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APRIL 2018

Leo the DOG

Melbourne to Sydney, Australia,
Good Afternoon Renata, I would like to express how much I appreciated all the help you and the other ladies from Jetpets were in organising the safe arrival of our new puppy Leo from Melbourne to Sydney. I was very nervous with this process but you assured me he was going to be in the best care and you were not wrong. I was told the handler that collected Leo from the breeder was very friendly and nice. This made the breeder very happy and comfortable with handing Leo over. The communication from beginning to end, made me feel a lot calmer and happier with the whole process. Thank you and I would use or recommend Jetpets again! Thank you Kelly

APRIL 2018

Chevy the DOG

Sydney to Vancouver, Canada,
Hello Tanya, Chevy is settling in just fine, no dramas at all. Her and her new brother Taz are getting on great. Thank you so much for all your help along the way. I am very happy she is finally here in Canada with me đŸ™‚ Thanks Cherie

MARCH 2018

Dannika, Fonzie and Scooter the Cockatoos

Perth to Adelaide, Australia,
I recently moved my three cockatoos from Perth to Adelaide via Jetpets. I would just like to say that your representative Kelsey did a fantastic job in organizing the transport and keeping in constant communication with me throughout the process. The move went perfectly and I am very appreciative of her efforts. Many thanks, Kieron

MARCH 2018

Poppy the DOG

Perth to Vancouver, Canada,
Hi Rachael, Just want to say a big thank you to you and your team for organising Poppy's flights from Perth to Vancouver. We where relieved to see she was calm and happy when she arrived in Sydney from your update and pictures sent, that made it easier for use to sleep that night knowing she was going to be ok on the long flight. The next day we picked her up in the morning and she was so excited to see us, I was back together with my best friend. Now it was time for the next test, will she like snow!! I think it was 40 degrees the day she left Perth and Poppy loves it at the beach and will swim all day. I had been told that dogs either love or hate the snow and for Poppy, she loves it. Thanks again Rachael for making this process easy and painless. Lee

MARCH 2018

Ranger the CAT

Sydney to London, United Kingdom,
Hi Rachael Thanks for your email, I meant to contact you the other day to say Ranger was home safe and well but it’s been a bit hectic round here! Thank you so much for all your help in moving Ranger back to the UK, the trip seemed to go extremely smoothly and he is settling in remarkably well. Here he his relaxing back in his favourite bed. Thanks again for all your help. Sarah