Jetpets launches New Year with VRA Rescue NSW Search Dogs

Not all heroes have capes, some of them have 4 paws and a wet nose! Late last year, Jetpets were introduced to an exciting new team of canine heroes, the VRA Rescue NSW Search Dogs.

Dual qualified area search and scent specific trailing dog, Jato.

This dedicated team have been working together since 2017, to develop a volunteer search and rescue dog capability for NSW to assist with searches for missing and vulnerable people. Search and rescue dogs are a proven search resource used in other states and internationally.

With their incredible sense of smell, dogs can search in all types of terrain, weather conditions and at night. It is even said that a search dog can be the equivalent of 20 human searchers!

For Jetpets’ Sales and Marketing Manager, Matthew Simmonds, there was no hesitation to jump on board and help such a great cause.

“Jetpets are proud to be associated with and be another valued partner of VRA Rescue NSW Search Dogs. Jetpets understands the important role these dogs undertake and how they can have such a positive impact on people’s lives” he said.

On hand to take delivery of Jetpets purpose-built crates was VRA Search Dog Squad Captain Sue Pritchard,

“Our teams are located across NSW, so there may be times when flying our dogs to a search is quicker than travelling by car. Having a reliable animal transport company like Jetpets, and the right equipment on hand to transport the dogs, can speed up the process considerably. The crates will also be used during our training, and on future interstate opportunities” Sue said.

The VRA Search Dogs team currently has dogs qualified in Area Search and Scent Specific Trailing and will expand into Avalanche Search and Water Search in the future.

Tjasa and Obi, Jacqui and Roxy, Phil and Caesar training the dogs at Dubbo airport.

The canine team members comprise of a Working Golden Retriever, three Border Collies, a German Short-haired Pointer and a Kelpie. Whilst the humans in the team are experienced emergency service volunteers and dog handlers, many with international experience, who have utilised search dogs in other countries.

The team are looking forward to welcoming new members, with recruitment currently taking place.

If you are interested in learning more about the VRA Search Dogs please visit their website VRA Rescue NSW – Search Dogs ( or their Facebook page VRA Rescue NSW Search Dogs – VRA Rescue NSW.