At Jetpets, we are the pet transport experts, and pet welfare, comfort and safety is our number one priority.

That’s why:

  • We have experienced Pet Travel Consultants to look after every aspect of your pets’ transport
  • We will organise the most direct route to your destination and manage all customs and quarantine regulations on your behalf
  • We have a team of export accredited resident vets to ensure your pet is fit and healthy for their journey
  • We have state of the art transit lounge facilities offering you and your pet convenience and comfort.
  • We provide you with the perfect sized crate to ensure the most comfortable journey for your pet
  • We work with only the most experienced Pet Handlers and can offer a door-to-door service.

Make sure your pet is healthy for their upcoming trip.

  • If your pet has any pre-existing health issues, or dietary requirements please advise our Jetpets Vet as soon as possible.
  • To help your pet get used to their travel crate, associate the experience with positive things, such as food rewards, play and encouragement.

On the day of your pet’s transport

  • Ensure your pet drinks plenty of water and is well hydrated.
  • Allow your pet to stretch their legs before hopping into their travel crate, you can do this by taking them for a walk, or having a play inside.
  • You may place your pets’ blanket or small soft toy in their travel crate to put them at ease, but please be aware this may be removed by customs if it is deemed a risk.
  • Have all of your pet transport document and your pet’s vaccination papers ready.
  • Jetpets vets do not recommend sedating your pet before their flight. If your pet is particularly anxious, you may wish to use natural stress relievers such as Feliway and Adaptil to assist.

Ready for take off!

  • Prior to their flight, pets relax in our Jetpets transit lounge facilities, located in major capital cities Australia-wide. Before boarding, our experienced Pet Handlers will give your pet an opportunity to stretch their legs, have a toilet stop, a drink and make sure they are ready for take off!
  • Pets travel in comfort in airline compliant travel crates that perfectly suit your pets size.

What happens during the flight?

  • The experience your pet has while flying is actually very similar to the one we have as humans. The air temperature is controlled and pressurised, and the lights are dimly light, making for a relaxing travel journey.
  • Want to know how pet transport works? Our animal ambassador Sahara and her handler Dave take you behind the scenes at the airport, to show you exactly what happens when your pet travels on an aircraft.

Jetpets Happy Travellers

At Jetpets, our favourite part of your pets’ transport is reuniting the family, and seeing how our happy travellers are settling into their new homes!

You can view our recent happy travellers on our Testimonials page.