Can I transport my Puppy Overseas?

When transporting your pet overseas, different airlines will have slightly different regulations to be eligible for travel. There will also be vaccination requirements to be met and it is important that you speak with our Pet Travel Consultant on your specific puppy age and location you are traveling into.

Age Limits for Pets

What is the maximum age my pet can be for International travel?

As each pet is different, there are no set rules in place with relation to age. Our Pet Travel Consultants will work with you as part of our needs analysis to understand the current age and health condition of your pet to determine if they would be illegible for travel by our qualified veterinarian teams. This may also require certain examinations on a case-by-case basis.


What happens if my pet needs special medications?

Our Pet Travel Consultants can discuss the various options available for your pet to ensure they receive any required medications. It is extremely important to let us know well in advance of these special requirements so we can best create a travel plan and have our veterinarians check over prior to any travel taking place.

Travelling in Hot Weather

Is it safe to Transport my Pet in the Hot Weather?

Jetpets have a strict heat policy in place that ensures your pet will not travel in extreme conditions. During summer months we will select early or later flight times to avoid departing in the middle of the day or when forecast temperatures are at their most extreme. It is important that your pets are well hydrated regardless of it being hot or cold and our Pet Travel Consultants will give you more information on Pet Welfare processes upon booking your pet for international travel.

Is International Pet Travel Expensive?

The cost of sending pets overseas will vary on several factors. The size, weight and location you are moving from and to will all play a factor in determining the cost for international travel. It is strongly recommended that when you are obtaining quotations you confirm what services you are being quoted on.

It is important to understand the crate size, vaccination requirements, export health certifications and Government permits that need to be taken into consideration when budgeting for your next international pet relocations. One common mistake we see with clients is that they overlook their destination and clearance charges. This not only causes stress at your destination but can also delay the process as these fees will have to be paid upon arrival.