5 Great Cat Breeds For Families

Introducing a new pet to your family can be an exciting time for everyone involved! Whether you’re a cat or dog person, we all know that finding the right breed to fit into your family can be a difficult task.

If you’re thinking of introducing a cat into your family, a great place to start is your local pet shelter or rescue organisation. While we at Jetpets believe the humble moggie makes a great family pet, these other breeds do too so check them out!


With their piercing bright blue eyes, there’s no doubt that Ragdolls are one of the most adorable cat breeds out there! But it’s not just looks that makes the Rag Doll a great family pet, their temperament and personality makes them a perfect fit for young families. Ragdoll’s love to be around people, and are super affectionate! Their loving nature means that they’d shy away from conflict and prefer rather to snuggle up on their owners laps.

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The Abyssinian is the perfect breed for those fighting the dog vs. cat battle. If you’re introducing a pet into your family for the first time, it really can be difficult to decide whether a cat or a dog would be best suited for you. Luckily, the Abyssinian gives you the best of both worlds! Their favourite place will be by their toy basket. Grab their favourite toy and they’ll happily play a game of fetch with you! Like dogs, they love attention and affection too, and their playful nature means that they don’t shy away from boisterous toddlers! 


Burmese are a great breed for families who enjoy spending time at home! They are active and social, meaning that they would prefer to hang out with you at home, instead of exploring the neighbourhood. Their affectionate personality means that they mix well with children and dogs, (as long as they appreciate when your Burmese is looking for some down time!)


Persian’s fit perfectly into small families, especially with older children! Known for their short nose and perky ears, a Persian’s favourite place will be on your lap. They don’t require much playtime, so they’ll fit perfectly into a busy family. Just make sure you have time to show them some love and affection at the end of the day! 


The undeniably cute Birman is a breed that will fit well into most family dynamics. Quiet but intelligent, this curious cat will always want to know what you and your family are up to. Birman’s love to be treated as one of the family, they’ll even let you carry them around like a baby! In the Birman’s books, any attention is good attention, which makes them especially great with children.

What breed did you choose when deciding on a new family pet? Let us know on Facebook!

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The Best Off The Lead Parks to Visit in Sydney

Not only does Sydney offer some of the most spectacular tourist attractions, glorious beaches and gorgeous weather, it’s also home to some of the country’s best off the lead dog parks!

If you’re planning on heading to Sydney soon with your pup in tow, then here are some of the best off the lead parks Sydney has to offer!

Centennial Park

Location: Grand Drive and Parkes Drive, Sydney

Off the Lead: Off-lead areas available 24/7

Centennial Park is arguably the best off-lead dog park in Sydney. 158 hectares of the park are designated as off-lead areas, so there’s no doubt that your dog is going to love it.

Sirius Cove

Location: Sirius Cove Rd, Mossman 2088

Off the Lead: All day during the week, before 9am and after 4pm on weekends and public holidays

Sirius Cove is great for both land-loving and beach going dogs. There is shaded grass area for those who would prefer to stay dry, and the beach is open and accessible throughout the week for those who might want to cool off in the sea!

St Ives Showground

Location: 450 Mona Vale Rd, St. Ives, 2075

Off the lead: Off-lead areas available 24/7

St Ives Showground is great for younger dogs that are still being trained, and aren’t confident off the lead yet. The off the lead areas at St Ives are surrounded by fences, so it’s a great spot if you’re a bit worried you don’t have total control of your dog.

Warrigal Run

Location: Doonside Road, Doonside, 2767

Off the lead: 24/7

Warrigal Run is another completely fenced, off the lead dog park! Warrigal Run boasts the largest fenced, off the lead park in Sydney, so this is a good one for those dogs who need to stretch their legs! There are also some great walking paths through the park too.

What are your favourite off the lead parks in Sydney? Let us know on Facebook!

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Halloween and Your Pets

Halloween is just around the corner, and with plenty of treats and scary costumes coming your way, you and your pets are in for some fun!

If you’re keen to get your pets involved in the spooky festivities, here are a few tips and tricks to remember to ensure everyone enjoys the celebrations.

Dress them up:

Not that we needed another excuse to dress up our furry friends, but this Halloween why not get into the spirit and play dress ups? We love the idea of wearing matching costumes with our pets, just make sure there are no zips, pockets or embellishments that your pet can easily chew off. For some fun dress-up ideas, click here.

Take photos:

Now that you’ve got your pets all dressed up, why not have a photoshoot? Ask a friend or family member to take some photos of you and your pets all dressed up – we guarantee you will cherish these photos for a lifetime. Need some tips on how to take amazing happy snaps of your pet? Click here.

Make them treats: 

While there are plenty of lollies and chocolates to go around for us humans, it’s important to keep these treats away from our pets and feed them pet-appropriate food only. But this doesn’t mean they need to miss out on the fun! Why not make them some delicious pet-friendly biscuits they will love!

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Keep them safe

While Halloween is great fun for us humans, it’s important to be weary of common things that can put our pet’s health at risk. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep all lollies and chocolate out of reach of pets. If you have these treats in the house, make sure you keep them on high tabletops and keep an eye on your pets at all times.
  • Thanks to the constant ringing on the doorbell and strangers turning up in funny costumes, your pet may understandably get a little frightened! To avoid any unnecessary stress, why not keep your pets away from the front door, and make sure you keep them entertained with their favourite toys.
  • Keep decorations away from pets as we all know how much they love to chew and play with just about anything!
  • With many people coming and going, it increases the chance of your pet leaving the house through open doors. Just in case that does happen, make sure their ID tags are updated and that they are microchipped so they can be easily returned home if they go wandering.

Dress your pet up for Halloween!

Halloween dachshund puppy wearing a Halloween witch hat

With October 31st just around the corner, it’s time to get excited about Halloween because who doesn’t love the chance to have some spooky fun and get dressed up?

Not only for kids, Halloween is a great time for the whole family (including our pets) to don their favourite costumes, enjoy some treats and have some fun.

Whether you choose to opt for a matching family costume, or show off your own individual style, read on below for some great tips on how your pet can join in on the fun too!


One of the best parts about Halloween is getting dressed up, whether you choose your favourite character from a scary movie or book, or opt for something a little more classic like a witch or a vampire. But it’s not just for humans! Now your pets can wear their Halloween costumes as well, and we have a few great DIY ideas that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Dress your pet up for Halloween! Handy pet hintsThe Mummy Dog:

This one is too easy. Simply purchase a white dog hoodie or a white childs tee (modified to fit) and glue cotton gauze or stick multiple bandages on it. Once your creation has dried, put it on your dog for a scary ‘mummy’ look.

The Black Cat Dog:

There’s something undeniably cute about dressing your dog up as a cat and we can’t think of a better costume idea than a ‘black cat’ dog!

All you need is a child’s black top (again, modified to fit,) for the body of a cat. Next get some black felt, cut into two medium sized triangles and glue them to an elastic headband that will comfortably fit on your pet’s head. And there you have it, a ‘Black Cat’ costume for your dog!

The Groom Dog:

This animal costume is one of our favourites and is easy to make at home. Again, use a child’s black t-shirt as a base. Head to your local arts and craft store and buy some white fabric paint to paint a tuxedo shape onto the front of the tee. Next pop it on your pet (once the paint has dried of course) and tie a black ribbon into a bow around your dog’s neck. Make sure it is loose enough so your pet can breathe easily.

Cat with bandana - Dress your pet up for Halloween! Handy pet hintsThe Mexican Cat:

Cats can join in on the fun as well! While they may not be as happy to get dressed up as dogs, there are a few things you can do to get them in the Halloween spirit. Try easy costumes like a ‘Mexican Cat’ that only requires a red printed bandanna. Simply fold it into a triangle and tie it around your cat’s neck (loose enough so it can still breathe perfectly). Too cute! 


A big part of Halloween is the treats and your pets don’t have to miss out! Delicious pet treats could include liver treats, milk chews or dental treats that you can purchase at any pet store. Just remember: keep chocolates and lollies away from your pets as consumption can lead to some serious health problems! Keep in mind that while we love to spoil our pets, only feed them treats in moderation.