Permits for Remote Locations

Do I need a permit to enter certain states or territories across Australia?

There are certain remote and island locations that may require permits and certificates prior to travel.  Our team will guide you on those locations upon booking your pets travel with Jetpets.

As state laws and regulations are subject to change, we strongly recommend that clients review the current State and Territory rules on the following website:

Travel Insurance

Are my pets covered by insurance during transit?

Both Jetpets and airlines are unable to provide insurance for your pet’s travel. You may wish to contact your pet insurance company to consider the options that may be available to you.

Does Weather Impact Pet Travel?


Weather can impact the travel plans for your pets. Jetpets have our own extreme weather policies in place to ensure we limit the exposure to any excessive hot or cold conditions. In the summer months, our team will avoid booking flights during the middle of the day, and in winter avoid early or late arriving flights.

Restrictions on Pet Size

Are there any restrictions on pet sizes that can be transported with airlines?

Yes. Depending on your pets size, weight and both the origin and destinations of your travel there may be restrictions for travel. Airlines will have weight restrictions in place and depending on the aircraft type, this will vary along with what travel crate will be permitted to travel on the aircraft. Where there may be instances of this, your Jetpets Travel Consultant will advise if there may be alternative road transport options available.

Changing Travel Dates

What happens if I need to change my pet travel dates?

Our Pet Travel consultants will be able to change your flights with appropriate notice. We will endeavour to book your best preferred date and time, but this will always be dependent on the airlines availability and schedules at that time. There may be a slight change to your quote depending on the new flight being requested but our pet travel specialist will confirm this with you prior to any changes being made.

Pet Microchip

Does my pet require a microchip for Domestic Transport?

No, it is not mandatory for pets to have a microchip but we strongly recommend that they do! Microchips are critical to ensuring the safety of your pets when in transit and they act as a unique identifier for both Jetpets and our airline partners.


Soiling the Crate During Travels

What happens if my pet soils their travel crate during transport?

We do not recommend that you feed your pets within 8 hours of their travel. We do ask that you keep them hydrated with water prior to travel. Depending on the distance of flights, some pets will soil their crates and this is unfortunately unavoidable.

If your pet soils themselves prior to arriving at the airport and you are using our Door to Door Services, we may be able to clean the crate prior to arriving at the airport for their travel and still meet their flight check in. Where this is unable to be done, we would re-book the next available flight.

We do recommend purchasing one our fleece dry mats for that added level of protection for the flight which absorbs some of the moisture where soling may occur. Speak to our pet travel consultant for more information.

Crate Sharing

Can my pets travel together in the same crate?

We would assess this on a case by case situation and make the decision that is in the best interest of the pets. We would ask that you discuss with one of our pet travel consultants at time of quoting.

Travel Sickness

What happens if my pet becomes ill during travel?

It is rare for pets to become ill during travel whilst in our care. In the unlikely event this should occur, our team of trained pet handlers will immediately notify you of any issues and we would then liase with you to arrange for your preferred veterinary specialists to conduct a medical examination, depending on the circumstances.