Antelopes Off To New Zealand

Here at Jetpets, we are lucky to be able to transport all creatures great and small, both around Australia and across the globe!

Recently, we had the chance to move a group of Blackbuck antelopes, from Altina Wildlife Park to their new home in New Zealand, where they will be paired up with a mate for the next breeding season.

Watch the story that appeared on WIN News below.


Antelopes Off To New Zealand - Zoo moves by Jetpets

A New Home For A Southern-Hairy Nosed Wombat

A New Home For A Southern-Hairy Nosed WombatWe recently transported a gorgeous Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat from Kalgoorlie, to Perth Zoo! Thanks to Wayne for filling us in on how this gorgeous Wombat is settling into her new home.


“Jasmine, thanks for all your help at Jetpets. The support we received from your people in Kalgoorlie was excellent. This transfer is the result of a lot of dedicated work from Rowena Walker from Hopbush Wildlife Sanctuary in Coolgardie, WA who raised the wombat from an infant to the size she is now and the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

An excellent result as the wombat went straight into a breeding program at the Perth Zoo. It is very rewarding seeing rehabilitated animals making it back to the wild or getting the chance like this one has in joining a breeding program to help secure the population of Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats in this state. Once again thanks for the help we received from Jetpets.