Selecting Your Pets Crate


One of the most important parts to ensuring animal welfare and comfort for your pet during their transit is selecting the appropriate sized travel crate for their flight(s) and making sure they are comfortable to sit, stand and turn around in their crate. It is also that the crate meets the International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines for the safe transportation of your pet.

Our Pet Travel team are highly trained to help select the correct travel crate which is airline compliant and that best suits your pets requirements, as we understand that no two pets are always the same!

We often see that pet owners are given incorrect information with relation to crates which can be a costly mistake as airlines may refuse to carry your pet in the incorrect sized travel crate. We also have examples where clients have significantly cheaper quotes where companies are using smaller crates which do not allow your pet to comfortably sit, stand and turnaround in their travel crates.

It is important to measure your pet prior to selecting your crate and talking to one our Pet Travel consultant’s to explain the crate selection process.

Click Here to visit our online crate size calculator.

We can also work with you to also help give you some guidance and information to help your pet become accustomed to their travel crate if they are a nervous flyer or are travelling overseas on a longer haul flight.