Mark and Mya On the Adventure of a Lifetime

Mark and May | Pet Travel | Adventure | International Pet Transport
Dynamic adventure duo Mark and Mya are undertaking the adventure of a lifetime trekking through Canada and the United States.

What’s more amazing than travelling the world with your best friend? Travelling the world with your best friend, who also happens to be your dog! That’s exactly what adventure seekers Mark and his white Shepard Mya are doing with the help of Jetpets.

Mark’s love of the outdoors grew from a strong influence from his grandfather at an early age and when Mark received Mya at the age of 8 weeks old they immediately formed an inseparable bond.

Mya quickly became right at home joining Mark on his many outdoors adventures snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking; running alongside Mark as he traversed the unique landscapes of Australia.

As many adventure seekers do, Mark began to look for his next adventure but couldn’t stand the idea of leaving his best friend behind.

“I chose to get her, I chose to make her my family so I’m responsible for her and it wouldn’t be responsible of me to leave her behind”, said Mark.


Mark and May | Pet Travel | Adventure | International Pet Transport
Mark and Mya in the ski resort town of Whistler, in the province of British Columbia, Canada

Inspired by the likes of Kelly Lund and Loki the wolf dog, Mark wanted to undertake a lengthy trip travelling through Canada and America and share the experience on social media with those who dreamed of one day doing the same.

Mark contacted Jetpets in July with the hope of arranging pet travel for Mya, which we were only too happy to assist with. Mark was delighted to receive his pet travel crate months before he was due to depart, which gave Mya plenty of time to become familiar and comfortable with the crate for her long-distance pet transport.

Mark and Mya even came to visit us here at our Melbourne head office before they left to meet with our staff and finalise some details with his pet travel consultant.

Arriving safe and sound in Vancouver in mid-November, the pair have set off on the first leg of their journey where they will spend the first 3 months traversing some of Canada’s most beautiful snow-capped landscapes.

Mark and May | Pet Travel | Adventure | International Pet Transport
Mark and Mya visiting with Jetpets staff at our Tullamarine head office in Melbourne

With Mya travelling alongside Mark as he skis and boards his way across the snow, Mya had to be fitted for special doggy snow shoes to ensure she didn’t sink down too far in the heavy snow. While their adventure is only in it’s early stages the dynamic duo is already capturing the imagination of adventure seekers all over the globe, with well wishes pouring in to their social media pages on a daily basis.

Mark and Mya even attracted the attention of the local newspaper with their inspiring story last week, as they continue to inform the public on the benefits of pet travel.

Jetpets would like to wish Mark and Mya the very best as they share the adventure of a lifetime and we will continue to bring you exclusive updates as they continue their amazing journey across Canada’s most picturesque country side.

If you would like to keep up with Mark and Mya’s adventures on social media you can follow their accounts on Facebook here and Instagram here

5 reasons for taking your pet on holiday with you

We all know it, that look your pet gives you when you’re about to set off on your holiday without them (those puppy dog eyes make our heart melt). You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving them behind anymore – here’s 5 reasons you should to take them with you!

Don’t have to worry

No matter how much you trust your neighbour, we all still worry about how are pets are doing while we’re away! Wondering whether they’ve been on their daily walk, or if they’re scratching up the couch. It’s only natural to wonder what our pets are getting up to! We’ve got a quick fix for that holiday anxiety – take your pets with you!

Time to explore

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures! Nothing enriches the heart and soul than exploring a new place. That’s why taking your pet on holidays with you is a great idea.

Travelling with your pet gives you a great excuse to get out and explore. Whether you head out to the local park, or hire a car and head to a dog friendly café or beach, we can guarantee that you’ll visit places you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Get active

Between trying out local delicacies, and spending time relaxing, sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to get outside while on a well-deserved holiday. Luckily, travelling with your pets gets you outside and moving!

Not only will you get to see more of the city you’re visiting, exercising on holiday is also extremely beneficial for your pet.

Pet specific activities

There’s no doubt that your pet will have more fun on holiday than they would have at home! Our pets love to explore and experience new places just as much as we do, so try and set aside a day dedicated to them. Whether they love people watching at cafes, or love nothing more than chasing a tennis ball at the park, we know they’d love anything you planned just for them. 

Share your holiday with your best friend

Travelling means you get to explore new places and learn new things, but it’s always better shared! You’re sure to create special memories with your pet by your side, and the cuddles at the end of the day are always an added bonus.

Planning your next vacation? Why not take your best friend with you! At Jetpets we are here to help! Whilst in planning mode, get in contact with a Jetpets Travel Consultant to secure the preferred flight times for your pet. You may wish to be on the same flight as your pet, or have Jetpets transport your pet to the front door of your holiday accommodation.

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