Tenzing’s Big Adventure

“Gentle, playful and friendly”. That is how Hamilton Zoo Keeper Delwyn Crombie described young red panda Tenzing – and that is certainly the experience we had when we took care of him during his transfer to Tasmania Zoo.

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Born at Hamilton Zoo, Tenzing is three years old. From six weeks he was supplement fed, due to difficulty competing for his mothers milk with his much bigger twin sister Jamuna. Although he remained with his mum, Tenzing became a very friendly animal through regular contact with his keepers and became an ambassador for the red panda species.

Tenzing’s latest adventure saw him transfer to Tasmania Zoo as part of the breeding program to continue the conservation efforts for the species. On transfer day, Tenzing was well prepared and hopped into his travel crate remaining calm and relaxed. He travelled from Auckland to Melbourne where he enjoyed refreshments from a Jetpets Pet Handler during his stop over before continuing to Tasmania.

Tenzing’s Big Adventure | Zoo Moves | Pet Travel Transport Reviews | Safe Pet Transport | All Care Pet Transport | Jetpets | Latest News

As you can see in the photo, there is no doubt Tenzing’s imagination would have been running wild as he enjoyed watching the world around him on the journey.

He has now settled into his new home. “Tenzing is doing well,” said Keeper Rochelle Penny. “I’d happily say he had a great trip over. He arrived into Launceston very calm and relaxed, after arriving he came straight out and began eating. I’d say he had worked up an appetite.”

Tasmania Zoo is a privately owned, local family-zoo situated 18kms from Launceston. They are dedicated to continuous contribution to wildlife conservation and to the education of the community at large.

Tasmania Zoo exhibits the largest collection of rare, exotic and native species in Tasmania, and with their newest addition Tenzing, is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. You can find out more by visiting their website here.


Dreamworld and Jetpets partner to transport “Holden and Kimba”, two rare white Lions

How do you move two male lions over 1400kms?

This was the question posed to us at Jetpets last week when we completed the move of two white lions, “Holden and Kimba”, from their home at Altina Wildlife Park to Dreamworld on the Goldcoast.

The two brothers are part of only a handful of rare white lions in captivity and weigh in over 200kgs each. The lions hail from the Timbavati region in Africa and due to human interference and poaching, have not been sighted in the wild since 2010.

“Welcoming Holden and Kimba to Dreamworld will further help conservation initiatives for cats in the wild through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation and will raise awareness of the plight of our vulnerable and endangered big cats around the world”, a Dreamworld spokesperson said.

The lions were picked up at Altina Wildlife Park last Wednesday by Jetpets pet handlers and were transported in custom built steel crates to ensure they remained calm and comfortable during transit. The lions personal handlers, who have raised them since they were cubs, also made the journey to check the lions condition during the numerous stops on the way to their holiday destination.

Dreamworld | Jetpets | Holden and Kimba | White Lions
The 200kg plus white lion is lifted on to Jetpets transport truck

“It was a rewarding experience being involved in the move of these majestic lions, our service and relationship with Dreamworld continues to make Jetpets the leader in animal transport in Australia”, Montana Sheridan, National Customer Service Manager.

Guests to Dreamworld will have the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime face to face encounter with the imposing lions from this week through to mid July, when they will be transported back to their home at Altina Wildlife Park.

Dreamworld | Jetpets | Holden and Kimba | White Lions
The brothers exploring their new enclosure at Dreamworld

Stay tuned to Jetpets social media for more information on the brothers return trip next month and future zoo animals moves completed by Jetpets .

Moving Homes With Your Pets

So you’ve made the decision to move home – how exciting! Moving to a new home and a new city is an amazing and fun experience for the whole family, but we all know that the moving process itself is up there with some of the most stressful things you can do in life. The packing, the cleaning, the organising – it’s little wonder so many of us dread it!

But what about the furry friends in our life, sometimes it’s easy to forget that this can be a difficult time for them as well. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and put some measures in place to make sure the move is as relaxed and smooth as possible.

In the lead up to the move:

It’s important to start preparing your pet’s travel arrangements early, particularly if you are moving overseas. So that you have one less thing to worry about, let us take care of the entire process for you! Jetpets will take care of all your pet travel needs to and from any location within Australia or across the globe. Your pet’s comfort and safety is our number one priority.

Our Pet Travel Consultants will find out all about your VIPs (very important pets) and provide expert advice on preparing your pet for travel. Our team will also help you decide on the best-sized travel crate and share some handy hints on how to familiarise your pet with it, so that they’re nice and relaxed in it come moving day.

Next, we will book your pet on the most direct flight and arrange a comfort stop along the way if need be. We can also arrange a door-to-door service, so that you pet can be chauffeured straight to your new home to meet you there.

Moving Homes With Your Pets | Jetpets | Relocation | Pet Transport

On arrival

It’s important to ease pets into their new environment by paying close attention to their habits. In particular, cats need to be kept indoors for them to slowly familiarise themselves to their new home.

Watch our video for some handy hints on settling them in to their new environment.


Need some advice on moving home with your pets? Contact our Pet Travel Consultants today.

Koalas to Belgium!

Global Koala Move | Koalas to Belgium | Jetpets | Zoo Moves | International Pet TransportWe were excited to be involved in a very special global koala move recently. In conjunction with our friends at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, we helped move Carina, Coco and Zelda to their new home at Pairi Daiza in Belgium!

So what goes into a global koala move? Not surprisingly, it’s quite a process! From gaining an ambassador agreement with the Australian Federation Department of Environment and a permit from the Department of Bio Security Queensland, to meeting the quarantine standards required to export the koalas, as well as the import standards for Belgium, there’s plenty to do to prepare for this type of move. (Not to mention ensuring that their new home has access to Eucalyptus leaf!)

One of our most important tasks was to secure a flight plan that had the least impact on the animals. Once the shortest possible journey was found, we ensured that the koalas were handled with the upmost care during transit. Being animals that are very sensitive to loud noise and movement, it was essential that they were handled gently and in the fastest and quietest way possible.

With the big move completed, we’re pleased to hear that the koalas have settled into their new home nicely, and have enjoyed exploring their new exhibit and tucking into some fresh Eucalyptus leaves!

For more information on this move, visit: www.brusselstimes.com/belgium/5461/koalas-arrive-at-pairi-daiza

Global Koala Move | Koalas to Belgium | Jetpets | Zoo Moves | International Pet Transport

A Lemur Move

Our Melbourne team were lucky enough to move royalty last week, picking up ‘King’ Julian and his pal Ethan from Halls Gap Zoo.

These two little lemurs were travelling with us to their new home at Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales.

We love what we do!

A Lemur Move | Lemur | Zoo Moves | Global Moves | Jetpets | Pet Imports

Dave’s New Puppy Jet

We’re just in love with Dave’s new puppy Jet (who was actually named after us, what an honour!)

You might know Dave as one of our amazing pet handlers, and the owner of our animal ambassador Sahara. Well now Sahara and the rest of Dave’s crew have a new brother courtesy of the wonderful team at Australian Working Dog Rescue!

We couldn’t be happier for Dave and we can’t wait to hear how little Jet settles into his new life.

Meet Dave’s New Puppy Jet - Jetpets Pet Transport

An A List Move!

Today we have another exciting move to share with you!

Our team recently had the pleasure of transporting Orlando Bloom’s new pup Junior, a male Sarplaninac, from Melbourne to his home in Los Angeles!

Junior was a surprise for Orlando’s son Flynn, with our pet handler Mike delivering the pup to their front door (and witnessing Junior meeting his new family for the very first time.) What an amazing surprise – we can’t wait to hear how Junior settles into his new home with Orlando and Flynn!

An A List Move! Celebrity Pet Transport with Jetpets

Behind The Scenes At The Airport

Did you know…

The experience your pet has while flying is actually very similar to the one we have as humans (except in a travel crate our pets actually have much more leg room than us!). The air temperature is controlled and pressurised, and the lights are dimly light, making for a relaxing travel journey…

Have you often wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the airport?

Our animal ambassador Sahara is here to show you in the video below.

All Creatures Great And Small

As you know, it’s not just about cats and dogs here at Jetpets, we are proud to transport all creatures great and small, both domestically and across the globe!

Did you know in recent times..

  • We transported two Lions all the way from Denmark to Australia
  • We also transported Otana the Gorilla to Melbourne Zoo
  • We transported Polo, the Lemur in search of love from Perth to Canberra
  • We arranged VIP flights for Koalas who travelled to their new home in Japan
  • We transported the worlds most endangered crocodiles for a breeding program in the Philippines

You name it, we’ll move it!