Not your normal Pup!

Jetpets were privileged to be involved in assisting our friends at Sea World in the rescue operation of a fur seal pup that was stranded a few months back on Wave Break Island on the Gold Coast.

The Pup was found underweight, and with injuries to her right eye. She was placed in a rehabilitation program by the caring team at Sea World, to ensure she could be released safely back to her natural home.

This species of seal is normally found in the geographical range of Sydney Harbour, so our Jetpets special moves team co-ordinated her safe transport from the Gold Coast to Sydney. She travelled via road, air, and boat to her final destination, where she was successfully released.

Jetpets are very proud of playing our small part in this wonderful story and thank the many teams across the country who dedicate their time and effort into marine rescue and conservation programs such as this one.

Watch the clip below to see her journey back into the wild.