Kamina the Pygmy Hippo flies first class with Jetpets

Here at Jetpets we often get asked “what is the most exotic animal you have ever transported?”

We have moved many amazing animals including cheetahs, sea lions, and recently two lionesses, but we did get a little excited when we were asked to take care of Kamina, a 20 month old Pygmy Hippo, as she travelled from Sydney to Darling Downs Zoo in Brisbane.

Pygmy Hippo | Zoo Moves | Jetpets | Global Pet Travel
Photo Credit: Darling Downs Zoo

There are two types of Hippopotamuses – the large Common, or Nile Hippo and the much smaller Pygmy Hippo. Pygmy Hippos are about half the height of Common Hippos and less than a quarter of the weight of their larger relations.

Even though Kamina is the smaller type of Hippo, in her travel crate she still weighed in at 750 kilograms before being loaded onto her flight.

Pygmy Hippo | Zoo Moves | Jetpets | Global Pet Travel

Jetpets coordinated VIP airside access for Kamina and her Zoo Keeper, where she had her own quiet area to relax pre-flight. She was kept hydrated and was fed some tasty vegetables by her Zoo Keeper right up to the minute she was transported onto the tarmac.

Kamina was loaded into her allocated stowage compartment on a flight direct from Sydney to Brisbane, where she was introduced into her new environment at Darling Downs Zoo.

Pygmy Hippo | Zoo Moves | Jetpets | Global Pet Travel

“Kamina travelled beautifully. We are impressed with how calm she is and not at all fazed by the relocation”, said Director of Darling Downs Zoo, Steve Robinson.

Kamina is one of only five Pygmy Hippos in Australia – and she is related to them all. She is the only Pygmy Hippo now residing in Queensland.

She is at the age where she would naturally become independent of her mother and has made the move to Queensland to eventually be a part of a breeding program. This is critical to the establishment of a viable insurance population of this endangered species in Australian zoos.

Pygmy Hippo | Zoo Moves | Jetpets | Global Pet Travel
Photo Credit – Darling Downs Zoo

Pygmy Hippos come from forested areas within West Africa and are semi-aquatic.  They do spend quite a lot of their time out of the water.  Their numbers have dwindled dramatically in the wild due to deforestation, hunting for bush meat and as a result of wars in areas of Africa. Because they are so difficult to find in the wild, most of what is known about this species has been identified through studying them in zoos.

If you would like to visit Kamina or learn more about Darling Downs Zoos conservation efforts, you can visit their website here and arrange a visit.

Sahara in the City

As our Jetpets furry ambassador, sometimes Sahara has to do the jobs nobody wants to do… like go to Sydney for the weekend, relax in a five-star hotel and be pampered. (It’s a tough job isn’t it!)

As part of Rufus and Coco’s competition in conjunction with Jetpets, you too could win the chance to pamper yourselves and your pooch at the Langham Hotel like Sahara or escape to country Victoria for the ultimate relaxing weekend with your puppy. Simply follow this link and enter for your chance at a Jetpets Holiday.

Thinking of relocating?

Learn why hundreds of Jetpets customers the world over trust Jetpets with their pet. Our customers consistently mention our commitment to communication, our professionalism and our clear love for animals in their endorsements.

Testimonial 1:

“We would like to thank JETPETS for their professional actions involved with transporting Darius to London. Besides being tired he was very happy and healthy when he arrived yesterday. Thank you again for your amazing service. We truly appreciate your handling of his travel”

Barton (Darius’s owner)

Testimonial 2:

“Hi Amy and Rose!

Just a quick email to say a big THANK YOU for everything you did for Olive over the last month.  The quick responses to questions, lovely weekly updates and the constant reassurance that everything was fine were just what we needed in this stressful time!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jetpets to friends and family, and I will definitely be using you guys when we decide to come back home!

I thought you would like to see some photos of Olive settling into her new dwellings.  It didn’t take her long, she handled the flight like a champ and was walking around like she owned the place almost instantly!

Thanks again for all of your help!”

Jules (Olive’s Owner)

Testimonial 3:

“I moved abroad from Australia 3 years ago, and 2.5 years ago decided to bring my little dog Penny over to join me. After I booked it I got a little scared for her to take the journey, and JetPets were really great and patient, until I finally got her over here.

The experience of knowing your best friend is travelling is stressful, but JetPets reassured me, sent me regular updates (including pictures!) and helped ease my mind. The staff are really wonderful, and took all the stress of paperwork off me. I highly recommend them.

Katie (Penny’s Owner)

Our customers come from all over the world but the one thing they all agree on is Jetpets commitment to welfare, comfort and safety of their travelling animals.

We encourage anyone thinking of relocating, either nationally or internationally, to take the time to read through our websites testimonial section here or on Facebook to get a better idea of how we can assist your family to relocate.

We Love Happy Endings!

Rescue dogs - At Jetpets we are passionate about rescue pets

As you know by now, here at Jetpets we are passionate about rescue pets. That’s why we were excited to hear from Anne at the RSPCA NSW about some recent rescue success stories!

Tinkerbelle (now named Belle and pictured far right) and Sandy (now named Essie and pictured right) were transported from Sydney to “Rescued With Love” in Melbourne in April. Kae from Rescued with Love kindly offered to take on these two girls which they affectionately named the “Button Sisters” as they were cute as buttons!

Both girls had severe skin infections due to neglect and were in need of some TLC and time to recover before they could be desexed and eventually rehomed. Kae has been taking wonderful care of these 2 girls and their progress can be seen on the Rescued With Love Facebook page.

Rescue pet travel - At Jetpets we are passionate about rescue pets

DeDe (pictured right) was originally at the RSPCA’s Shoalhaven Shelter where she was fostered with her brothers and sisters. A few of the litter were actually deaf so finding the perfect home was a little trickier than usual.

DeDe was spotted on the ‘adoptapet’ website by Pam who lives in Melbourne. Pam had been searching for the right dog for awhile and finally found DeDe. She contacted the RSPCA Shoalhaven Shelter and had a long discussion with the manager to figure out if she was the right person for DeDe. Of course she was the perfect mum and we arranged DeDe’s flight down to Melbourne to her forever home!

Pippa’s Reunion!

Did you hear about Pippa the cat, who survived 49 days without food or drink after becoming accidentally trapped in a shipping container and travelling interstate? Well now for some good news for this lucky cat… We were very proud to reunite Pippa with her owners today!

On 20 February, Pippa the cat found herself a snug spot in the neighbour’s shipping container in Darwin which was then transported all the way to Brisbane. Miraculously Pippa survived her ordeal after 49 days without food or drink. Pippa has remained in Brisbane where she has been recovering with a foster carer and under the watchful eye of a vet. Pippa has now returned to good health and today we proudly flew Pippa from Brisbane to Darwin to be happily reunited with her owners Rebecca and daughter Emily.

Rebecca and daughter Emily adore their cat Pippa and have missed her terribly. Rebecca feared that Pippa would need to be permanently re-homed in Brisbane, concerned that another travel journey would be too traumatic. When the story of Pippa’s plight came to our attention, we contacted Rebecca with an offer to reunite her with Pippa. As you know, we fly thousands and thousands of pets around the country and globe every year, and reassured Rebecca that it was possible to safely and comfortably fly Pippa home.

With the fantastic news earlier this week that Pippa had returned to wellness, Rebecca was thrilled to hear that this reunion could take place today. First thing this morning we collected Pippa from her foster home in Brisbane, where she was made to feel comfortable and content in her travel crate, ready for her flight home. Thankfully and as expected the return trip home was far less eventful, with flights running on time and Pippa comfortable in her travel crate. At the other end, we were ready to collect Pippa at Darwin airport, where she was transported in a purpose built vehicle to her home.

Of course, the best bit comes next. After an eventful and worrying four months, at long last Pippa was reunited with her owners Rebecca and Emily this afternoon. It was tears and hugs of joy (and purrs) all round. We feel very proud to have played a part in reuniting this family.

Here’s an update:

Pippa the cat’s amazing reunion was captured by the guys at 9 News – click here to watch the amazing moment she is reunited with her family in Darwin!

Pippa's Reunion - Did you hear about Pippa the cat, who survived 49 days without food or drink after becoming accidentally trapped in a shipping container and travelling interstate?

Travelling (By Car or Plane) With Your Pet

Travelling (By Car or Plane) With Your PetYou’ve just made the decision to take your furry friend on holidays with the family. And why wouldn’t you? Taking your pet on vacation with the family can be an incredibly rewarding experience and saves the inevitable separation anxiety you (and your pet) may experience!

At Jetpets, we are often surprised by how many people tell us that they wouldn’t know how to go about taking their pets on holiday with the family. In actual fact, it’s a really simple process and in many cases it can be more cost-effective than boarding your cat or dog in a kennel. Pet Transport, whether by car or plane needn’t be overwhelming. If you have any questions, please contact one of our pet transport consultants who are more than happy to help!

There are a few things to keep in mind when travelling with dogs or cats. The first step is a check-up with your Vet, to ensure your pet is healthy enough to travel. They must be up to date with their vaccinations, as well as their worming, flea and tick treatments.

Another benefit of taking your pet to the Vet just before travelling? It will get them used to (or re-accustomed to,) their travel crate – just make sure it’s an enjoyable experience!

When it comes to getting your pet used to their cat or dog crate, it’s a good idea to associate the experience with positive things, such as food rewards, play and encouragement, which will help them feel more comfortable and at ease.

Are you driving or flying with your pet? If you’re flying with your pets, we can help! At Jetpets, we’re the pet transport experts and our consultants are ready to help you out with all the info you might need, from Vet requirements, through to door-to-door transport and state regulations.

If you are driving, don’t forget to check the state laws concerning animals in vehicles when taking your pet in the car. And as always, never leave your pet locked in the car during pit stops or while destinations that are not pet friendly. When travelling with dogs or cats, a little forward planning goes a long way!

When you get to your destination, whether you’re driving or flying with your pet, we recommend having the contact details of your vet on hand – just in case.

Enjoy your vacation with your pets!




Happy Travellers – Summer 2015

There are few things we love more than seeing our furry friends being reunited with their families!

Here are just a few of the gorgeous ‘happy travellers’ that flew with Jetpets over the summer months.


a few of the gorgeous 'happy travellers' that flew with Jetpets over the summer months.

Rosie recently travelled with us from Sydney to the Big Apple – New York! (And yes, we may be just a little bit jealous!) Rosie’s owner Heiko sent us this adorable photo of Rosie in her new home, and some great feedback:

“Hi Danielle,

Just a quick note to say that we all arrived well and safe in New York. We were able to pick up Rosie from Lufthansa Cargo at JFK and it was all straightforward. She was so happy to see us, but we may have been even happier to see her. I even got a call from Pet Express Animal Transport to make sure everything was in order.

Rosie is settling in okay in New York – it’s very cold at the moment so she’s still getting used to that I think. Attached is a picture of Rosie in her new winter outfit. Thanks again for all your help, Heiko”

To view more Happy Traveller Testimonials, click here.

A New Home For A Southern-Hairy Nosed Wombat

A New Home For A Southern-Hairy Nosed WombatWe recently transported a gorgeous Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat from Kalgoorlie, to Perth Zoo! Thanks to Wayne for filling us in on how this gorgeous Wombat is settling into her new home.


“Jasmine, thanks for all your help at Jetpets. The support we received from your people in Kalgoorlie was excellent. This transfer is the result of a lot of dedicated work from Rowena Walker from Hopbush Wildlife Sanctuary in Coolgardie, WA who raised the wombat from an infant to the size she is now and the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

An excellent result as the wombat went straight into a breeding program at the Perth Zoo. It is very rewarding seeing rehabilitated animals making it back to the wild or getting the chance like this one has in joining a breeding program to help secure the population of Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats in this state. Once again thanks for the help we received from Jetpets.