Keeping your pets safe over the holiday season

While the party season has arrived, it’s important to take some time to think of our pets and keep them safe.

Fireworks and party celebrations can be scary for our furry friends, so it’s important to plan ahead and implement some strategic measures to keep them happy and safe during this period.

Dogs and cats in particular aren’t big fans of the noisy firework displays, and may cry or bark loudly and try to run away, sometimes unfortunately injuring themselves in the process.

To avoid any worry, read on below for some great tips to make the holiday season a fun and happy time for everyone!

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Take them for a walk:

If you have a dog, take them for a big long walk before the fireworks are due to start and then feed them a big meal. A dog that’s tired and well fed is less likely to be anxious.

Stay at home:

Staying at home with your pets can make a big difference! Your presence is one of the most comforting things for your pets, so don’t forget to give them plenty of cuddles.

Stay calm and relaxed:

If you are staying home with your pets, remember to stay calm and relaxed. Animals are great at picking up our human emotions, so if you’re relaxed they are more likely to be as well.

Give them rewards:

If your animals remain calm, why not reward them for being good by giving them treats or chews or bring out their favourite toy?

Create a comfortable hiding place:

For all animals especially cats, a great idea is to create a comfortable hiding place so when they do retreat they feel nice, safe and cosy.

Mask the noise:

Many animals may not even know what’s going on if you put on some music or the TV, draw the blinds and distract your pets with fun games, cuddles or delicious food.

Ensure they are micro-chipped and have a collar ID:

It’s important to make sure you have micro-chipped your pets and have an updated collar ID to ensure that if for some reason your animals get frightened and unfortunately escape your home, they can be found and returned home safely.

If you are worried about your particularly anxious animal, the best thing to do is to contact your vet for more advice, to make the holiday season a fun and happy time for everyone!