Travel Crate Training

Where possible, several weeks in advance we suggest you come and collect your crate from our Transit Lounge.  Placing the crate in a familiar spot where your pet is frequently around will help with this new introduction. Placing a favourite toy, blanket  or even their treat bowl inside the crate will help the progression. We recommend that you take the door off to start, as this will help them understand that they can come in and out of the crate at their leisure.

It is important not to “force” pets into the crates as they need to understand that the crate is a safe place. Animals are naturally curious so they will tend to explore the crate when it is placed in their surrounds and may enter on their own accord when they are ready. It is important that when they do this you praise them and perhaps give them a small treat and reward them, making it a pleasant experience for them.

Once your pet becomes comfortable in and around the crate, try feeding them their meal inside the crate and even let them sleep in the crate overnight. This will give them a sense of comfort about their crate and get them ready for their international travel.