Finding the Best Puppychino in Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s home of sport, fashion and most importantly, coffee! Blessed with some of the best cafes in the world, it can be hard to know where to head to grab your smashed avo and morning latte. Never fear, we’ve narrowed it down for you! And we’ve not forgotten your furbaby – here’s some of Melbourne’s best dog-friendly cafes, because what dog doesn’t love a puppychino!


195 Johnston Street, Collingwood 3066

Doghouse is the place to go if you really want to treat your pup. This Collingwood café is designed to be your dog’s favourite weekend brunch spot. Take a seat outside while your pup socialises with other trendy café-going dogs and waits for their dogachino or turkey and cranberry muffin. They can even grab a scoop of ice cream for dessert!

Doghouse offer coffee and nibbles for humans too, but let’s admit it, it really is all about the dogs!

The Farm Café

18 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford 3067

Located at Collingwood Children’s Farm, The Farm Café is a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s famous café scene. The Farm Café is used to having four-legged friends around, so your furry-best friend is more than welcome. A country escape in the city, relax over brunch while listening to the birds in the trees and the gentle mooing of the cows, while your pup rolls in the grass!


5 Mason Street, Newport 3015

We all know that Melbourne’s weather is notoriously unreliable, which is why Leroys indoor-outdoor dining options are perfect for those of us who like to dine with their pets! Leroys welcome furry friends in their undercover outdoor seating areas. With food to die for, delicious coffee, and space for your pup to roam, Leroys is the perfect weekend coffee spot.

Crowded House

8 Ferguson Street, Williamstown 3016

With Insta-worthy food, Crowded House in Williamstown is a café that you and your pup are sure to love. Located a short walk from the bay, Crowded House is a great place to stop and relax after a sunny beach walk.

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How to Get Your Pet Involved in Valentine’s Day

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again – Valentines Day! But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about mushy loved-up couples, it’s just as nice spending time with loved ones, including our pets! So how can you get your furry friends involved in your Valentine’s Day celebrations?

Outdoor cinemas

A trip to the movies for Valentine’s is a great idea, whether you’re on a first date, with your best friends or your family. Luckily, most outdoor cinemas welcome pets too! Let your pet tag along to a screening of your favourite film this Valentines Day. Bring along a picnic, some champagne and some dog treats and you’re all set for your best Valentine’s Day yet.

Brunch date

We love any excuse for brunch, so why not take your pet along this year? While you’re sipping a latte and enjoying your smashed avocado, your pup can enjoy it’s very own puppachino!

(Click through to discover some of our favourite pet-friendly cafes in Sydney, Wellington and Auckland.)


How to Get Your Pet Involved in Valentine’s Day | Valentine's Day | Jetpets | Cat | Pet Transport QLD

Fancy food

Valentine’s Day is all about indulgence, so make sure your pets feel special too. Freeze a couple of raspberries in water for the perfect treat on a warm summers day! Or, head to your local pet store and pick up some gourmet goodies for your furry friend as an extra special treat!

Make sure you don’t leave any chocolate within your pets reach, and make sure you keep all balloons and other dangerous toys well out of their way too, so you can both enjoy the day of love!

How to Get Your Pet Involved in Valentine’s Day | Valentine's Day | Jetpets | Cat | Pet Transport QLD

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