Jetpets 2019 Happy Traveller Highlights

As 2019 wraps up and we welcome in the new decade that 2020 brings, Jetpets would like to take this opportunity to celebrate some of this year’s happy traveller highlights. Whether we helped you to welcome a new furbaby home, reunited you with a pet, made a pet-friendly holiday possible or helped you rescue a pet, thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. We look forward to looking after many more furry jetsetters, big and small, in the new year.

Have a wonderful new year with your furry companion of choice and may your house be filled with cuddles and kisses all around.

Linguine, the Dachshund

✈️Melbourne to New York, United States

linguine testimonial

Patch & Waffle, the Domestic Short Hairs

✈️Brisbane to Berlin, Germany

rachel testimonial

Nitro, the Rescue

✈️Sydney to Perth, Australia (via Pet Rescue & Canine Welfare Australia)

Clove & Cassia, the Tasmanian Devils

✈️Tasmania to Wellington Zoo, New Zealand

Coco, the Puppy French Bulldog

✈️Sydney to Melbourne, Australia

coco testimonial

Jay, the Australian Kelpie

✈️Sydney to Tokyo, Japan

japan testimonial

Smokey, the Rabbit

✈️Sydney to Baltimore, United States

liz testimonial

Bonny, the Collie

✈️Melbourne to Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Loki, the Siberian Husky

✈️Melbourne to Geneve, Switzerland

Tenzing, the Red Panda

✈️Hamilton Zoo to Tasmania Zoo

Lulu & Wilbur, the Japanese Spitzs

✈️Brisbane to Vancouver, Canada

Whitey, the Domestic Short Hair

✈️Adelaide to Damman, Saudi Arabia

Hercules, the British Bulldog

✈️Brisbane to Singapore

Mysha, the Shiba Inu

✈️Sydney to Macau

Han Solo, the Domestic Medium Hair

✈️Sydney to Christchurch, New Zealand

Marilyn, the Rescue

✈️Melbourne to Townsville, Australia (via Pet Rescue & Hear No Evil Deaf Dog Rescue)

Lulu & Benji, the Pugs

✈️Sydney to La Paz, Bolivia

benji testimonial