Pet Travel from Australia to New Zealand

Recent changes to MIQ and self isolation requirements mean fully vaccinated New Zealand Citizens, and other eligible travellers are able to travel from Australia to New Zealand without the need to enter MIQ or self isolate!

After many months of border closures, families can now reunite with loved ones in New Zealand. So what does this mean for the furry members of our family?

Firstly, it means more flights available for pets – hooray! It also means once pet owners land, they are able to collect their pets from the airport (if travelling on the same flight), or greet them when we deliver to their home, rather than heading straight into quarantine. This is a huge win for pets, as they love to see a friendly and familiar face after being separated from their parents.

Unfortunately, however, covid has had an impact on the veterinary testing required for dogs travelling to New Zealand. This just means you need to start the vet work process earlier than usual. (This does not effect cats).

There is a worldwide shortage (zero supply) of the pathology slides required for dogs to be blood tested for New Zealand via the IFAT method. This means that the only process in order to meet the New Zealand government entry requirements is a twofold PCR test.

The timing of these test requirements results in the following schedule:

  • 1st PCR Test – 45-52 days before proposed departure
  • 2nd PCR test – 14-16 days before proposed departure

With these changes, Jetpets require approximately eight weeks notice to arrange a booking and prearrange the vet work under the new arrangements in place.  Although the process is longer than before, the great news is, as long as the preparation is done correctly, pet travel to New Zealand can be straightforward, and our team can reunite your loved ones with you.