Can I transport my Puppy Overseas?

When transporting your pet overseas, different airlines will have slightly different regulations to be eligible for travel. There will also be vaccination requirements to be met and it is important that you speak with our Pet Travel Consultant on your specific puppy age and location you are traveling into.

Age Limits for Pets

What is the maximum age my pet can be for International travel?

As each pet is different, there are no set rules in place with relation to age. Our Pet Travel Consultants will work with you as part of our needs analysis to understand the current age and health condition of your pet to determine if they would be illegible for travel by our qualified veterinarian teams. This may also require certain examinations on a case-by-case basis.


What happens if my pet needs special medications?

Our Pet Travel Consultants can discuss the various options available for your pet to ensure they receive any required medications. It is extremely important to let us know well in advance of these special requirements so we can best create a travel plan and have our veterinarians check over prior to any travel taking place.

Travelling in Hot Weather

Is it safe to Transport my Pet in the Hot Weather?

Jetpets have a strict heat policy in place that ensures your pet will not travel in extreme conditions. During summer months we will select early or later flight times to avoid departing in the middle of the day or when forecast temperatures are at their most extreme. It is important that your pets are well hydrated regardless of it being hot or cold and our Pet Travel Consultants will give you more information on Pet Welfare processes upon booking your pet for international travel.

Is International Pet Travel Expensive?

The cost of sending pets overseas will vary on several factors. The size, weight and location you are moving from and to will all play a factor in determining the cost for international travel. It is strongly recommended that when you are obtaining quotations you confirm what services you are being quoted on.

It is important to understand the crate size, vaccination requirements, export health certifications and Government permits that need to be taken into consideration when budgeting for your next international pet relocations. One common mistake we see with clients is that they overlook their destination and clearance charges. This not only causes stress at your destination but can also delay the process as these fees will have to be paid upon arrival.

Pet Travel Updates

Our team of pet loving experts are always caring for your furbaby and will keep you informed on the key milestones for their journey prior to departure. This will include a variety of updates by phone, SMS or email from the moment the booking is confirmed with us.

These may include:

  • Check-in at the airport
  • Collection from the airport
  • Drop-off at your pets accommodation/boarding facility
  • An update on how your pet was during their comfort stop at our Transit Lounge
  • Confirmation of Health Clearance for International Travellers
  • Delivery to residence

 Please note that Pet travel updates are applicable when the pet is travelling via a Jetpets transit lounge location, and where the itinerary is for a transit lounge or door-to-door service. Speak to your dedicated travel consultant for more information.

What is a Comfort Stop?

Depending on the destination and airline being used, there may be an option for your pet to have a comfort stop during their long-haul travel. Comfort stops allow your furbaby to have time out of their crate, a short walk around the purpose-built facilities (dependant on certain locations) and time for their very own toilet break in between their journey. The comfort stop will also provide your pet with a small meal and fresh water for their onward journey.

Speak to a Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant who will inform you if your pet requires a comfort stop as part of their overseas journey.

Collecting My Pet When They Land

There is no better feeling then when you are reunited with your furbaby at their final destination. As customs and quarantine processes will differ from each overseas destination, it is critical that you have all the correct documentation and information the authorities will require to release your furbaby to you upon arrival.

Our Jetpets Pet Travel Consultants will be able to give you the required information and service options to assist you with this important process. We can also arrange transportation to your new residence should you not be able to transport your furbaby once they arrive.

Travel Crate Training

Where possible, several weeks in advance we suggest you come and collect your crate from our Transit Lounge.  Placing the crate in a familiar spot where your pet is frequently around will help with this new introduction. Placing a favourite toy, blanket  or even their treat bowl inside the crate will help the progression. We recommend that you take the door off to start, as this will help them understand that they can come in and out of the crate at their leisure.

It is important not to “force” pets into the crates as they need to understand that the crate is a safe place. Animals are naturally curious so they will tend to explore the crate when it is placed in their surrounds and may enter on their own accord when they are ready. It is important that when they do this you praise them and perhaps give them a small treat and reward them, making it a pleasant experience for them.

Once your pet becomes comfortable in and around the crate, try feeding them their meal inside the crate and even let them sleep in the crate overnight. This will give them a sense of comfort about their crate and get them ready for their international travel.