Does Weather Impact Pet Travel?


Weather can impact the travel plans for your pets. Jetpets have our own extreme weather policies in place to ensure we limit the exposure to any excessive hot or cold conditions. In the summer months, our team will avoid booking flights during the middle of the day, and in winter avoid early or late arriving flights.

Is it Safe to Fly Pets in the Heat?

Is it safe for my Pets to travel in the Hot Weather?

Jetpets have been safely transporting pets for over 30 years and have proven processes and policies in place to ensure the safe transport of pets. Our heat policy ensures that your furbaby will not be exposed to any prolonged periods of heat during their travel.

Our policy stipulates where there are extreme hot temperatures forecast, pets must be in the air by 9am. Speak to our pet travel consultants to discuss your specific requirements. In making any changes to your pet’s itinerary, their safety, comfort and welfare is our number one priority.