Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2019 WINNERS REVEALED

Inspiring success in excellence and innovation in pet rescue!

The Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards is thrilled to announce the WINNERS for 2019. The Rescue Awards is a national program that celebrates and recognises achievements in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of companion animals Australia-wide.

jetpets cara awards winners

Image: Jetpets Rescue Awards Ceremony 2019 Winners. Left to right: Sue Quartermain of RSPCA Victoria, Marisa Debattista of Second Chance Animal Rescue, Nicole Tharle of Dandy Cat Rescue, Brooke Rankmore of AMRRIC, Joanne Amos of Maneki Neko Cat Rescue, Michelle Gallo of Camden Council and Jeremy Bennett of Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter. 

Credit: Jo Lyons Photography

“In our second year, it was very competitive with more than 1,000 entries across 8 categories, which made it very difficult for the judges! Our amazing winners demonstrated excellence and innovation in their approach to improving the lives of companion animals in their communities,” said Cathy Beer, Rescue Awards Founder and pet adoption advocate from Pets4Life, an independent education resource for cat and dog guardians.

cathy beer and jetpets

Image: Cathy Beer, Founder of Jetpets Companion Animal Rewards, with Jenna Matheson of Jetpets

Credit: Jo Lyons Photography

Following the announcement of the Finalists in August, one winner from each category was selected by an expert panel of 12 Judges. The winners were revealed on 12 September 2019 among hundreds of their peers at a special Rescue Awards Ceremony held during the 8th National G2Z Summit & Workshops in Queensland. Bondi Vet, Dr Alex Hynes and her rescue dog, Yoshi announced the winner of the Volunteer of the Year. The Ceremony was broadcasted live across the country via the Rescue Awards Facebook page.

2019 cara judges

Image: 2019 Judges. Left to Right: Nell Thompson, Dr Anne Fawcett, Dr Michael O’Donoghue, Vickie Davy, Bondi Vet Dr Alex Hynes

Credit: Jo Lyons Photography

This year, Jetpets is again the Platinum Rescue Hero and naming Partner. Sandy Matheson, Jetpets Managing Director, said, “Jetpets congratulates this year’s winners of the Companion Animal Rescue Awards. The quality of the entries were outstanding, and we are humbled to be able to share in celebrating the achievements of rescue organisations, volunteers and adopters alike, who have had a significant impact on the welfare of companion animals Australia wide.

For category 8, the Advocate® People’s Rescue Story received hundreds of entries from Aussie pet guardians who shared their stories about pet adoption and fostering. Dan White, Senior Brand Manager of Advocate® at Bayer said it was incredibly difficult narrowing our choice down to 10 Finalists, let alone choose an overall winner!

Dan said, “The judging, although a lengthy process, has also been a thoroughly rewarding and uplifting one. All the stories – although different in a number of ways – have one thing in common: they demonstrate the difference a re-homed pet can make to an individual or people’s lives.

“Moreover, the fact that almost twice as many stories were submitted as last year further demonstrates there are still many amazing and inspiring stories to be told. Our overall winner (Sally and her hero cat Sandy) really exemplifies a real-life rescue story because Sandy literally saved Sally’s son’s life. It’s been a real privilege for Advocate® and Bayer to be involved for the second year running.”

Cathy thanked Supporters for making the Rescue Awards possible, and acknowledged the great efforts of rescue groups, animal shelters and thousands of volunteers across the country.

Rescue Awards Ambassador and Animal Behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti also congratulated the winners and thanked rescue organisations and their volunteers for helping surrendered and abandoned pets get a second chance in a loving home.

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Satu the Well Travelled Tiger

Here at Jetpets most of our feline happy travellers are much loved family cats. However recently we were lucky enough to take care of the world’s largest member of the cat species – a Tiger!

Meet Satu, a 13 year old Sumatran Tiger.

Satu the Well Travelled Tiger | Global Zoo Moves | Flying Animals | Jetpets

Jetpets transported Satu from Queensland, to Ballarat Wildlife Park on a Qantas Freighter Aircraft. Satu travelled overnight and arrived at his new home in the early hours of the morning.

Satu is a very confident, strong and bold 13 year old Sumatran Tiger that has moved several times in his life. He was born in Germany, and travelled to Australia to be a part of the Australiasian Breeding Program.

“Satu just takes it in his stride. His journey from Queensland to Ballarat Wildlife Park was organised with Jetpets. We can not thank Jetpets enough for achieving everything we asked for to make Satu’s journey safe. The staff were amazing and supportive to our every need,”said Ballarat Wildlife Park chief tiger keeper Robbie Doyle.

Satu the Well Travelled Tiger | Global Zoo Moves | Flying Animals | Jetpets

Whilst living in Queensland for four years Satu fathered one litter with a female Sumatran Tiger named Maneki.

Satu and Maneki were then recommended to move to Ballarat Wildlife Park to live and be part of Greg Parker’s new dream, the new Conservation Precinct Area. These two beautiful and majestic Sumatran Tigers are now great ambassadors for their wild cousins and now help the staff at the Ballarat Wildlife Park educate thousands of guests about the plight of the Tigers.  They are also great motivators to help raise much needed funds to save their wild cousins, with only 300-500 hundred wild Sumatran Tigers known to still live in their natural habitat.

Since arriving at Ballarat Wildlife Park, Satu has settled in with ease, cruising around all the enclosures marking his territory, chuffing at the female tiger Maneki and getting to know his new keepers.

His appetite for food is great, he has gained 1 kilogram in weight since arriving over one week ago at the wildlife park and his keepers are spending a lot of down time chilling around Satu as well as bonding via training.

Save the Bilby Fund

help save the bilbies


An Australian icon, bilbies are facing the threat of extinction due to ongoing threats from feral cats, foxes, rabbits and habitat change. Previously occupying many different habitats across more than 70% of mainland Australia, the bilby population has now disappeared from 80% of its former range, now only occurring in the isolated arid and semi-arid areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

bilby conservation


Over July and August, Jetpets will be helping Save the Bilby Fund with their bilby transportation requirements across Australia from participating zoos and Wildlife parks who are part of this very important breeding program. After monitoring and tracking the successful release of six pioneering bilbies into the soft release area at Currawinya National Park, all four of the females have conceived, producing three sets of twins and a singleton. Save the Bilby Fund is now working hard and racing against the clock to get more bilbies out there and established before the outback summer heat strikes.

save the bilby fundsave the bilby fund


Bilbies – Did you know?

  • Bilbies live in spiralling burrows which they dig up to two metres deep. They may have many burrows within an occupied home range, one for sleeping and the others for escaping from predators.
  • Bilbies have 48 teeth and a long sticky tongue.
  • Due to their average eyesight and sensitivity to light, the bilby has large, hairless ears to listen for predators as well as prey.
  • The bilby is omnivorous with a diet that includes bulbs, fruit, insects, small lizards and more. One of its favourite plant foods is the bush onion or yalka which grows in desert sand plains after fires.
  • Bilbies are a fast-breeding species with pregnancy lasting only 12 to 14 days, one of the shortest of any mammal in Australia.



In order to give them a fighting chance, Save the Bilby Fund was launched on 28 March 1999 to help build up bilby numbers in safe and secure feral proof locations. With breeding facilities located at Charleville, western Queensland, dedicated to creche-ing of young bilbies until their release into safe areas, Jetpets is proud to be assisting Save the Bilby Fund with their transportation needs.

“I just spent the last three and half weeks moving 15 bilbies from all over Australia to Charleville for crecheing before releasing them into Currawinya but via Dreamworld for vet checks first and your team, especially Anthony, made the whole process super easy so a huge thank you to the Jetpets team.”

– Peggy, Projects Officer at Save the Bilby Fund 

Save the Bilby Fund – Q&As

  1. Who founded the Save the Bilby Fund?

Co-founders of the Save the Bilby Fund, Frank Manthey was a former Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Ranger and Pete McRae was a zoologist scientist with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service for over 30 years. Frank and Pete, affectionately known as “The Bilby Brothers”, have sadly since passed on but their legacy continues to be upheld by the team at Save the Bilby Fund.

frank mantheypete mcrae

Pictured, left to right: Frank Manthey & Pete McRae, co-founders of Save the Bilby Fund


2. What does the Save the Bilby Fund do?

Committed to saving Australia’s iconic bilby, Save the Bilby Fund has two full-time staff onboard. Kat, a trained vet, looks after the breeding programme in Charleville which is also home to their Charleville Bilby Experience. Kevin Bradley, CEO, offers years of experience in the conservation field spending the greatest proportion of his time working hands-on at the Currawinya National Park. Kevin ensures that the welfare of our released bilbies are in tip top shape, as well as gathering scientific data in partnership with PhD student from University of Queensland to deepen our understanding of the bilby population and their future survival.

kevin bradley CEO of save the bilby fund

Pictured: Kevin Bradley, CEO, Currawinya with one of the 6 released animals


Kevin also coordinates the Greater Bilby National Recovery Team which brings several agencies from across Australia together to work on protecting the bilby species. Kevin’s goal is to ensure an insurance population of 10,000 bilbies in protected but wild communities across Australia, with a group of at least 400 at the Currawinya National Park.

Save the Bilby Fund is also supported by a team of part-time staff and volunteers who are in charge of other important activities such as raising money, ordering equipment and feed, as well as being Bilby travel agents.

currawinya national park charleville bilby experience



3. How can I help?

Without recurrent funding from any sources including the government, managing the conservation needs of a species that lives in the remote parts of Australia’s arid outback is complex and costly.

Your donation will be making a direct contribution to the conservation and future of bilbies. Every little bit counts!

To find out how you can help bilbies, please click here.

save the bilby fundbilby habitat


Jetpets PP60C Cat Travel Crate Wins Award

Jetpets has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner of The Australian Business Awards for Product Innovation in 2019 for our PP60C Cat Travel Crate.

2019 ABA100 Award

The Australian Business Awards program provides notable opportunities for high-performing organisations which implement world-class business initiatives and develop innovative products and services to be acknowledged and honoured for their achievements both nationally and internationally.

Sandy Matheson, Managing Director of Jetpets says the award highlights our commitment to enhancements and innovative thinking when it comes to ensuring the safe and comfortable transport of animals within Australia and around the world.

“It is with great pleasure that Jetpets accepts the 2019 ABA100 Award for the Product Innovation. Our PP60C Cat Travel Crate is a world first and was designed specifically to suit the unique needs of cats during travel, with an inbuilt litter tray cats can stay comfortable and clean throughout their travel journey. The development of the PP60C was inspired by our ongoing efforts to set the highest standards of care for all travelling pets. We are proud to be able to provide such a wonderful product, and to accept such a prestigious award in recognition of our innovation.” Sandy Matheson.

Launched in November 2018, the PP60C Cat Travel Crate is revolutionary in that Jetpets is the only pet transport company in the world to offer this level of comfort to cats.

The inspiration for the PP60C Cat Crate came through consumer insights. Survey feedback is generally very positive, with customers very happy with the service and thrilled with just how well their pet coped. However, there was a common thread of feedback from cat owners concerned that their cat had soiled his/her travel crate. To address this, Jetpets R&D team worked in conjunction with our crate supplier to design a crate that would keep cats clean and comfortable, especially for long haul travellers.

pp60c cat travel cratejetpets cat travel crate

Its design features a front zone for cats to stretch out and relax, whereas the back zone provides the convenience of a litter tray that is accessible throughout travel.

The PP60C is also large enough that one, or two cats from the same family, can travel in complete cleanliness and comfort together. Siblings Madeline and Sebastian tested this out during their journey from Melbourne, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand.

“Your new travel crate was an overwhelming success. From the Transit Lounge to their new home was an 11-hour journey – and they used the in-built kitty litter several times. They arrived in a relaxed state – clearly it was calming for scared Sebastian to be snuggled in with his brave older sister!” Says fur-parents Rohan and Elisa.

pp60c madeline and sebastian

Cats prefer litter trays as it allows them to follow their natural instincts to bury their waste. Cats also strive to keep themselves clean, and the PP60C travel crate allows them to do so, and in turn creates a perfectly relaxed travel environment.

We are so pleased to be recognised as an ABA100 Winner for the PP60C Cat Travel Crate in The Australian Brand Awards 2019. Jetpets is committed to continual innovation and ensuring the highest standards of comfort for travelling pets.

Very Important Cat Travels in Style to the Logies

Sam Mac is a much-loved weather presenter on Channel Seven’s Sunrise, who also very much adores his rescue cat Coco. So much so, that when he was nominated for the Gold Logie he wanted nothing more than to take Coco as his date, but there was one thing standing in his way, Sam and Coco live in Sydney and the Logie Awards are held on The Gold Coast.

sam mac and coco

Image: @sammacinsta

That’s where we were able to step in to take care of Coco’s travels, and we were thrilled to do so. With over 27 years’ experience in both interstate pet travel and international pet transport, we have transported pets for many different reasons, from pets going on family holidays, attending weddings of loved ones, to being featured on TV shows, and the list goes on.  However, it is pretty safe to say that we have never transported a pet to attend a red carpet event as their owner’s date!

coco on jetpets red carpet

Image: Jasper Avenue Photography 

On the morning of the Logies we collected Coco from Sam’s house in Sydney. We wanted to ensure she felt like the celebrity she is, so we rolled out the red carpet for her journey. Naturally the pup-arazzi were there to snap some photos of her before her big trip, so after kindly posing for a few quick shots, Coco was on her way.

coco in PP60C cat crate

Image: Jasper Avenue Photography 

Coco travelled in style in our PP60C travel crate, which provided her with plenty of room to move around and stretch out, as well as an inbuilt litter tray should she need the bathroom during her travels.

Upon arrival to the Gold Coast, Coco was collected by our Pet Handler to be chauffeured to the Sofitel where she began her “glam up” for the event.

Coco wore a stunning green ribbon– she looked a-meow-zing!

coco in ribbon

Image: @sammacinsta

Sam Mac and Coco made their grand entrance into the Logies on a throne (as you do when you are the first ever cat to attend such a prestigious event).

Unfortunately, Sam didn’t win the Gold Logie, but he certainly won our hearts by taking his Rescue Cat to the event. He said he had a crazy dream to take his cat to the Logies, and we were so happy to play a part in turning that dream into a reality.

Adopting Digger – A PetRescue Success Story

Through our partnership with PetRescue we often promote pets who are up for adoption on our social media channels, which is exactly what we did with Digger (because who could resist those gorgeous puppy dog eyes).

It wasn’t long at all before Digger was adopted, and we were very excited and proud to hear that he was going to be much loved by one of our very own Pet Travel Consultants, Kelsey.

Jetpets | Adopting Digger | Pet Rescue

Digger came from a Herd 2 Homes Foster carer in Queensland. Digger travelled with Jetpets from Brisbane to Melbourne where he met Kelsey for the first time at our Jetpets Transit Lounge.

Kelsey said “we weren’t actively looking for a dog but when we saw Digger appear on Jetpets Facebook page, my partner Alex spotted him and asked me to apply to adopt him.”

Jetpets | Adopting Digger | Pet Rescue

I think it is fair to say it was love at first sight when Kelsey met Digger at our Jetpets Transit Lounge, and he absolutely loved all the cuddles and attention he received at Jetpets HQ in the afternoon.

Digger has now been with Kelsey for a week, and he has settled in very quickly. He is a calm, friendly pup who has not had any issues meeting other fur friends and people.

“Digger is a nervous/timid boy, but we are working on reducing the nerves and building confidence through socialisations and different stages of training, mainly for car rides and new/ public environments,” said Kelsey.

“He is already getting the hang of “sit” & “down” commands. We are working on “off” commands since he loves to jump up to tables and bench tops (especially if food is there). Typical puppy traits, but he is not so crazy compared to most puppies, since he is nearly 5 months too.”

Jetpets | Adopting Digger | Pet Rescue

Digger is already so spoilt, and his favourite part of the day is cuddles with his humans in bed each morning. He is also getting along very well with the Golden Retrievers, Jaydee & Sunny.

We love hearing stories like this, and through the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards we encourage you to share your happy ‘tail’ with the nation and show Australia how pet adoption changes lives for the better!

To find out more about Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards, please visit

Proud to Support RSPCA Victoria

RSPCA Victoria has had an enormous influx of cats and kittens throughout kitten season and has over 1,500 cats in care at the moment.

This large number of cats and kittens needing care meant RSPCA Victoria was at capacity, increasing the pressure on staff and resources.

Proud to Support RSPCA Victoria | Cats | Pet Adoption | Flying Animals | Partnership | Pet Movers | Jetpets

We were contacted by RSPCA Victoria to help with transporting dozens of these kittens to Canberra where there were better opportunities to find them loving forever homes through RSPCA ACT.

RSPCA Victoria’s Head of Operations, Tegan McPherson said, “This is a really valuable opportunity to work with our interstate colleagues and with Jetpets, and the collaboration has had a positive impact on the welfare of these kittens by fast-tracking their journey into new forever homes.”

We took care of the first litter of kittens last week. The kittens had an early morning check in at our Melbourne Transit Lounge, where our Pet Handlers were in awe of them, as they are far too cute. They then travelled on a direct flight from Melbourne to Canberra. This will become a regular occurrence over the next few months as we endeavour to help as many kittens as possible.

We are really proud of our new partnership and the exciting impact we can have on multiple rescue pets’ lives.


RSPCA | Cats | Pet Adoption | Flying Animals | Partnership | Pet Movers | Jetpets


Tenzing’s Big Adventure

“Gentle, playful and friendly”. That is how Hamilton Zoo Keeper Delwyn Crombie described young red panda Tenzing – and that is certainly the experience we had when we took care of him during his transfer to Tasmania Zoo.

Tenzing’s Big Adventure | Zoo Moves | Pet Travel Transport Reviews | Safe Pet Transport | All Care Pet Transport | Jetpets | Latest News

Born at Hamilton Zoo, Tenzing is three years old. From six weeks he was supplement fed, due to difficulty competing for his mothers milk with his much bigger twin sister Jamuna. Although he remained with his mum, Tenzing became a very friendly animal through regular contact with his keepers and became an ambassador for the red panda species.

Tenzing’s latest adventure saw him transfer to Tasmania Zoo as part of the breeding program to continue the conservation efforts for the species. On transfer day, Tenzing was well prepared and hopped into his travel crate remaining calm and relaxed. He travelled from Auckland to Melbourne where he enjoyed refreshments from a Jetpets Pet Handler during his stop over before continuing to Tasmania.

Tenzing’s Big Adventure | Zoo Moves | Pet Travel Transport Reviews | Safe Pet Transport | All Care Pet Transport | Jetpets | Latest News

As you can see in the photo, there is no doubt Tenzing’s imagination would have been running wild as he enjoyed watching the world around him on the journey.

He has now settled into his new home. “Tenzing is doing well,” said Keeper Rochelle Penny. “I’d happily say he had a great trip over. He arrived into Launceston very calm and relaxed, after arriving he came straight out and began eating. I’d say he had worked up an appetite.”

Tasmania Zoo is a privately owned, local family-zoo situated 18kms from Launceston. They are dedicated to continuous contribution to wildlife conservation and to the education of the community at large.

Tasmania Zoo exhibits the largest collection of rare, exotic and native species in Tasmania, and with their newest addition Tenzing, is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. You can find out more by visiting their website here.


Kamina the Pygmy Hippo flies first class with Jetpets

Here at Jetpets we often get asked “what is the most exotic animal you have ever transported?”

We have moved many amazing animals including cheetahs, sea lions, and recently two lionesses, but we did get a little excited when we were asked to take care of Kamina, a 20 month old Pygmy Hippo, as she travelled from Sydney to Darling Downs Zoo in Brisbane.

Pygmy Hippo | Zoo Moves | Jetpets | Global Pet Travel
Photo Credit: Darling Downs Zoo

There are two types of Hippopotamuses – the large Common, or Nile Hippo and the much smaller Pygmy Hippo. Pygmy Hippos are about half the height of Common Hippos and less than a quarter of the weight of their larger relations.

Even though Kamina is the smaller type of Hippo, in her travel crate she still weighed in at 750 kilograms before being loaded onto her flight.

Pygmy Hippo | Zoo Moves | Jetpets | Global Pet Travel

Jetpets coordinated VIP airside access for Kamina and her Zoo Keeper, where she had her own quiet area to relax pre-flight. She was kept hydrated and was fed some tasty vegetables by her Zoo Keeper right up to the minute she was transported onto the tarmac.

Kamina was loaded into her allocated stowage compartment on a flight direct from Sydney to Brisbane, where she was introduced into her new environment at Darling Downs Zoo.

Pygmy Hippo | Zoo Moves | Jetpets | Global Pet Travel

“Kamina travelled beautifully. We are impressed with how calm she is and not at all fazed by the relocation”, said Director of Darling Downs Zoo, Steve Robinson.

Kamina is one of only five Pygmy Hippos in Australia – and she is related to them all. She is the only Pygmy Hippo now residing in Queensland.

She is at the age where she would naturally become independent of her mother and has made the move to Queensland to eventually be a part of a breeding program. This is critical to the establishment of a viable insurance population of this endangered species in Australian zoos.

Pygmy Hippo | Zoo Moves | Jetpets | Global Pet Travel
Photo Credit – Darling Downs Zoo

Pygmy Hippos come from forested areas within West Africa and are semi-aquatic.  They do spend quite a lot of their time out of the water.  Their numbers have dwindled dramatically in the wild due to deforestation, hunting for bush meat and as a result of wars in areas of Africa. Because they are so difficult to find in the wild, most of what is known about this species has been identified through studying them in zoos.

If you would like to visit Kamina or learn more about Darling Downs Zoos conservation efforts, you can visit their website here and arrange a visit.

How do you transport two Lionesses from one side of Australia to the other?

You entrust Jetpets of course. Meet our latest Jetpets Happy Travellers – Lioness sisters Makeba and Uzuri.

How do you transport two Lionesses from one side of Australia to the other? | Jetpets | Zoo Moves | Safe Pet Transport | International Pet Carrier
Makeba and Uzuri settling in after their journey with Jetpets. Photo Credit: Perth Zoo

Makeba and Uzuri are 3 year old African Lionesses, and we were so excited to take care of them during their travels from Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo to Perth Zoo.

A lot of planning goes into our Special Moves, particularly when the Special Move involves two Lionesses that weigh in excess of 150kg each. With Makeba and Uzuri’s welfare at the front of our mind, our Special Moves Coordinator Sarah worked closely with both zoos to plan the logistics of the move.

Makeba and Uzuri were collected from Taronga Western Plains Zoo and transported by road to Sydney Airport, where we gained airside access for both a Jetpets Representative as well as a Taronga Western Plains Zoo Keeper to ensure the Lionesses were onboarded with the utmost of care.

How do you transport two Lionesses from one side of Australia to the other? | Jetpets | Zoo Moves | Safe Pet Transport | International Pet Carrier
Jetpets Brett Headley, with Virgin staff members and Taronga Western Plains Zoo Keeper Photo Credit: Nick Cubbins

Makeba and Uzuri travelled on a Virgin Australia Regular Public Transport flight that departed from Sydney at 7.15am, which ensured that the animals were not travelling in the heat of the day. They travelled in their own airline approved travel crates, in a cabin that was air pressured and climate controlled, just like the passenger cabin.

How do you transport two Lionesses from one side of Australia to the other? | Jetpets | Zoo Moves | Safe Pet Transport | International Pet Carrier
Makeba and Uzuri being loaded onto Virgin Australia Aircraft

Upon arrival into Perth careful planning was in place to ensure the Lionesses were first to be offloaded from the flight and into Jetpets care.

Our Pet Handler then delivered Makeba and Uzuri to Perth Zoo, where they had a process in place to introduce Makeba and Uzuri into their new environment, and a nice environment at that. Perth Zoo has recently constructed a new breeding facility and exhibit for African Lions, taking Western Australia’s ability to make a difference to global lion conservation forward in leaps and bounds.

The new $3.4M facility will house up to eight animals in the future. It includes special dens and holding areas for mothers with cubs.

How do you transport two Lionesses from one side of Australia to the other? | Jetpets | Zoo Moves | Safe Pet Transport | International Pet Carrier
Makeba and Uzuri enjoying their new environment. Photo Credit: Perth Zoo

Makeba and Uzuri will become the new breeding females for Perth Zoo’s lion breeding program.

Managed breeding is critical for this species which has already gone extinct from 26 African Countries. There are as few as 20,000 African Lions left in the wild.

The Lionesses are appropriately named; – ‘Makeba’ means greatnessin Ethiopia and ‘Uzuri’ is Swahili for Beautiful.

We look forward to following Makeba and Uzuri’s journey into motherhood.

If you would like to see these amazing Lionesses and learn more about Perth Zoos conservation efforts you can visit Perth Zoos website and arrange a visit.