Jetpets Supports Australian Working Dog Rescue

The Australian working dog is an icon of Australia. A symbol of our relationship with the land and the spirit of our working nation. Find out how Jetpets are pitching in to support organisations dedicated to saving these aussie hero’s.

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AWDRI ambassador Lauren Vickers with one of their rescue pups.

Australian working dog breeds were engineered to be tough, loyal and above all else smart. The Heeler, the Kelpie, the Koolie and Smithfield were all bred to assist Australian farmers by herding cattle and farmers often say these dogs work harder than human workers.

Farmers often depend on the intelligence and versatility of these breeds to ensure their livestock is safe and their farms are thriving but what happens when these dogs are surrendered by their owners or a stray is brought in to the pound? How do these dogs find the right kind of home?

Pet Transport Melbourne | Dog Transport | Working Dogs Australia | Jetpets News
The AWDRI were flooded with well-wishers during the Sydney Dog Lovers show last month.


This is where AWDRI (Australian Working Dog Rescue Int) step in to save the day. AWDRI is a charity organisation that aims to save these dogs from being euthanised and promotes the rescue of working dog breeds all over Australia.

As a corporate partner to this organisation Jetpets offers help in saving these dogs from an uncertain future by providing assistance in relocating them to a foster home or in some cases their forever homes.

Pet Transport Melbourne | Dog Transport | Australian Working Dog Rescue | Jetpets News

Our Rescue Partnership With Virgin Australia Cargo

In August, Virgin Australia Cargo announced a new partnership with Jetpets to unite rescue pets with new, loving homes across Australia.

For the first time, Jetpets and Virgin Australia Cargo come together to fly pets in need of care across Australia, breaking down distance and travel barriers. Jetpets has had long serving relationships with the animal welfare organisations that are the current beneficiaries of the free travel allocations.

Under this partnership, the first flight took place in August, when Pet Rescue united Lallee the Rough Collie (a Lassie Dog) with her new owners in Sydney where she can look forward to being a very much loved and permanent member of the family. Thanks to this new partnership and the kindness of adopter and foster families around Australia, the future for Lallee, and other rescue dogs like her, is bright.

Our Rescue Partnership With Virgin Australia Cargo | Virgin Australia | Jetpets | Airline Approved Dog Crates Australia

Since announcing this partnership we have been overwhelmed with positive messages of support. Pet lovers of Australia are certainly very passionate, as are we. Whilst we are not in the position to provide free travel to every rescue pet we do offer discounted services to all rescue organisations. You can call a Pet Travel Consultant to find out more, Australia Wide: 1300 668 309.

Our Rescue Partnership With Virgin Australia Cargo | Virgin Australia | Jetpets | Airline Approved Dog Crates Australia

Matt & Kim to the Rescue

We are excited to share this amazing project we recently worked on with Matt and Kim! You might remember these guys, who featured on The Block a few years ago, well last Sunday their Matt & Kim To The Rescue program aired in WA. If you happened to tune in, you may have spotted Adam and Angus from our Perth Transit Lounge making an appearance!

We were so happy to coordinate all of the pet transport for the very deserving recipient Hung, a dad with terminal cancer. If you’d like to check out this program, you can do so by clicking here.

Humphrey’s Rescue Tale

Humphrey's Rescue Tale - Jetpets were proud to fly Humphrey the catThis week, we were proud to fly Humphrey the cat from Melbourne to Brisbane where he was reunited with his owners after he went missing over 6 months ago!

Susan and her family were in the process of moving the whole family from Bendigo in Country Victoria to Brisbane in January this year, including their two dogs and cat that were booked in to travel with Jetpets. Unfortunately the day before they were due to travel Humphrey went missing.

The family was extremely surprised that Humphrey went missing, describing him as a lazy fat cat. And despite desperate measures to try and find him, they had to make the heart breaking decision to move to Brisbane without him.

They have missed him immensely, and have wondered often what happened to him. Last week Susan received a call from a vet in Bendigo with the fantastic news that Humphrey had been found!

‘I was overwhelmed when I spoke to the vet, who said that Humphrey had most likely been on his own for the past 6 months,’ said Susan.

Yesterday was the exciting day that the whole family was reunited! Humphrey travelled with us from Melbourne to Brisbane where his family was waiting for him.

We Love Happy Endings!

Rescue dogs - At Jetpets we are passionate about rescue pets

As you know by now, here at Jetpets we are passionate about rescue pets. That’s why we were excited to hear from Anne at the RSPCA NSW about some recent rescue success stories!

Tinkerbelle (now named Belle and pictured far right) and Sandy (now named Essie and pictured right) were transported from Sydney to “Rescued With Love” in Melbourne in April. Kae from Rescued with Love kindly offered to take on these two girls which they affectionately named the “Button Sisters” as they were cute as buttons!

Both girls had severe skin infections due to neglect and were in need of some TLC and time to recover before they could be desexed and eventually rehomed. Kae has been taking wonderful care of these 2 girls and their progress can be seen on the Rescued With Love Facebook page.

Rescue pet travel - At Jetpets we are passionate about rescue pets

DeDe (pictured right) was originally at the RSPCA’s Shoalhaven Shelter where she was fostered with her brothers and sisters. A few of the litter were actually deaf so finding the perfect home was a little trickier than usual.

DeDe was spotted on the ‘adoptapet’ website by Pam who lives in Melbourne. Pam had been searching for the right dog for awhile and finally found DeDe. She contacted the RSPCA Shoalhaven Shelter and had a long discussion with the manager to figure out if she was the right person for DeDe. Of course she was the perfect mum and we arranged DeDe’s flight down to Melbourne to her forever home!

We Love Rescue Pets!

Dave and Sahara - at Jetpets we are passionate about adopting a rescue animalAre you, or someone you know, thinking about bringing a new pet into the family? We get it, falling in love with a pet is easy (trust us, we fall in love every day!) However, adding a furry friend to your family is an incredibly important decision, and should never be taken lightly. Dogs, cats and small animals are of course living beings that require a considerable amount of time, money and commitment — over 15 years worth in many cases.

However, if you have made the important (and well considered) decision to welcome a new furry family member, get ready for a wonderful experience!

When selecting a pet, there are a number of different options available, but we believe adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue organisation should always be the first port of call. Not only will you be giving a beautiful animal a second chance at a happy life, but the shelter or rescue organisation will also have a number of different breeds available, (including pure-breds in many cases,) as well as pets at all different stages of life, not just kittens and puppies. This means that the shelter or rescue organisation will be able to work with you to select the perfect pet to suit your family and lifestyle.

BWhy are we passionate about adopting a rescue animal?ut why are we so passionate about adopting a rescue animal? It’s always been a cause close to our hearts, but became all the more important when we met our Animal Ambassador, Sahara.

Sahara is an amazing little Koolie Kelpie Cross that was saved from death row by Victorian Dog Rescue. She was found abandoned and mistreated, wandering around the bush in Mildura in country Victoria. Without a home to go to, she was taken to the pound. The day before she was due to be put down, she was rescued and has since lived with Jetpets Pet Handler, Dave Higgins just outside of Melbourne.

As soon as we met Sahara, we fell in love and knew we had to join with her and Dave in raising awareness for rescue animals. In December 2012, Sahara travelled around Australia doing just that, on her ‘Tour de Woof’ which you can view here.

Jetpets currently have strong partnerships with organisations such as Pet Rescue and Australian Working Dog Rescue and happily help facilitate the transport of these amazing animals to their ‘fur-ever’ homes wherever we can.