Irwin’s Turtles

This week the Sydney team together with Scotty and Andrea have had the pleasure of working with the Baltimore National Aquarium to transport 6 turtles to be homed in their Animal Planet Australia Exhibit. The turtles are being donated by John Cann, a published author and the turtle expert of Australia. Among the turtles we are transporting are two ‘Irwin’s Turtles’.

These turtles were discovered by none other then Steve Irwin and his dad Bob! They contacted John when they didn’t recognise them, and John later confirmed that they were a new species! John Cann is also famously known as  the ‘Snake Man of La Perouse’. John and his family ran the Sydney snake shows for the last 100 years! Andrea and Scotty have really enjoyed working with the Baltimore Aquarium and John on this move!


Pictured below is Dr Kathy and Geoff, a pet handler from our Sydney office.