Pets At Work

As you know, at Jetpets we are ‘pet people’, so it makes sense that our workplace is filled with our favourite furry friends! We love that we are lucky enough to be able to bring our pets to work, not only does it make the day that much more enjoyable, we get to spend more quality time with our furry companions!

Did you know that it can actually be beneficial to your health and productivity to have pets in the workplace? Time to have a quiet word with your boss we think!

According to studies, a ‘pro-pet’ workplace can have an amazing list of benefits, including increased productivity, improved morale, reduced employee absenteeism and stress-related ailments like heart disease and diabetes. A 2012 study also found that  ‘pets triggered workplace interactions that would not normally take place,’ meaning that by having furry friends around, your office will become a more social, fun and satisfying environment for employees.

We think that’s conclusive evidence! Bring on more ‘Puppy Fridays’…

Check out some of the furry friends that love to hang out at Jetpets.