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Halloween and Your Pets

Halloween is just around the corner, and with plenty of treats and scary costumes coming your way, you and your pets are in for some fun!

If you’re keen to get your pets involved in the spooky festivities, here are a few tips and tricks to remember to ensure everyone enjoys the celebrations.

Dress them up:

Not that we needed another excuse to dress up our furry friends, but this Halloween why not get into the spirit and play dress ups? We love the idea of wearing matching costumes with our pets, just make sure there are no zips, pockets or embellishments that your pet can easily chew off. For some fun dress-up ideas, click here.

Take photos:

Now that you’ve got your pets all dressed up, why not have a photoshoot? Ask a friend or family member to take some photos of you and your pets all dressed up – we guarantee you will cherish these photos for a lifetime. Need some tips on how to take amazing happy snaps of your pet? Click here.

Make them treats: 

While there are plenty of lollies and chocolates to go around for us humans, it’s important to keep these treats away from our pets and feed them pet-appropriate food only. But this doesn’t mean they need to miss out on the fun! Why not make them some delicious pet-friendly biscuits they will love!

Portrait Of French Bulldog With Hat Halloween

Keep them safe

While Halloween is great fun for us humans, it’s important to be weary of common things that can put our pet’s health at risk. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep all lollies and chocolate out of reach of pets. If you have these treats in the house, make sure you keep them on high tabletops and keep an eye on your pets at all times.
  • Thanks to the constant ringing on the doorbell and strangers turning up in funny costumes, your pet may understandably get a little frightened! To avoid any unnecessary stress, why not keep your pets away from the front door, and make sure you keep them entertained with their favourite toys.
  • Keep decorations away from pets as we all know how much they love to chew and play with just about anything!
  • With many people coming and going, it increases the chance of your pet leaving the house through open doors. Just in case that does happen, make sure their ID tags are updated and that they are microchipped so they can be easily returned home if they go wandering.

It’s Your Chance To Win!

It’s our 25th birthday this month at Jetpets.

But don’t worry, we’re not keeping all of the birthday fun to ourselves, we want you to get involved in the celebration too!

On Facebook and Instagram, we will be giving away some prizes, including some goodies from our friends at Rufus & Coco.

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Dog Celebrating Birthday

Our Rescue Partnership With Virgin Australia Cargo

In August, Virgin Australia Cargo announced a new partnership with Jetpets to unite rescue pets with new, loving homes across Australia.

For the first time, Jetpets and Virgin Australia Cargo come together to fly pets in need of care across Australia, breaking down distance and travel barriers. Jetpets has had long serving relationships with the animal welfare organisations that are the current beneficiaries of the free travel allocations.

Under this partnership, the first flight took place in August, when Pet Rescue united Lallee the Rough Collie (a Lassie Dog) with her new owners in Sydney where she can look forward to being a very much loved and permanent member of the family. Thanks to this new partnership and the kindness of adopter and foster families around Australia, the future for Lallee, and other rescue dogs like her, is bright.


Since announcing this partnership we have been overwhelmed with positive messages of support. Pet lovers of Australia are certainly very passionate, as are we. Whilst we are not in the position to provide free travel to every rescue pet we do offer discounted services to all rescue organisations. You can call a Pet Travel Consultant to find out more, Australia Wide: 1300 668 309.


AFL Grand Final Fun With Your Pets!

The AFL (Australian Football League) grand final is just around the corner and soon everyone around the country will be getting into the footy finals spirit, including your pets!

From playing football with your four-legged friend, to dressing them up in your team’s colours… Here are our top tips for celebrating the AFL grand final with your pets!

Dog With Football

Play football with them:

It’s no secret that dogs love to play fetch and what better way to include them in the footy festivities than by playing football with them! Get a miniature or kids-size football and kick it far enough for them to run and chase it. Get them to bring it back to you and play again, we know that both you and your dog will love it!

Dress them up:

Whether you are out playing a game of football at your local park or cozying up with your furry-friend on the couch watching the big game, why not dress them up in your team’s jersey so they can show some support as well?

Many online stores stock AFL jerseys for your pets so they too can get in the spirit! Alternatively, you could dress them up in a jumper or hoodie in your team’s colours or for cats why not a nice coloured bow-tie?

You can also get them an AFL collar and feeding bowl that they can wear and use all year round!

At the end of the day:

After a long day of cheering on your team, why not wind down with an evening stroll with your pet to work off some of that extra excitement? And, if your team wasn’t lucky enough to win, your pet will definitely be there to console you!

Shih Tzu Puppy With A Toy

How do you plan on celebrating grand final day with your pets? Let us know on Facebook

Moving Homes With Your Pets

So you’ve made the decision to move home – how exciting! Moving to a new home and a new city is an amazing and fun experience for the whole family, but we all know that the moving process itself is up there with some of the most stressful things you can do in life. The packing, the cleaning, the organising – it’s little wonder so many of us dread it!

But what about the furry friends in our life, sometimes it’s easy to forget that this can be a difficult time for them as well. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and put some measures in place to make sure the move is as relaxed and smooth as possible.

In the lead up to the move:

It’s important to start preparing your pet’s travel arrangements early, particularly if you are moving overseas. So that you have one less thing to worry about, let us take care of the entire process for you! Jetpets will take care of all your pet travel needs to and from any location within Australia or across the globe. Your pet’s comfort and safety is our number one priority.

Our Pet Travel Consultants will find out all about your VIPs (very important pets) and provide expert advice on preparing your pet for travel. Our team will also help you decide on the best-sized travel crate and share some handy hints on how to familiarise your pet with it, so that they’re nice and relaxed in it come moving day.

Next, we will book your pet on the most direct flight and arrange a comfort stop along the way if need be. We can also arrange a door-to-door service, so that you pet can be chauffeured straight to your new home to meet you there.

Black cat with stacked moving carton boxes over white background

On arrival

It’s important to ease pets into their new environment by paying close attention to their habits. In particular, cats need to be kept indoors for them to slowly familiarise themselves to their new home.

Watch our video for some handy hints on settling them in to their new environment.


Need some advice on moving home with your pets? Contact our Pet Travel Consultants today.

Spring Is In The Air

We’re almost at the end of August, and that can only mean one thing, spring is finally upon us! And as the warmer weather approaches, we’re thinking about all the fun outdoor activities we can do with our pets this season…

Dog Park Play Dates

It’s time to put away those winter woolies and organise a play date at your local dog park for your canine pal and his or her closest friends! Not only is this perfect for socialising your dog, it’s a great way for you to meet new people too!

Beach Adventures

If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean, take your furry friend for a run along the sand and a quick dip in the water. They will have a ball splashing in the waves and fetching driftwood or a frisbee along the shore. (Just make sure your local beach allows dogs before you make the trip.)

Go Camping

Why not go back to basics and take a camping trip with your pet? What could be better than a tent, a campfire, a BBQ and man’s best friend?

Catch Some Rays

Make the most of the warmer weather by finding a sunny spot and reading a book, or even having a quick nap, with your furry friend by your side of course!


Selecting The Correct Crate For Your Pet

In order for your pet to be as comfortable as possible when travelling, it’s important to select the correct size travel crate. Here at Jetpets, we have a range of airline compliant travel crates and can custom build them to any animal’s unique requirements.

Your Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant will professionally select the correct size travel crate for your pet, just ask us how!





Travel to Sri Lanka to save the Mannar Donkey

As you know we love all animals great and small here at Jetpets, which is why we wanted to share this amazing upcoming tour of Sri Lanka with you!

The Mannar donkey population has declined in recent years, and now faces real issues of survival. A group of animal lovers from around the world has begun an active campaign to assist and you could join the group in October, making a real contribution to an animal in need of rehabilitation in Sri Lanka…

For more info on this tour and to find out how you can book, click here.

Mannar Donkeys

Adopting a new pet? These are the top 10 pet names for dogs and cats

Choosing the perfect name for your newly adopted pet is one of the many exciting aspects of welcoming a new animal into your life.

From names like Charlie to Cooper, Luna to Simba, picking the right name for your pet is an important decision as you want to choose one that best reflects your animal’s personality for years to come.

Over the past few years there has been a increase in the variety of popular pet names. There are human names, names that reflect your pet’s colour, personality or nature along with names of pop icons or movie characters. The options really are endless for what you can call your pet!

Need some inspiration on what to call your newly adopted furry friend? Here at Jetpets we’ve rounded up the top 10 pet names for dogs and cats so you can get some ideas for your new companion now!

a cute yorkie in a shirt toned with a retro vintage instagram fi

The top 10 dog names are:


  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Buddy
  4. Cooper
  5. Jack
  6. Rocky
  7. Toby
  8. Duke
  9. Bear
  10. Tucker


  1. Bella
  2. Lucy
  3. Daisy
  4. Molly
  5. Lola
  6. Sadie
  7. Maggie
  8. Sophie
  9. Chloe
  10. Bailey

The top 10 cat names are:


  1. Oliver
  2. Charlie
  3. Max
  4. Leo
  5. Milo
  6. Simba
  7. Smokey
  8. Jack
  9. Tiger
  10. Kitty


  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Lucy
  4. Kitty
  5. Chloe
  6. Callie
  7. Nala
  8. Lily
  9. Gracie
  10. Daisy

Have you recently adopted a new pet or have a pet with an original name? Share what they are called with us on Facebook.