Can I Buy My Pet Travel Crate?


When travelling interstate, it is most common with pet owners to hire their pet travel crate from Jetpets. Whilst you are able to purchase a crate if you wish, many clients find it more cost effective to hire the crate and simply hand it back at your new location.

Please note: There may be some instances where you may have to purchase a travel crate when moving to remote or regional locations, which your pet travel consultant will advise you of prior to booking.

When moving overseas, it is mandatory that your pet travels in a new crate from both airlines and authorities due to quarantine regulations. Jetpets will always include this fee as part of our International quotation to ensure there are no hidden costs for you when selecting your pet transport provider.

Can Size Effect Travel?


When planning your pets travel, it is important to be mindful of the size of your animal which ultimately determines your crate sizing requirements. Depending on the route and location you are travelling to, some airlines may have restrictions in place when it comes to accepting larger crate sizes and will also be dependent on the aircraft type and route you are travelling.

It is important that you speak with your pet travel consultant who will assist you with determining the best sized crate and then making sure the airlines will be able to accept them for your destination. There may be instances where we have to select multiple flights and offer a multi sector flight option. In some regional locations we may require a combination of road transportation and airline transport depending on the location(s).

How to Measure Your Pet?


When moving your pet interstate or overseas, it is important to determine what crate size they will require to ensure their pet welfare and comfort for the journey ahead. Our Pet Travel consultants will assist you with explaining the importance of measuring your pet so we can determine the most appropriate crate size for them.

We have developed a pet travel calculator to help you determine the best size crate.


Can I Put Toys in My Pets Crate?


Unfortunately, pets are not permitted to travel with their favourite toys in their crate. Most airlines will have strict rules in place for what can be sent with your furbaby in their crates due to animal welfare regulations. It is important that we comply with airline regulations and ensure the ultimate welfare of your furbaby during transport so they get to their destination safely.

As such, the airlines will also not permit any pet belongings such as bowls, food, brushes or shampoos in their travel crates. All personal items should be sent separately in advance of travel.

Food can be left at the origin station for pets going into boarding but food is NOT permitted on flights. Occasionally, belongings that are sent with your pet (collars, leads, documents or light blankets) can get lost or damaged in transit. Jetpets does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal items.

Why Crate Training is Important


When you are planning on moving your pet interstate or internationally, it is often overlooked at the importance of training your pet to enter its crate on command as part of the pet travel process. Crate training is an essential part of assisting to make your pet becomes familiar with its crate to limit any anxiety prior to departure for the journey ahead.

When moving overseas, we encourage you to collect your crate a few weeks in advance where possible to help get your pet familiar with the crate. This way, you can slowly introduce your pet to the crate and entice them to slowly get used to it.

We find pet owners tend to place treats, toys and pet beds inside the crates to help their pets enter the crate. The travel crate can also be placed in familiar surroundings that your pet is normally conditioned to. We also advise that you leave the door off in the initial stages to help them feel comfortable they can enter and exit freely in their own time. It is important that you do not “force” them into the crate during this training phase.

What Travel Crate Size is Best for My pet?

What Travel Crate Size is Best for My pet?

Selecting the correct crate size for your pet is very important. Not only must the crate be a good size for your pet to stand, sit and turn around, it must also be IATA (International Air Transport  Association) complaint to ensure your pets safety during its travel. We can provide a quote to include a stay-dry fleece mat at the bottom of the crate to keep your pet comfy and dry throughout their travels.

It is important to make sure your pet is comfortable in the crate as having incorrect crate sizing can lead to airlines refusing to check in your pet and this obviously leads to delays, cancellations and costly re-booking travel plans.

Our Pet Travel consultants will be able to advise you on the most appropriate crate size for your furbaby, taking into accounts its weight, size and breed and will discuss this with you to ensure animal welfare is of prime consideration for your pets travel.