Jetpets Pet Accommodation Tips

Pets stay in pet accommodation for various reasons, whether its families relocating and requiring their pets to be looked after in the interim, or if families are going on holiday and are unable to bring their pets, pet accommodation is a great place for them to stay while their humans get some R&R.
Covid-19 has also seen an increase in pets requiring a stay in pet accommodation. This is due to the fact that there are less flights available for pets, and those travelling on connecting flights may require an overnight stop between flights.

So how do you prepare your pet for their accommodation stay?

1. Make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccinations (C5 for dogs and F3 for cats). Pets must be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to going into a pet accommodation facility.
2. Advise Jetpets or the Pet accommodation provider of any medical, dietary or handling requirements. This will ensure the pet handlers can provide the best care for your pet and attend to their specific needs.
3. Pack something with a familiar scent from home. This might be an old towel, or blanket, this will help your pet adjust into a new environment.
4. If you have a dog, give them plenty of exercise in the morning before checking them in. This way they will be tired and crash when they arrive and they wont be in the mood to worry too much. When they wake, it will already feel familiar to them.
5. Remain calm, like humans, pets pick up on our feelings. Remain happy and positive on the day they are being checked in.
6. Check if the pet accommodation facility provides any enrichments, for an additional fee you may be able to zoom call your pet every day, or book them in at the day spa!

Jetpets partners with many wonderful pet accommodation providers around Australia and the world. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your pet accommodation needs.