Will My Pet be Checked on the Plane?


When booking your pets travel our team will liaise with the airlines to ensure your pet is booked onto its flight. We will also issue you with your very own pet travel itinerary to ensure you have all the details you require for your pets travel.

Pets moving interstate and overseas will have different procedures and it is important that you engage a pet travel specialist to assist you in the process and make sure all documentation is in place and your crate is airline approved for travel.

Flight transportation


As pets travel in a dedicated area in the cargo section of the aircraft, they will not have any direct access to aircraft crew for their travel whilst in the air.  Pets are housed and secured in their very own section of the plane and both the captain and the ground staff are advised that your furbaby is on board.

Pets are carefully loaded onto the aircraft at the very last minutes prior to departure to avoid any exposure to weather conditions.  They are first to be unloaded at the destination to be reunited with their owners or collected by Jetpets Pet Handlers who are then delivered to their residence.