Chico’s Reunion

Chico the Pomeranian - an amazing pet move by Jetpets

Here at Jetpets, we were proud to fly Chico the Pomeranian home to Dubbo where he was reunited with his owner Stacey after being stolen 4 years ago and found in Port Macquarie!

Four years ago Stacey returned home to discover her beloved pet Chico was missing. Despite Stacey’s best efforts to find Chico, the years passed without any clue about his whereabouts. Just as Stacey had almost given up hope of ever finding Chico, she took a phone call from a veterinary clinic in Port Macquarie (a long way from home in Dubbo), to say that they had Chico and were trying to find his owner. Last week, we were thrilled to provide a complimentary flight and travel service to facilitate the happy reunion between Stacey and Chico!

Chico the Pomeranian - an amazing pet move by JetpetsStacey rescued Chico from a local pound in Dubbo two years prior to him going missing. Stacey adored Chico and looked forward to returning home each day to his wagging tail and warm welcome. As you can imagine, Stacey was very distressed to return home four years ago to not be greeted by her furry friend. Stacey immediately displayed lost pet posters throughout her local community in the hope that Chico would be found, but as the years passed with no sign of his whereabouts she was started to losing hope.

Four years after going missing, Chico was found by a stranger on the side of the road in Port Macquarie and taken to a local vet. When the vet scanned Chico’s micro-chip Stacey was identified as the owner and contacted. In taking the call, Stacey was speechless and overjoyed that she would see Chico again! Stacey contacted us to organise the comfortable and safe transportation of Chico to Dubbo and we were honoured to reunite Stacey and Chico.

An Amazing Tale of Survival

Butch the 'wonder dog' was recently found in Melbourne after going missing from his Western Sydney home nine months ago!We love happy endings and this month we have another amazing tale of survival!

Butch the ‘wonder dog’ was recently found in Melbourne after going missing from his Western Sydney home nine months ago!

Greg McDougall, Butch’s owner, said his dog went missing after a robbery and was suspected stolen. Can you imagine his surprise when the Moreland Council in Melbourne called him in late May to tell him Butch had been found?

“I got such a shock when they (Moreland Council) told me they’d found Butch, I started crying,” Greg said.

Because here at Jetpets we love reuniting owners with their beloved furry friends, we were very excited to transport Butch back to his home in Sydney today! And as you can see, Butch and Greg have a lot of catching up to do!

You can read more about Butch’s story by clicking here or watch the amazing reunion story filmed by Channel Seven here.

Pippa’s Reunion!

Did you hear about Pippa the cat, who survived 49 days without food or drink after becoming accidentally trapped in a shipping container and travelling interstate? Well now for some good news for this lucky cat… We were very proud to reunite Pippa with her owners today!

On 20 February, Pippa the cat found herself a snug spot in the neighbour’s shipping container in Darwin which was then transported all the way to Brisbane. Miraculously Pippa survived her ordeal after 49 days without food or drink. Pippa has remained in Brisbane where she has been recovering with a foster carer and under the watchful eye of a vet. Pippa has now returned to good health and today we proudly flew Pippa from Brisbane to Darwin to be happily reunited with her owners Rebecca and daughter Emily.

Rebecca and daughter Emily adore their cat Pippa and have missed her terribly. Rebecca feared that Pippa would need to be permanently re-homed in Brisbane, concerned that another travel journey would be too traumatic. When the story of Pippa’s plight came to our attention, we contacted Rebecca with an offer to reunite her with Pippa. As you know, we fly thousands and thousands of pets around the country and globe every year, and reassured Rebecca that it was possible to safely and comfortably fly Pippa home.

With the fantastic news earlier this week that Pippa had returned to wellness, Rebecca was thrilled to hear that this reunion could take place today. First thing this morning we collected Pippa from her foster home in Brisbane, where she was made to feel comfortable and content in her travel crate, ready for her flight home. Thankfully and as expected the return trip home was far less eventful, with flights running on time and Pippa comfortable in her travel crate. At the other end, we were ready to collect Pippa at Darwin airport, where she was transported in a purpose built vehicle to her home.

Of course, the best bit comes next. After an eventful and worrying four months, at long last Pippa was reunited with her owners Rebecca and Emily this afternoon. It was tears and hugs of joy (and purrs) all round. We feel very proud to have played a part in reuniting this family.

Here’s an update:

Pippa the cat’s amazing reunion was captured by the guys at 9 News – click here to watch the amazing moment she is reunited with her family in Darwin!

Pippa's Reunion - Did you hear about Pippa the cat, who survived 49 days without food or drink after becoming accidentally trapped in a shipping container and travelling interstate?