Medications & Health Conditions


If your pet has been prescribed any medication and/or suffers from any health conditions It is important that you advise your Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant prior to your booking.  This information is required to be on their file for the safety and welfare of your travelling pet.  Our Vets will administer any medications prior to their departure if required and our Pet Handlers will ensure that the medications are in-toe with your pets crate.



Most countries require that your pet has a microchip to identify your furbaby. It is recommended that you have this in place prior to arranging any transportation as this may effect the approval of entry to your destination country.  Please ensure that the details on your pets microchip are up to date and the correct numbers are provided to our team to avoid any delays.



The anticipation of moving overseas can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Moving countries can be stressful, especially when you have your furbaby to consider, which is why Jetpets are here to help!

Our Jetpets Pet Travel Consultants are trained to help you through the entire process and take all the stress away. Our service can include a complete door to door transportation service which includes  making sure all the necessary paperwork, health checks and custom clearances are all managed by us – allowing you to focus on all the other things you have going on around you.

To ensure smooth sailing in preparation for your pets travel we recommend the following checklist:

  • Medications & Health Condition information are communicated to your Jetpets Travel Consultant at the time of booking.
  • Vaccination Records are in check
  • Your pet is microchipped and all information is correct
  • Travel Crate is professionally sized for your pet
  • Crate Training is practised in the lead up of your pets travel to ensure your pet is comfortable and familiar with their environment whilst in transit
  • If you are returning to Australia after your overseas stay, you must let us know! There are specific requirements for pets who wish to re-enter Australia and we can advise you upfront to save time.