What Updates Will I Receive?

Will I receive updates when my pet is travelling?

We understand that Pets are part of the family and you may be concerned about their welfare during their transportation. That’s why Jetpets can send updates to you depending on your pets personalised travel itinerary.

The types of Pet Updates you can expect is dependent on your pet’s individual travel itinerary and may be sent via SMS and/or email. These updates may include:

  • Check-in at the airport
  • Collection from the airport
  • Drop-off at your pets accommodation/boarding facility
  • An update on how your pet was during their comfort stop at our Transit Lounge
  • Notification that we have collected your pet from the Australian Quarantine facility and check in at the airport
  • Delivery at residence

*Pet travel updates are applicable when the pet is travelling via a Jetpets transit lounge location, and where the itinerary is for a transit lounge or door-to-door service. And before you know it, your beloved pet will be back for lots of cuddles and kisses, in your arms again, ready to start their new adventure with you wherever you may be!

Please speak with your Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant upon booking your pets travel so they can advise of the Pet Updates you will receive.