An Amazing Tale of Survival

Butch1We love happy endings and this month we have another amazing tale of survival!

Butch the ‘wonder dog’ was recently found in Melbourne after going missing from his Western Sydney home nine months ago!

Greg McDougall, Butch’s owner, said his dog went missing after a robbery and was suspected stolen. Can you imagine his surprise when the Moreland Council in Melbourne called him in late May to tell him Butch had been found?

“I got such a shock when they (Moreland Council) told me they’d found Butch, I started crying,” Greg said.

Because here at Jetpets we love reuniting owners with their beloved furry friends, we were very excited to transport Butch back to his home in Sydney today! And as you can see, Butch and Greg have a lot of catching up to do!

You can read more about Butch’s story by clicking here or watch the amazing reunion story filmed by Channel Seven here.