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With over 28 years’ experience in the pet travel industry, the team at Jetpets love nothing more than hearing heart-warming, happy stories about families reuniting with their beloved pet or welcoming a new pet into their lives.

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Jetpets Happy Travellers

MARCH 2007



Hi Laura

Just a short note to let you know Betsy the Lowchen arrived safe and sound in Auckland. We would like to thank you and the team at Jetpets for your courtesy and pleasant manner which made the experience as stress-free as possible for us and Betsy. Our thanks, also, to Dr John for his gentle manner in his handling of Betsy. We would not hesitate to use your services in the future and would recommend you to anyone wishing to export a puppy.

Yours sincerely, Ron and Joan Harrison.

MARCH 2007



hello jetpets

to everybody who helped in bringing bella to the usa we thank you, adam stammers, Rhiannon Munari, Kelly Traynor and a few others i emailed with, you have all done such a great job. i picked up bella from sfo today, the process was painless and cheap $30usd, and now shes washed (she was stinky after 24 hrs in the crate) and sleeping in the bed. its great to have her back in the family.

we would be more than happy to recommend you and your services to anyone looking to forward their pets internationally.

regards adam vanderwaard

MARCH 2007



We have been completely delighted with the way JetPets dealt with us, from the recommendation from the vets, through the helpful admin staff to the lovely and very friendly staff who collected Harley from the house - he actually wanted to get in the van and go for the ride! On his arrival at London Heathrow he seemed totally content - there were no signs of any stress, plus he had a lovely big box with his blanket and toys to keep him company - we can't thank you enough for making it all work so well and smoothly... 10 out of 10!




Hi Emily

I have been amiss not emailing sooner - been settling the animals down for the past few days. All in the transport went really well. The dogs and cats although a little stressed out arrive safe and sound. As for bringing them to China. For other expats the advise is really simple ... make sure they have a garden (its invaluable - as I don't think an Aussie dog would adjust too well to a high-rise life) and understand the seriousness of what you are undertaking. China is very much a go out and about life. If you are not serious about investing time with your animals within their home then to be honest I think you would be better off not bringing them. The other thing to realise is that there are lots of "badly trained" dogs in Beijing. Many of the smaller breeds are very aggressive and not safe to pet. This really does mean you have to be super sure your dog is trained well, as the Chinese are timid of dogs as a whole, and are nervous when you walk by with one - and based on some of the temperaments I have seen in the dogs with good reason. Is it worth it - in a nutshell yes. Ok its a hassle, and I have yet to from up with the US$600 registration fee etc. but its not impossible, its not for the feint hearted, but if you love your dog and see it as a true companion then I would do it all again. Cheers and thanks to all concerned, it was and is greatly appreciated. As China opens up I can imagine you will have more of these types of requests, so if you want to point any customers our way for advice etc. just let me know.

Cheers Stuart




Hi Emily,

Thulsa has arrived! Thank you for all your effort in bringing him to us. We are very, very pleased to see him. Please pass on my thanks to the many Jet Pets staff I dealt with. Each member answered my numerous questions in a timely fashion. I always felt assured Thulsa would be well cared for, and this proved to be the case. I will definitely recommend Jet Pets to others, and would not hesitate to use Jet Pets again in the future.

Will you also pass on our warmest regards to Ferndale Kennels? Tommy went above and beyond in clearing Thulsa through customs, and his friendly manner will not be easily forgotten.

Yours sincerely, Dee Eadon