Why Crate Training is Important


When you are planning on moving your pet interstate or internationally, it is often overlooked at the importance of training your pet to enter its crate on command as part of the pet travel process. Crate training is an essential part of assisting to make your pet becomes familiar with its crate to limit any anxiety prior to departure for the journey ahead.

When moving overseas, we encourage you to collect your crate a few weeks in advance where possible to help get your pet familiar with the crate. This way, you can slowly introduce your pet to the crate and entice them to slowly get used to it.

We find pet owners tend to place treats, toys and pet beds inside the crates to help their pets enter the crate. The travel crate can also be placed in familiar surroundings that your pet is normally conditioned to. We also advise that you leave the door off in the initial stages to help them feel comfortable they can enter and exit freely in their own time. It is important that you do not “force” them into the crate during this training phase.