What is a Fit to Fly Certificate?


In some cases, both Jetpets and airlines may require a fit to fly certificate from your own vet to confirm that your pet is fit and healthy to be transported via air travel. The certificate may be required due to the age or breed of your pet and is ultimately designed to ensure that your pets welfare is the first consideration prior to travel.

The fit to fly certificate verifies that your pet is in good health and has all the vaccinations it requires to enter the destination location for your journey. The certificate will normally include your pets name, age, microchip number and vaccination records for both airlines and authorities to have on file. Your Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant will advise you at the time of quotation or booking if you require this for your pets travel.

Trained Staff Across the Country

Our Pet Handlers

With over 30 years of experience our team are highly skilled and trained in the art of animal behaviour and animal handling techniques. Jetpets have a customised Learning Management System where Pet Handlers undergo regular competency based training as part of our commitment to ensuring we are caring for your furbabies whilst in our care.

All of our team are pet loving, caring and understand the importance of our pet welfare policies, standard operating procedures and initiatives we have in place to ensure your pets are in safe hands.

We are very proud to be the only company in Australia to have been awarded with a “Centre of Excellence”  for Live Animal Transport from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which underpins our training programs, compliance, quality systems and operational procedures to give you the confidence that your pets will always be in excellent care when travelling with Jetpets.

Selecting Your Pets Crate


One of the most important parts to ensuring animal welfare and comfort for your pet during their transit is selecting the appropriate sized travel crate for their flight(s) and making sure they are comfortable to sit, stand and turn around in their crate. It is also that the crate meets the International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines for the safe transportation of your pet.

Our Pet Travel team are highly trained to help select the correct travel crate which is airline compliant and that best suits your pets requirements, as we understand that no two pets are always the same!

We often see that pet owners are given incorrect information with relation to crates which can be a costly mistake as airlines may refuse to carry your pet in the incorrect sized travel crate. We also have examples where clients have significantly cheaper quotes where companies are using smaller crates which do not allow your pet to comfortably sit, stand and turnaround in their travel crates.

It is important to measure your pet prior to selecting your crate and talking to one our Pet Travel consultant’s to explain the crate selection process.

Click Here to visit our online crate size calculator.

We can also work with you to also help give you some guidance and information to help your pet become accustomed to their travel crate if they are a nervous flyer or are travelling overseas on a longer haul flight.

Are there certain dog breeds that can’t fly?

Are there breed restrictions for travel?

At Jetpets, we have our own internal risk assessment policy in place to ensure animal welfare is the number one priority in everything we do.  Due to the nature of Brachycephalic breeds, many airlines have restrictions what can and can’t fly and we also have strict internal policies when it comes to flying brachycephalic (snub-nosed/flat-faced) breeds, from extreme weather policies to providing correct-sized, airline-approved travel crates.

Unfortunately, Jetpets are not transporting ‘high risk’ brachycephalic breeds of pets at this point in time which covers all Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers.  Click Here for a full list of brachycephalic breeds.

It is important to check with your pet travel consultant on which locations and what airlines will allow travel and what regulations they have in place to be considered for travel.

Safety in the Heat

Is it safe to fly pets when it’s hot?

For over 30 years our number one priority has always been animal welfare.  At Jetpets, we have a strict weather policy in place for all pets when travelling. When this occurs, we will be in contact to re-schedule the pets flight for another date and time.

Aside from the heat, if there is severe rain or storms, your pet travel consultant will be in contact with you change your pet’s travel itinerary also. If the new flight time requires your pet to travel on an alternate day, we can arrange boarding if required. Your pet’s safety, comfort and welfare is our number one priority.

Safety & Care

Peace of Mind knowing your Furbaby is in safe hands

Jetpets are the only company in Australia to have our very own resident vets in our Transit Lounges. Our vets are specialists when it comes to all facets of Domestic and International Pet Travel and ensuring your pets are well prepared for their journey.

For those clients moving overseas, you will meet our specialist vets as part of the transportation process as there will be vaccination and pre travel health checks required to obtain the relevant health certificates and clearances for international travel.

Our vets are highly experienced with ensuring your pets have the correct vaccinations and their documentation is all in place for their smooth travel to their new home. Our vets are always on hand to answer any queries you may have and assist with any concerns you may have as part of our international pet travel services.

Our philosophy of Happy Pets, Happy Customers and Happy People starts with our Veterinarian team and filters through everything we do here at Jetpets to ensure welfare is our number one priority when transporting your precious furbabies.

Flexible Flight Arrangements


Our transit lounges are ideal for those requiring flexible travel / flight arrangements. They are purpose build with pet welfare as the front and centre to ensure your pets are comfortable and in a safe and pet-friendly environment when in our care.  Located in the major capital cities and just a short drive from the Airports, our Transit Lounges house a team of qualified Pet Handlers and Vets who will look after your pets prior to or post their travel.

The team will ensure they are hydrated and given a short walk where time permits prior to their flight so they can relax and prepare to travel in complete comfort.

For pet’s who have early bird or late night flights, the Transit Lounges are an ideal option so our Pet Handlers can check them onto their flights on time. Pets who require Vet Health Clearance checks by our Jetpets Vets or a comfort stop before boarding another flight are welcome to stay with us overnight in our very own accommodation/boarding facility at the Transit Lounge –  your pet can relax and stretch their legs in our care before their next flight.