A New Puppy or Kitten for your Family

The arrival of a new puppy or kitten into your household is an exciting time for you and your whole family, however it’s important to carefully plan and prepare to ensure the experience is a positive, enjoyable one.

Read our top tips for welcoming a new animal into your home.

pug puppy and kitten - A New Puppy or Kitten for your Family

Stock up on supplies:

Make sure you are prepared for just about anything by stocking up on essential supplies in advance, including things like kitty litter, food, water and feeding bowl, a bed, scratching post, toys and more so that you don’t have any unwanted stress when bringing your new furry friend home.

If you have time, you can even set up their feeding area with fresh water and food so they feel right at home as soon as they arrive!

Determine your house rules:

Kittens and puppies learn from a young age, so it’s important to start training them from the beginning. Make sure you’ve discussed with your family or partner what the house rules are for your new pet so you can implement them straight away. House rules can be anything from determining whether they are allowed to sit on the bed or couch to who is in charge of feeding.

Stay at home:

Puppies and kittens are similar to newborn babies in that they require a fair amount of attention and supervision during the first few months! Make sure you have some time off work or bring your animal home over a long weekend so you can spend plenty of time bonding and looking after your pet. This is an important part of the training process as well, as you can start to teach them the house rules and how to listen to your commands.

Supervise children:

Some puppies and kittens are a bit cheeky when they are young and untrained, so make sure you watch your new pet when it’s around children to avoid any biting or scratching. This is also a great time to teach your children about looking after pets including how to pat them, feed them and hold them.

Organise training:

Book your puppy into puppy preschool so they can start learning to listen to instructions from an early age. Make sure you use positive reinforcement when implementing these rules at home, by rewarding them with praise, treats or chews for any good behaviour.

Plan fun activities:

Regardless if you’ve just brought home a new puppy or kitten, it’s always great to plan fun activities so you can bond with them and start having a great time.

After your animals have had their full vaccinations, take them for walk at the park or play fetch with the ball. For cats, have some fun by using a toy to play with them, or simply let them curl up on your lap while you relax and watch a movie.

Consider other pets:

If you have other pets already, it’s important to carefully plan their introduction. If your pets are particularly anxious, consider having a spare room for your new puppy or kitten to play in while your pets get used to their presence. Then just introduce them for small periods of time until they get used to each other. Make sure you always supervise your pets, reward them for good behavior and be patient – sometimes it takes time!

Are you planning on welcoming a new furry addition to your household in the near future? Here at Jetpets we can help transport your puppy or kitten right to your door, making the whole experience simple and easy – just ask us how!

cat and dog, dachshund puppy and kitten. A New Puppy or Kitten for your Family