How to keep your pets happy as the weather cools down

Admit it, even if you prefer summer, you love cuddling up with warm blankets in winter! For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, the cooler months are here, so it’s time to get your coats out from the back of the closet and dust off those beanies! While we have the luxury of indulging in a hot chocolate, our pets might find it a bit more difficult to adjust to the colder climate. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help keep your pets happy throughout the cooler months!

Cosy bedding

There’s no more satisfying feeling then jumping under the covers of your warm bed after a cool winter’s day, we’re sure our pets love it too! There’s a few different ways you can adjust your pet’s bedding for winter time, so here’s a few tips to ensure they get a cosy night’s sleep.

Outdoor pets

If your pet is comfortable staying outside during the colder months, make sure you’re making a few adjustments to accommodate the change in weather. Here’s a few tips for your outdoor pets!

  • Move their crate or kennel under cover, so they’re not disturbed by rain or hail.
  • Pop your pets favourite blanket inside their kennel or crate
  • Leave your pets with their own hot water bottle to cuddle up to! Make sure you let it cool down slightly before handing it over to your pet
  • Get their cosy knits on! A jumper that covers their stomach will help keep them warm through the chilly winter nights

Indoor pets

If your pets are getting older, it’s a great idea to keep them inside throughout the colder months. This will help aid sore joints or any aches or pains they might have. Head to your local pet store to grab your pets their own blankets so they can have a cosy night’s sleep!

Dinner time

Like us, our pets tend to burn more calories during the colder months, as our bodies try to keep us warm. So, a consistent diet is key to keeping your pets happy throughout winter! It’s always a good idea to discuss your pets diet with your vet before making any changes to their feeding schedule. 


Just like us, our pets may feel less inclined to get up and moving during the colder months. We’d prefer to be inside on the couch too, but it’s important to make sure your pets are still getting enough exercise throughout winter. Here’s a few ways you and your pets can get active this winter:

  • Head to an indoor dog park! Your pup can still socialise, explore and exercise while sheltered from the weather
  • Invest in some new scratching posts for your cats, or if you’re feeling up to it – build your own!
  • Take advantage of your pet’s favourite toys, playing fetch inside for half an hour in the morning and in the afternoon, is a great way to get your pet moving when the weather isn’t looking too great

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Beating The Heat

Jetpets Vet Dr Gemma shares her tips on how to keep your dog cool in summer.

Jetpets Vet Dr Gemma shares her tips on how to keep your dog cool in summer.

“Just like we do, dogs feel the heat in summer. Here are my tips for keeping them cool in the warmer months.

It’s especially important to keep your dogs cool in summer, as heat stress in dogs can quickly become critical and can even cause death! Rather than sweating like humans do, dogs can only lose body heat by panting. In hot humid conditions, panting may not be sufficient to keep your dog cool and heat stress can quickly ensue.

Dogs left in hot cars, in direct sunlight or when stressed are at risk.

Jetpets Vet Dr Gemma shares her tips on how to keep your dog cool in summer.

Snub nosed breeds, (for example Pugs, Boxers, Bulldogs or Pekinese), overweight, ill or heavily coated dogs are particularly at risk.

The best way to keep your dog cool is to provide a shady spot with a good breeze, (or even a fan and air conditioning on those really hot days) and never leave dogs unattended in cars or other enclosed spaces. Ensure ample fresh water is always available as dogs can become dehydrated when they pant excessively. Also make sure that you restrict exercising to the cooler parts of the day.

If your dog is panting excessively and drooling or has an elevated temperature (>40) then wetting down the dog can assist cooling. If these methods are ineffective or your dogs’ gums look grey or bluish, call the emergency Vet immediately.

Transport dogs with air conditioning and/or the fan on, or keep vehicle windows open. For air transport, book on early/late flights where possible and put a frozen water bottle and/or water bowls in the crate with them.”