Pet transporter to the stars

Here at Jetpets we come in contact with the world’s most loveable and cuddliest pets but every now and then we get to brush shoulders with the rich and famous…well with their pets at least. Here are a few of our celebrity travellers.

Orlando Bloom- Hollywood Leading Man

Celebrity Moves | Jetpets | Orlando Bloom | International Pet Transport
Orlando Bloom with his puppy Junior. Jetpets staff do their best to not die of cuteness while giving Junior plenty of cuddles

Orlando Bloom might be famous for his portrayals of arrow firing elven warrior Legolas and swashbuckling privateer Will Turner in Hollywood blockbuster films, but on his day off he is just a father who enjoys spending time with his children and his pets.

In 2016 Jetpets assisted Orlando Bloom to transport a surprise gift for his son Flynn Bloom, a new male Sarplaninac puppy called “Junior”. Orlando purchased the traditional livestock guardian breed in Melbourne and Jetpets transported him all the way to the door at his Beverly Hills mansion in Los Angeles. Our team at Jetpets was on hand to witness as Flynn met his new best friend Junior.

Havanna Brown- DJ and Recording artist

Celebrity Moves | Jetpets | Havana Brown | International Pet Transport
Jet-setting DJ Havana Brown with her pooch Ba Bing at Jetpets

Melbourne born Havana Brown started her career by DJing at local Melbourne venues until she was signed by Island records in 2008 and after supporting industry big names such as Rhianna, Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls she carved a name for herself in the Australian entertainment industry.

Jetpets was entrusted with the transportation of Havana’s pride and joy “Ba Bing” who travelled with us from Los Angeles to Melbourne. Havana came to the Jetpets transit lounge in Melbourne to be reunited with her handsome boy earlier this year and it was smiles all round.

Ellie Gonsalves- International Model and Actress

Celebrity Moves | Jetpets | International Pet Transport
The adorable Pom Pom Daisy and his equally adorable super model owner Ellie Gonsalves

You may remember a few months ago Jetpets transported “Pom Pom Daisy” the Pomeranian puppy who belongs to Brisbane bombshell Ellie Gonsalves. Ellie who has made a career as a professional model, actress and fitness guru has starred in Super Bowl commercials and magazine shoots all over the world.

Ellie’s equally photogenic puppy Pom Pom Daisy was so smiley and well behaved during his trip with us from Los Angeles to Melbourne and then on to Brisbane to be reunited with Ellie. Ellie was so thrilled with Jetpets level of care and customer service she posted to her 1.6 Million followers on Instagram about us, which made us blush…just a little bit.

Jetpets are proud to be the animal transport choice for celebrities the world over and while the animal transport industry might not be the most dazzling industry in the world, it could be the cutest…and that’s just fine by us.

Famous Furry Friends

Here at Jetpets, we love checking out famous furry friends on social media.

It’s a whole new world out there for our furry friends…


Did you know that a recent UK survey by the Telegraph found that 13 per cent of cats had their own Facebook page and nine per cent of dogs had their own Twitter account? Two per cent of dogs even had their own blog!

Here at Jetpets, we love checking out famous furry friends on social media.

Who are your favourite cool cats and top dogs to follow online? Nicknamed by Khloe Kardashian ‘the cutest dog in the world’, Boo the Pomeranian is arguably the world’s most famous dog and has 16 million Facebook followers – wow! Boo chronicles his adorable daily adventures on social media, much to the delight of his millions of fans!

Oh and who could forget Grumpy Cat, famous for her permanently unhappy facial expression, who has over 7 million Facebook followers. Grumpy Cat is so famous that in 2013, she graced the covers of the Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine, what a feat for a little cat from Arizona!

Here at Jetpets, we love checking out famous furry friends on social media.

We recently had our own brush with a famous furry friend here at Jetpets. We were lucky enough to transport Daisy the Pomeranian, who has a very impressive 21 thousand Instagram followers! Isn’t she adorable?

Of course, here at Jetpets every pet receives the VIP treatment, social media superstar or not!