Importing Pets to Australia

Based in Australia, our Pet Travel Consultants have the expertise to take care of your pet’s travel requirements, managing the entire journey from start to finish!

We fully understand what planning is required, what the customs and quarantine requirements are and the associated costs when bringing pets into Australia. We’ll create an itinerary specific to your pet’s travel needs and ensure a safe and stress-free relocation of your pet.

We import pets into Australia from all over the world including:

United Kingdom | Canada | Singapore | Hong Kong and many more

Helpful information to plan your pet’s travel into Australia:

Depending on where you are relocating from there are different planning and government regulations to take into consideration when importing your pet to Australia, that’s why we are here to help!

Customer Feedback:

Johannesburg to Perth, Australia
Dear Chris, Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and compassion during the process of getting Vanya from Centurion, South Africa to Perth, Johannesburg. You can imagine how happy we were to see each other again! I attached 3 photos of Vanya, taken on Monday 14 October 2019, minutes after she arrived at our new home. I’m sure you could see how excited she is! Please pass my appreciation and gratitude to every person who handled Vanya on her journey. It was much less stressful for me, because I knew she was being taken care of by people who care. Kind regards Thea
London to Melbourne, Australia
Hi Emma,   A few weeks gone by now and just wanted to let you know the Smudge has settled in brilliantly over here.   Thanks to all of your for your support over the last 6 months, it has been amazing to know there’s someone out there looking after our little cat while we couldn’t.   Here’s a photo of him enjoying Australian life (though sleeping in our soon to be born baby’s playmate, naughty cat!!)   Thanks,   Ben and Becca
Dolly & Dixie
Amsterdam to Sydney, Australia
Thank you so much Nicole! My babies are home! Jetpets have yet again delivered over and above and given me total peace of mind. I cannot thank you enough xx
Leala, Alfie and Alex
Mickleham Quarantine to Melbourne, Australia
Dear Chris   It is a very happy house we have tonight! It is so fantastic to have all or babies back. They were running around for at least an hour when they arrived. It was dark before we were able to get them in bed for cuddles.   Thank you for taking such great care of our furbabies. They were so jolly when they arrived. There are no words to describe the joy to be with them again.   Thank you again and kind regards   Jeanné
Bandit & Rocket
London to Melbourne, Australia
Hi Everyone, Bandit and Rocket are safely back in Australia.  They are healthy happy and excited to be with our folks. Thank you for all your help and patience in making this work for us. They have been in safe hands! All the best for the future. Regards, Marcus
Munich to Sydney, Australia
Hi Emma,   Just wanted to let you know that Gypsi arrived at her new home. She was very happy to see us again, and right now is very careful not to let anyone get out her sight. It will take a little time for her to get used to the new surrounding.   I enclose a picture of her sitting on Mum's lap (one of her favourite places). That's the first evening with us.   Thanks again for taking care of everything, it was a real pleasure using Jetpets.   Please forward this thank you to all people involved with her journey from Germany to Australia.   With kind regards Joerg
Dubai to Melbourne, Australia
Hi Nicole   Thanks so much. I was so pleased to have her back. She was mental - didn’t have an opportunity to video the chaos. About 2 hours after she got home, I was able to get this picture though!   Thanks to you, and to Ruth, for your great work.   Kind regards Clare
Singapore to Newcastle, Australia
Hi Nicole, I picked up my baby on Saturday and he seemed very happy and calm...I think he is happy to see me which is wonderful he has been very cuddley which is different to how he was when he came to Singapore. We have been to the beach which he loves so hopefully I am forgiven. This is Oskar in one of his new beds in his yard!! Once again can’t thank you enough...
Amsterdam to Adelaide, Australia
Hi Emma, Ylvi is enjoying walks at the beach, playing in the garden or just being near us... Thank you for such uncomplicated support during the entire journey and helping us bringing Ylvi to Australia. It was hard to leave her when she was picked up to Amsterdam but it was a great moment when we saw her sitting in the crade at the freight terminal in Adelaide! Our son already spotted her and called her name, she immediately played attention and started to wag her tail! We did not need any photo proof it was convincing enough to whom she  belongs.... As promised we attached a few photos to say “thanks a lot” and good bye You did a great job and we always felt good informed. We appreciated that so much! Say thanks to the entire team and to everybody who was involved. Regards, Annette & Jens
Singapore to Melbourne, Australia
Hi Emma, We collected Griffin, and he's had a very happy reunion!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful job getting everything done so smoothly! Cheers, Charity
Barcelona to Coolangatta, Australia
Emma can't thank you guys enough your all amazing. Lola is settling in well and definitely remembered me and Lee which made us so happy. She is slowly getting used to Fred our other cat but does hiss at him now and again! But we are so shocked at how well she coped with the traveling and settled in straight away we can't thank you enough xxx

Mark & Mya’s Jetpets Experience

How we can help:

Our Pet Travel Consultants:

  • Find out all about your VIPs – very important pets!
  • Provide expert advice on preparing your pet for international travel
  • Decide on the best sized travel crate to ensure pets travel comfortably
  • Arrange a stay dry fleece mat for your furbaby’s crate to keep them comfy and dry
  • Book your pet on the most direct flight into Australia with one of our airline partners
  • Provide a comfort stop if required
  • Provide detailed information about specific entry requirements for pets to come into Australia, and arrange the Australian Import Permit
  • Veterinary schedule for vaccination and blood test dates
  • Provide you with your pets detailed itinerary
  • Provide you with pet travel updates including your pet’s safe arrival into quarantine
  • Can arrange and take care of your pets onwards journey within Australia after the quarantine period is complete

Other parts of our service which make us unique:

  • Jetpets Resident Vets on fulltime staff, available for advice on documents and treatments when bringing pets into Australia
  • Pet accommodation, anywhere in the world, for any amount of time
  • Jetaway Travel can book your flight to match your pets

Behind the Scenes at the Airport