Flexible Flight Arrangements


Our transit lounges are ideal for those requiring flexible travel / flight arrangements. They are purpose build with pet welfare as the front and centre to ensure your pets are comfortable and in a safe and pet-friendly environment when in our care.  Located in the major capital cities and just a short drive from the Airports, our Transit Lounges house a team of qualified Pet Handlers and Vets who will look after your pets prior to or post their travel.

The team will ensure they are hydrated and given a short walk where time permits prior to their flight so they can relax and prepare to travel in complete comfort.

For pet’s who have early bird or late night flights, the Transit Lounges are an ideal option so our Pet Handlers can check them onto their flights on time. Pets who require Vet Health Clearance checks by our Jetpets Vets or a comfort stop before boarding another flight are welcome to stay with us overnight in our very own accommodation/boarding facility at the Transit Lounge –  your pet can relax and stretch their legs in our care before their next flight.