Can I Put Toys in My Pets Crate?


Unfortunately, pets are not permitted to travel with their favourite toys in their crate. Most airlines will have strict rules in place for what can be sent with your furbaby in their crates due to animal welfare regulations. It is important that we comply with airline regulations and ensure the ultimate welfare of your furbaby during transport so they get to their destination safely.

As such, the airlines will also not permit any pet belongings such as bowls, food, brushes or shampoos in their travel crates. All personal items should be sent separately in advance of travel.

Food can be left at the origin station for pets going into boarding but food is NOT permitted on flights. Occasionally, belongings that are sent with your pet (collars, leads, documents or light blankets) can get lost or damaged in transit. Jetpets does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal items.