Pillow The Pigs Big Adventure

Here at Jetpets all our travellers are special but sometimes we come across certain animals that need a bit of a helping hand. We were contacted by animal rescue operators Calley and Brad Stoll in the hope that we might be able to assist in helping “Pillow the Pig” to find her new forever home.

Pillow is a female, “Large White” domesticated pig and as a two day old piglet she weighed only 800gms and measured roughly a foot in length. Pillow was rescued by the Stolls twelve weeks ago and was brought to her new foster home to meet all the other foster animals currently being cared for by the Stolls.

Being an animal foster home things were already a bit crowded with 3 puppies, 3 kittens, 4 dogs and a goat all in their inner-city home in Sydney, New South Wales. But the Stolls love for animals is all conquering and Pillow quickly became part of their extended family.

“Pillow knows no difference between dog, cat, pig, goat. She is loving and playful and all kinds of cheeky. Pillow is a sensitive young pig and that comes with her highly intelligent brain”, said Calley.

But with more animals needing a temporary home and Pillow growing at an exponential rate it was time to find Pillow her forever home. Thankfully it didn’t take long as Machela Gazzard in Mildura, Victoria got in contact with the Stolls and offered her animal rescue farm as Pillow’s forever home. As they already owned a piglet named, Penny the decision to allow Pillow to go and live on Machela’s farm was an easy one.

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Pillow fully prepared for her big adventure

Jetpets arranged an extra-large crate to give pillow plenty of room to move during her 2 hour flight from Sydney to Adelaide. After a quick stop to stretch her legs and receive cuddles from our pet handlers she continued via road transport, finally arriving in Mildura after her 1,400km adventure.


Pillow takes a break to stretch her legs and receive cuddles

“Pillow is settling in well and Penny is teaching her how to be a pig which she is picking up quickly”, said Machela.

“A massive thank you to the Jetpets team, particular those that had hands on with Pillow’s travel. I appreciate how safe and happy she arrived and it really is a reflection on Jetpets just how smoothly her transport went. I could not be more grateful to Jetpets”, said Calley.

Pillow loving life on the farm
Having a nap with her new bestie Penny


Uniting families is what Jetpets do best and we can’t wait to check in on Pillow in the coming months to see how this city girl is adjusting to the easy life on the farm.


Humphrey’s Rescue Tale

Humphrey's Rescue Tale - Jetpets were proud to fly Humphrey the catThis week, we were proud to fly Humphrey the cat from Melbourne to Brisbane where he was reunited with his owners after he went missing over 6 months ago!

Susan and her family were in the process of moving the whole family from Bendigo in Country Victoria to Brisbane in January this year, including their two dogs and cat that were booked in to travel with Jetpets. Unfortunately the day before they were due to travel Humphrey went missing.

The family was extremely surprised that Humphrey went missing, describing him as a lazy fat cat. And despite desperate measures to try and find him, they had to make the heart breaking decision to move to Brisbane without him.

They have missed him immensely, and have wondered often what happened to him. Last week Susan received a call from a vet in Bendigo with the fantastic news that Humphrey had been found!

‘I was overwhelmed when I spoke to the vet, who said that Humphrey had most likely been on his own for the past 6 months,’ said Susan.

Yesterday was the exciting day that the whole family was reunited! Humphrey travelled with us from Melbourne to Brisbane where his family was waiting for him.

An Amazing Tale of Survival

Butch the 'wonder dog' was recently found in Melbourne after going missing from his Western Sydney home nine months ago!We love happy endings and this month we have another amazing tale of survival!

Butch the ‘wonder dog’ was recently found in Melbourne after going missing from his Western Sydney home nine months ago!

Greg McDougall, Butch’s owner, said his dog went missing after a robbery and was suspected stolen. Can you imagine his surprise when the Moreland Council in Melbourne called him in late May to tell him Butch had been found?

“I got such a shock when they (Moreland Council) told me they’d found Butch, I started crying,” Greg said.

Because here at Jetpets we love reuniting owners with their beloved furry friends, we were very excited to transport Butch back to his home in Sydney today! And as you can see, Butch and Greg have a lot of catching up to do!

You can read more about Butch’s story by clicking here or watch the amazing reunion story filmed by Channel Seven here.

Are Your Pets Travelling With Us From Australia To Europe (Including The United Kingdom)?

At Jetpets, our dedicated team of Pet Travel Consultants are on top of the very latest industry information and are constantly working with government bodies and organisations across the globe to ensure that we can move your pets as smoothly as we can to their new homes.


With this in mind, we would like to fill you in on some proposed regulatory changes for pets entering the European Union (EU,) including those travelling to the United Kingdom, coming into effect from December 29th, 2014.

Changes to the EU Pet Protocol include:

You, the pet owner, must now ensure that you enter the port of entry of your pet within 10 days (5 days either side) of your pet’s arrival.

Are Your Pets Travelling With Us From Australia To Europe (Including The United Kingdom)?Failure to comply with this specific entry window will now see pet owners incur VAT tax of 20% based on the cost of the airfreight as well as a nominal fee for your pet, (which is approximately $100.)

Not sure what this means for you and your pet?

Don’t worry! Your Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant will talk you through these changes and will work closely with you to ensure a smooth journey for your furry friend into Europe or the United Kingdom.

As we mentioned above, these changes are currently in their draft stages and we will keep you up to date with any further changes as they come to light.

If you have any questions in the meantime, or if you are planning an international trip in the future and just want to have a chat, please do not hesitate to contact a Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant on 1300 668 309.

Sage, Snow & Storm – More Happy Travellers!

Thanks to Samuie for sending us these gorgeous pics of her cats who have just arrived in Singapore from Perth!

“Hi Danielle

I wanted to accompany this email with pictures of my catbabies. I’ve attached a series of pictures from the cat sitter (where they are located now until I move into my own apartment).

Do take a look. Thank you very much for your assistance in our relocation. You’ve been a great help!!! I’ve added quite a number of pics. Hope you enjoy them. Cheers!!

Greetings from Singapore! Do come visit and buzz us! We can show you around town!!

Samuie, Sage, Snow & Storm.”

Sage, Snow & Storm - More Happy Travellers! | Cat transport with Jetpets

Sage, Snow & Storm - More Happy Travellers! - Cat transport with Jetpets

Yoshi the dog found safe in Preston

Yoshi the dog found safe in Preston - Jetpets pet rescueIf Yoshi could talk, imagine the story he’d have to tell!

Poor little Yoshi was stolen from his yard 8 months ago, and on Wednesday we were so happy to be able to return him to his family!

“The Japanese Chin was stolen from the backyard of his Hobart home in June 2013 – along with the family’s Labrador.

Yoshi’s family feared they would never see him again after repeated calls for information about his whereabouts went unanswered.

In a bizarre twist, Veronica O’Brien found Yoshi wandering aimlessly around the streets of Preston on Sunday night, eight months after he went missing.

The question remains just how did this pet pup travel across the Bass Strait?

Yoshi’s remarkable journey will almost certainly remain a mystery, but his owners are just delighted to to have him back.”


Read all about Yoshi’s story here: http://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/pet-dog-yoshi-goes-missing-from-chigwell-and-turns-up-eight-months-later-on-streets-of-melbourne/story-fnj4f7k1-1226819063174