  • Find out all about your pet. All are treated as VIPs – very important pets!
  • Provide expert advice on preparing your pet for international travel, covering UK’s quarantine and customs requirements
  • Help you decide on the best airline-approved travel crate to ensure your pet travels comfortably, including a stay dry fleece mat
  • Arrange for your pet’s travel crate to be delivered to your home prior to your relocation – this is a great time to help familiarise your pet with their travel crate
  • Book your pet on the most direct flight to the UK
  • Arrange a comfort stop along the way
  • Can arrange a door-to-door pet transport service, from your home in Australia to your new residence in the United Kingdom
  • Prepare your pet’s personalised itinerary
  • Contact us via our 24-hour customer service line should any concerns or questions pop up

Our Resident Vets:

  • Specialise in international animal transport to the UK and can provide all animals with the correct treatments they need before travelling
  • Will ensure all documents and treatments for UK pet travel are completed accurately for a hassle-free relocation
  • Can be arranged to visit you at home (state dependent)
  • Will give your pet a health check at our Jetpets Transit Lounge prior to their flight

Our Pet Handlers:

  • Can personally come to your house and professionally fit your pet to the perfect sized crate (in metropolitan areas) prior to your pet’s trip to the UK
  • Will take care of your pet on the day of travel, showering them with plenty of love, attention and walks
  • Check your pet in for their flight at the airport, ensuring they have been to the toilet and have plenty of water available for a comfortable flight
  • Will provide pet updates to keep you informed how their journey is progressing

Our Pet Transit Lounges:

  • Jetpets Transit Lounges allow for priority pet check-in
  • Are conveniently located near major airports in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth so you don’t have to deal with airport traffic
  • Your pet will be able to have a stretch and relax out of their travel crate before and/or after their flight
  • Provide peace of mind knowing your pet will be taken care of if their flight is delayed or cancelled
  • Our resident vets are located at our pet transit lounges and ensure your pet is fit to fly

Did you know?

  • The captain of the aircraft is aware that your loved one is on board their flight
  • The captain will set the temperature to approx. 18 degrees Celsius so that the animals are comfortable
  • The cabin is dimly lit so that your loved one can see what is going on around them
  • What we feel and hear in the cabin of the plane is the same as what animals experience (except in a travel crate they have much more leg room than us!)

Behind the Scenes at the Airport



FAQs – International Pet Transport to UK

Q: Can I bring a dog into the UK?

Yes, you can, you just need to follow a few important rules. Your pet will need to be microchipped, hold a pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate, have a valid vaccination against rabies and other requirements, depending on where your pet will be travelling from. Jetpets can provide you with all the advice you need for your pet to travel to the UK, including ensuring that all documents, vetwork and treatments are accurately completed, to ensure an easy and stress-free experience.

Q: How much does it cost to transport a pet to the UK?

There are many factors that go into pet transport prices, including flight routes and destinations, size and weight of your pet, level of service provided and more. With Jetpets, you can rest assured that our quotes can be made all-inclusive, delivering a boutique experience for you and your pet – no hidden costs or surprises. We follow strict internal and external policies to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety during travel, so our pet transport prices already include full-service provisions such as organising comfort stops for your pet along their journey and collecting your pet from the airport should there by a flight delay or cancellation. Your Jetpets pet travel consultant will talk you through all the available options, as well as provide you with a customised itinerary and quotation for your pet’s travel to the UK.

Q:Is there a quarantine for dogs coming into the UK?

As long as your pet has fulfilled all of the import requirements, they will not need to go into quarantine.

Q: Do dogs need passports in the UK?

To travel from Australia to the UK, your dog won’t need to have a pet passport. However, you will need to get an official veterinary certificate from an authorised vet, amongst other supporting documents. If you plan to travel to or within the EU after arriving in the UK, you will need to get a pet passport upon arrival.